Quick quiz – Sean’s Choice (who do you love?)

The Almanac is as good a place as any for a quiz or survey (I’ve been guilty of publishing them before). But with footy just days away, there’s still a little time to fill before the games and associated commentary start again.


So an opportunity for you to choose and maybe argue and agonise. This isn’t a quiz where you are definitely in one camp or the other (Ginger or Maryanne, BBQ vs Salt n Vinegar) or have a bob each way (Gary Senior vs Gary Junior) or even have to judge different eras (Carey vs Hart).



This is the Sophie’s Choice style; you love them both or all, so how do you choose?



Buddy: as a Hawk or as a Swan


Plugger: as a Saint or as a Swan


Gary Jnr: performances at Geelong or Gold Coast


Hawthorn’s Premiership sides: 13,14 or 15


Geelong’s Premiership sides: 07, 09 or 11


Brisbane’s Premiership sides: 01, 02 or 03


Richmond’s Premiership sides of 17 or 19


Hodge’s Normies: 08 or 14


McLeod’s Normies: 97 or 98


Martin’s Normies: 17 or 19


Blight the Coach or Blight the player


Buckley the Coach or Buckley the player


Matthews the (Brisbane) Coach or Matthews the Player


Barassi the coach at Carlton or at North


Malthouse the Coach at West Coast or at Collingwood


Robert Harvey’s Brownlow seasons: 97 or 98


LeBron at Cleveland (2nd time) or Miami


Steve Smith: batting as Captain or not


Chicago Bulls: 91,92 and 93 or 96,97 and 98



Then for fun:



Definitely Maybe or (what’s the story) Morning Glory


Revolver or White Album


Godfather 1 or 2


The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon


OK Computer or The Bends


Toy Story 1,2 or 3



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About Sean Curtain

"He was born with a gift of laughter, and a sense that the world was mad". First line of 'Scaramouche' by Sabatini, always liked that.


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    The mind ponders, toss of the coin with some!

  2. Buddy: Hawk
    Plugger” Saint
    Gary jnr: Cat
    Hawthorn’s Premiership sides: nil – 2014 because of Silk
    Geelong’s Premiership sides: 07, 09 and 11
    Brisbane’s Premiership sides: 2001
    Richmond’s Premiership sides: 2017
    Hodge’s Normies: 2014
    McLeod’s Normies: 1998
    Martin’s Normies: 2017
    Blight the player
    Buckley the player
    Matthews the (Brisbane) Coach
    Barassi the coach at North
    Malthouse the Coach at Collingwood
    Robert Harvey’s Brownlow seasons: 1997
    LeBron at Cleveland (2nd time)
    Steve Smith: batting as not Captain
    Chicago Bulls: 91,92 and 93

    Some of these are more Catch 22 than Sophie’s Choice.

  3. george smith says

    1.Swan, 2 saint 3 Moggy 4. Who gives a stuff 5. best GF was 09. 6. whole thing engineered by Wayne Fairy Godfather therefore whole rort is invalid. 7. 2019 – Cardinals’ latest pet team got their comeuppance. 8.Who gives a monkey’s…
    9. 1997 10. again, who gives… 11 Blight the coach – an epic horror story with final redemption 12. Buckley the player. 13. As part of Wayne Fairy Godfather’s scandalous rort, the question is moot. 14. All Carlton coaches should play baseball in a cornfield in Iowa 15. like Blight, great coaching leads to losing one’s mind 16. 97- harsh lesson to Footscray that Brownlows don’t make up for losing close finals 17. Cleveland 18. batting 19. like real Madrid and Hawthorn, Galactico premierships are for their supporters 20. good to support local talent 21. Abbey Road 22. Number 2 23. Nuvva brick in da wall 24. dunno 25. number 2

  4. Morning Glory,
    The Wall,
    OK Computer,

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Coach, didn’t see him play
    Both, too hard
    Same as Blight
    North, could never pick Carlton
    Not as captain
    96,97,98 (Longley and Rodman years)

    Morning Glory
    The Wall
    Ok Computer

  6. Stainless says

    Buddy as a Hawk. I said at the time Buddy signed with Sydney that they’d never win a flag with him, and I’m pleased to see that this is likely to turn out true.

    Plugger as a Saint. For much the same reason as the above.

    Gary Jnr unquestionably at Geelong but it was a nice gesture helping Gold Coast out ($$$$$haha)

    Premiership sides: are we talking teams, Premiership campaigns, Grand Finals? Whatever the case, it’s like picking between your children!

    Hodge’s Normies: 2008. He had opposition that day

    McLeod’s Normies: They were identical weren’t they?

    Martin’s Normies: 2017. He had opposition that day (for a half at least)

    Blight and Buckley as Coach, Matthews as player. Blight and Buckley were champion players in a vanilla sense, but they added something different and unusual as coaches. Matthews is the opposite.

    Barassi the coach at North, as per Malthouse at West Coast.

    Malthouse the Coach at West Coast – he made history at West Coast, he merely continued it at Collingwood!

    Robert Harvey’s Brownlow seasons: As per McLeod

    LeBron? CFZ

    Steve Smith: Just batting….and batting….and batting….

    Chicago Bulls: wouldn’t have had a clue until I watched “The Last Dance”. I think you have to give it to 91,92, 93. Establishing a dynasty is probably a greater achievement than perpetuating one.

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