Remembrance Day – Wisden on Hedley Verity

From the Almanac to the Almanack.


We’ve stumbled across this wonderful piece on Hedley Verity, an English spinner from Yorkshire, in the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack.


Verity was an outstanding bowler and captain, who bamboozled Bradman like few others and would have surely been remembered for an outstanding statistic of 10/10 alone – that is taking all 10 wickets for a total of 10 runs scored against him – in a First Class match against Nottinghamshire. Truly remarkable.


But Hedley Verity is also importantly remembered as being a casualty of the Second World War – like ‘Bluey’ truscott and Ron Barassi Senior closer to home, the death at wartime of such a lauded athlete resonates to this day in the UK’s sporting echelons.


His life was short but splendid.


It’s a timely piece on this the 101st Remembrance Day.


You can read it HERE.







  1. Peter Fuller says

    Thanks for this superb find, (John, I presume). I knew little more than Verity’s name – particularly memorable. It is a magical piece of writing. I have a vague recollection of reading a book by Crusoe, perhaps Crusoe on Cricket, many years ago. Cardus inspired some of my (now declining) interest in cricket, Robertson-Glasgow cultivated it.

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