Robe2Bendigo: Day 6 to 12 (three and half days to go)

Day 6 to 12 (Coleraine, Cavendish, Dunkeld, Ararat, Elmhurst, Avoca).

402kms walked, 118km to Bendigo. Three and a half days to go.


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The  four walkers who are friends of my cousin Alfred, tell me that during their walk they recite very old Chinese poems about wilderness and life (they wouldn’t elaborate) and sing Chinese songs (in Mandarin, although all the walkers are Cantonese), mostly to themselves, and sometimes tell dirty jokes (in Cantonese).

Some Chinese have trouble with swearing.
Me – “I’m wiping my shoes on the grass to make sure there is no sheep shit on them before getting back into the van”
43yo Dylan – “Ladies don’t swear”
Me – “I’m not a lady, I’m a woman”.
Him – ” Women don’t swear either”
Me – “That’s bullshit”
End of conversation.


I reckon I saw some “hairy panic” at our lunch spot between Dunkeld and Ararat. I’ve attached a pic.



At the beginning of the walk, I checked who barracked for who. Alfred is a Demon, Henry a Hawk, Shing a Pie, Domanic and Dylan didn’t have a team, so Domanic’s an honourary Swan as he’s from Sydney, and Dylan got my Doggies hat (cos he didn’t have a hat, and he’s balding), so he is now a Doggies man. (What a game … WHAT A GAME!!!!! Bob … no!!!!!)


Alfred has raised $2619 to date. If you wish to sponsor Alfred and help Free To Shine, feel free to click here:

And thanks for those who already donated. The girls in Cambodia thank you too.

Enough for now. I have to recover from today’s game that made me so teary and emotional, thinking of my
Jon. Sigh.




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    Great photos Denise. Report is concise as usual

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