Poetry: A Lament To Kings All

By Tim Pekin


It’s as if some kings have never been not

Attracting the strong, the poor, the traditional hero’s lot

Unearthing dreams on a quest for the Holy Grail

Performing epic deeds for the populace to hail

They lead their men into battle, at the fore

Mercurial imposing figures, creating folklore

Their minions following bravely, loyal, and awed

Knowing this day, they too had soared

Yet deep down kings are merely men

Garbed and entrusted with superstardom

Held gloriously aloft like trophies until tragedy strikes

Then regaled with disappointments and dislikes

And dare we forget those queens and princesses

Who weave into court and not shyly add their dresses

T’is a pivotal role enchained by primal emotions

Has not a king before slipped in his private devotions?

Though sadly when proud fighting men with strong ties

Red eyed and stubborn uncover the deceit and lies

Proclaim the king has gone too far cast him out

A scandal to reverberate throughout the kingdom no doubt

The people blister and burn with voyeuristic views

Yet can’t get enough of this royally human news

Throwing stones at the pedestal of adulation and fame

Mock faces, mock feelings, freshly anointed with shock and shame

Therefore if you are not a man blame the king

And if you are not a woman go ahead and slay him

Strong opinions are formed in an atrophied armchair

And in bed at night did you not once dream you were heir?

And though the king’s name briefly reigned again

It was another land and the cloak he wore seemed foreign

We watched and waited, and even hoped as well

But ironically the fat lady came forth and gonged his bell

We move on, there is more to life we’re not deluded

It’s not an epic it’s just a game and the king has concluded

Yes one of the greats and sure he fell, but not on his own,

So we remember, once upon a time, the King had flown

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