by Peter Edwards


Pre-season training in full swing.
The boys are back and all sweating.

Running hard and doing weights,
Speed and strength they elevate.

Blues got brown in Middle East,
In regal grounds, they trained in peace.

And from the cave the Hawks emerge,
September demons have been purged.

Bored with schoolies, surf and sand.
The Suns went to the canyon Grand.

To Arizona went the Pies,
Blood cell counts are on the rise.

Roos went too to do the same,
Their bottom line will feel the strain.

Different teams but same disease,
Sending players overseas.

Meanwhile down Corio Bay,
Cats stay home and learn to play.

They stick to basics and win flags,
Even though it’s such a drag.

More fun to go with latest trends.
Learn how to bond and become friends.

It might not mean they win more games,
But that’s ok, who wants to change?


  1. In the finest tradition of celebratory footy poetry Peter! Reminds me of the ode to ’86 which appeared in the Addie – in 1886!

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