Please explain!

by Medium Dazza Smith


I try not to be one-eyed, I really do! I even applauded a couple of good Melbourne grabs on Sat night, but enough is enough!


Can someone please provide me with a plausible, metaphorical, meaningful or even meteorological explanation as to how L. Montagna is likely to be missing for 2 weeks following his wrestle with J.Magner on the weekend? Meanwhile, an extended arm to the head from the Cat King (soft or not) is declared ok, and knees are decreed poor form only if there is a prior record?


The rub of the green seems to have been against my boys for some time; probably since some anti-AFL rhetoric from Grant Thomas, but he is long gone.


There seemed to be a breakthrough in tribunal decision making a few weeks back when someone took the time to look up “accident” in the dictionary, as Selwood copped another hit to the head. It seemed to reverse the over-reactive, fear-of-future-litany decisions that went before it.


Does anyone honestly, deep down believe that Montagna deserves two weeks or believe that Judd,  Ablett or Swan would have received the same decision?


Would love to hear from other Saints fans re tribunal treatment, and am even prepared to consider combined counter arguments from Gigs and Haiku Bob to enlighten me.


The tribunal is a sledge hammer and Montagna a walnut.


  1. Tony Robb says

    How has Milne escaped the gallows let alone the tribunal. Maybe its a hangover thing. Anyone in the red white and black get a whack for all the whacks given out by Baker

  2. David Downer says

    I was preparing my rant, Medium, but the AFL have just withdrawn the charge completely!


  3. Medium Dazza says

    Thanks DD for update and dont even get me started on Barry Hall v Matt Maguire in a final for god’s sake!!
    Re: Baker, I think he paid his price in the end, via some over zealous sentencing.

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