Round 12 – Melbourne v Collingwood: Umpiring? No comment (Floreat Pica Society)

by Paul O’Connell


Almost 71,000 attended today’s game. I just heard that Clarkson was effectively fined $5,000 for saying he would not comment on the disgraceful umpiring. I do not want to risk any sanction from FPS so I also will not comment on the disgraceful umpiring… other than to say it was a surprise to see it was only 23-18 to the Dees.

It was an entertaining game which was goal for goal in the first quarter until a questionable free against Dunn gifted the Dees a goal on the siren.

The Pies really got down to work in the 2nd quarter and kicked 7 goals to 2, including 6 in a row. Fas was swamped when he kicked his first and also had a hand in the goals to Aish and De Goey. Grundy was dominating in the ruck and around the ground, and Sidey, despite some early poor short kicks was running relentlessly and kicked a goal. A highlight was when he got the ball on the wing, looked up and seeing nothing ahead, just held the ball and crept forward til finally unleashing a 50m left foot kick to Moore in a 1 on 1 contest which went to ground and resulted in a goal. Howe was on fire with his marking and continues to have a great season. Dunn also did well and has more than justified being picked up at age 29. I suspect we will get a lot more out of the combination of Dunn and Hoskin-Elliott than the much more expensive Wells and Mayne.

A 23 point lead at half time gave us some confidence but it was quickly erased. Petracca who started firing late in the second quarter just cut us to shreds after half time and was the most influential player on the ground. Not sure of his tank but he looks like he can play midfield and forward with equal effect.

It was only a point the difference at 3/4 time and whilst we still had a lot of hope, the first 10 minutes took it away as the Dees dominated the inside 50s but fortunately did not hurt us too much on the scoreboard. A composed late run and goal from Watts (who has now come out on top in these QB games despite his crunchingly…is that a word?.. unsuccessful debut) put the Dees a goal and a bit ahead with 90 seconds to play. We were still in it in theory if we had snapped a goal. Fas took a great mark and converted on the siren to result in a 4 pt loss.

Votes for the Alan Davis Medal…..

3 to Grundy who had a wonderful first half and continues to have a great year.

2 to Sidey who ran hard all day and kicked a couple of goals. I’ll forgive some early dinky kicks.

1 to Howe who has also had a great year and took more than one specky.

Honourable mentions to Treloar, Dunn, Aish, Maynard, De Goey.

As a one-eyed supporter I really dislike having to write a match report for a loss, so other than the comments below will leave it to others to do more dissection around selection, game plan, structures, individuals, coaching, tactics and our prospects after the bye.

Other random observations…
Adams got a lot of it and has had a good season (as well as staying on the park for a change) but butchered his disposal to significant negative effect.
Smith has had a good year but had a shocker today in the contests.
Good to see Langdon back and hope he can recapture the form of his first season and a half.
Great to see Brown debut.
We really missed Jamie Elliott who has made a fantastic comeback from long-term injury.
One cannot question the commitment.
Buckley made a measured but strange comment about Fasolo in his press conference.
De Goey played a more than reasonable game, but really needs to learn to mark with outstretched hands in a contest rather than on his chest.
Contrast today’s forward line with that in the same game last year when the starting four inside 50 were Cox, Witts, White, Varcoe…..

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