Presentation Night: Music and footy this Wednesday night at the Corner Hotel (Melb)

Author: Andy K

Some time early last year I was thinking about footy – as I often do – whilst in the middle of planning a tour for a band I manage (I’ve been in the rock and roll caper for many years now, managing bands, running a record label and publishing company, and administering completely unqualified psychological counselling to fragile artistes of all stripes) After many years of discussing footy with great enthusiasm with so many other people in the music business, I’d started thinking about how often the worlds footy and music intersect At the very least there is a great mutual admiration that occurs between the two capers. I started wishing that there was some kind of public forum for footy players who love music to have a conversation with musicians who love footy that gave them an opportunity to discuss their mutual love of both games in ways that were different to the run of the mill post-match or on-tour interviews. Several excited nights of scribbling down ideas, and a few phone calls later, the idea of actually putting on such an event started to seem like something that could actually work. Francis Leach came on board to host what we decided would be a live evening called ‘Presentation Night’ at The Corner Hotel in Richmond, the much-loved Melbourne music venue just a Malcolm Blight torpedo from the MCG (as the crow flies).  I cold-called Bob Murphy who justified his reputation as one of the all-time good guys by agreeing to be a part of it within about 30 seconds. Paul Kelly said he’d do it if Bob and Francis did it, so there was no backing out now. We put some tickets on sale, people came, and Bob, Paul and Francis were magnificent, thoughtful and funny up on stage. We got fantastic feedback from all the generous people who came along, and it’s fair to say it was a feel-good kind of affair.

Encouraged by how  enjoyable the first show was we approached two more likely types in Matthew Richardson and Tim Rogers to have a run on stage, and once again, two greats in their respective fields floored everyone in the room (again at The Corner) with their insight, humour and generosity. In the warm afterglow of the first event I wrote a little something for my ‘Presentation Night’ blog summing up what I – and I hope everyone in the room – loved so much about an evening with two generous and talented types from the worlds of music and footy. This Wednesday we’re gearing up to do it all again with Geelong’s greatest redhead (which is saying something) Cameron Ling and Australia’s tallest frontman (and Saints supporter) in Paul Dempsey and can’t wait to see what unfolds.

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  1. Andy,

    It will be a beauty. Lingie wigs should be worn. One of the down sides of being in NSW. perhaps we could get Plugger who is reputedly a C&W fan, the other Paul Kelly, Mike Pike singing Neil Youngs 4 strong winds about not going to see his ex in Alberta. But it would not be the same in Sydney. No depth or real history that links footy with popular culture. We love the footy here but southern states is where the serious depth of history is.

    Have a good night.


  2. Wonderful initiative Andy. I love that you have been able to make a quid about something that is so life affirming.
    Dave Warner and Matthew Pavlich in Freo anytime soon? I would be there (in dark glasses and mufti).

  3. Thanks Nank

    The visual image of a room full of people at The Corner wearing amber-hued wigs whilst listening to Lingy and Paul have a chat is one that makes a lot of sense. I curse myself for not thinking of it earlier, and more importantly double curse myself for not listening to you earlier.

    It’s funny in Sydney with footy isn’t it? There are pockets where people are very passionate about it (for some reason the music industry is a hotbed of that kind of fervour) then, as you say, some fair weather action out in the wider community. We’re going to have a crack at a show here (I’m in Sydney) down the track, I’m pretty sure it can work, we just need to get the right combination of footballer and musician and it could be pretty special.

    Mike Pyke singing ‘Four Strong Winds’ a must obviously.

    Thanks for the kind words


  4. You’re a very kind man Peter, thanks a lot. The actual making of a quid from this little event is still a way off yet , but we look at it like a band – just try to be really good and that part will come, slowly but surely, but in the meantime, have a great time and be thankful to be able to do it at all.

    We’re definitely looking at WA in the future, and now that you’ve promised to attend in that get-up, I think we might need to fast track the idea!

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