Round 10: Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life

And another welcome – welcome Andrew.  Enjoy.


Well, you get 4 points for a win and it all contributes to your place on the Ladder; regardless of how it came about.


Match Report at  Check the statistics.  We were hammered in Hit Outs (41 – 32) and beaten in the Centre (15 – 14) and at Stoppages (25 – 22).  We were out-tackled too, but both teams’ figures were high reflecting the intensity of the game.  Back to the Midfield – I disagree with the Match Report that Grundy was amongst our Best.  He was soundly beaten in his ruck role.  I think it was a bad decision to drop Witts before the game.  Buck’s view, which I happen to agree with regarding the Midfield?  Go to: views?


Trav.  A fantastic performance based on great contested marking.  He played FF this game.  I value his performance as CHF, as well.  We need to make sure we ‘judge’ his performance based on what his role is, not always just to kick goals.


Other good & bad?  Team intensity / ferocity – great.  Oxley – great move adding him into the Backline, and really well played.  Back 6 – looked slow, even Frost.  White?  I was nice to him last week; now? Replace.  Avenue to goal?  Looked opportunistic rather than through sound process.  Better directed passes to leading Forwards are always preferable to the “up and under” kick and hope approach – check the Game Plan.  What was really good was our tenacity across the field in responding positively and effectively three times to the Demon’s ‘fight-backs’ and great performances by some of our younger players at these critical times (Williams, Langdon, Blair, Fasolo).


Other games?  Do we feel so bad now losing to Richmond earlier in the season?  They were fantastic; that is the standard of commitment and ferocity we should continue to pursue.


Two’s?  Note Reid and Moore continuing their ‘return’; and Marsh, Karnezis and Reid amongst the Best.


Attendance?  Did anyone go to the game?  Would welcome a Ground Report pls?  And always welcome others’ views.


After 10?; Number 1 – Who wins the Flag. We are still in contention; your vote?


Next?  Sunday, 14 June.  GWS at the G.  More later in the week.


Go Pies.



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