Round 11 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: How great was that?

How great was that?  An enjoyable Sunday afternoon.


But remember almost exactly 12 months ago we were 8/3, too.  Then the wheels fell off.  For a look forward have a listen to Eddie – Eddie and for another optimistic view –


Game Reports –  Concur with listed Best.  Probably add Witts to the list. What a job Brown did on Jezza Cameron and Adams, everywhere (always good to have a decent day at the office against your old team).  We missed Grundy around the ground, but Witts carried the load in the Centre well – Hit Outs: Witts – 37 c/f Mumford – 29.  More generally we won the Hit Outs 50 to 37 and Centre: 14 to 11.  Those are respectable figures, not placing an unreasonable burden on the rest of the Mids.  Nine players had Disposal Efficiency of 80% or higher; more importantly only four had DE of less than 60%.  Given the intensity of the game, these are good figures.  Also given the intensity of the game I am prepared to forgive some ‘clangers’, but Seedsman had 6 and was it De Goey who chipped the ball into the arms of his opponent twice in succession from about 10 metres away?  At this point I was screaming at the TV about subbing him out.  I’m not sure whether I like Trav better at FF or CHF.  Your views?


Margin.  A winning margin of 42 points is pretty substantial, however Bucks, after the game was emphasising that he is still not happy with our ‘killer instinct’.  I said 33.  Of the Expert Tipsters Matthew Lloyd said Pies by 35; everyone else was much less.  PM Abbott picked GWS by 18, as did Wayne Carey by 2.


Two’s?  A good win.  A really outstanding 3rd Quarter where they turned a 20 point deficit into a 41 point lead.  Abbott, Reid, Scharenberg, Karnezis and Greenwood all performed.  Go to: and


Next?  Freo in Perth, Thursday, 25 June.  More on this next week.


Go Pies.



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