Pies say no to derailment of finals aspirations and why purple doesn’t make black or white

By George Habib

As I said goodbye to many Melbourne supporters at Mt Hotham on Friday afternoon I decided that a blanket ban on football columnist is a necessity over the next six weeks. Could there be more of a focus on the ‘kirribilli’ agreement between Malthouse and Bucks? I don’t read the Hun but how can an opinion piece become front page news? It’s a sign of the type of journalism we should be proud of in this country.  As for Caroline Wilson … don’t get me started.

Despite the media attention on Malthouse, I again felt a sense of calm before the game. I remember during the years of Brisbane’s and Geelong’s dominance, I longed for a time that I would watch the Pies and not just wish for but expected they would win. To feel the confidence of being a Pies supporter, not just because of our history, supporter base, and passion, but also for our dominance on the field. This is that time!  Now to the Fremantle game at the WACA, I follow the ABC editorial guidelines and refuse to call a ground by some new name following the regular sponsor changes. 


Some Oxford Dictionary definitions to start:

Struggling:                             Fremantle

Seriously struggling:             Fremantle

Disappointing:                       See above

Unnecessary:                         Daisy’s shirtfront of Ibbotson. Never waste one on a bloke called Garrick.

Patience:                                 Cameron Wood

Swan:                                     An ugly duckling that waddles faster than Hill can run.

Opening term:                       Try to ruffle Daisy

Success:                                  Daisy suspended for two weeks with a one week ban if he pleads guilty.

Likely outcome:                     One week

WACA:                                  See Patterson Stadium under the Herald Suns Stadium Policy

Collingwood supporters:      Louder than Fremantle Supporters even at the WACA

First Quarter

The tactic from Fremantle appeared to be to get Daisy, and if that failed to play one former Collingwood Player on the fella who took his spot from him. Seriously, it was a really fiery start to the game. Harvey must said something to the words if you can’t beat them, then just beat them up. They went hard at us early and following a Cloke goal they drew level before we kicked another two. Kepler scored one before a bit of Krakouer magic where he sharked a tight handball, shimmied and kicked truly. He must of felt good playing at home given his last match at the WACA was the final of the WAFL’s grand final last year where he absolutely starred. Whilst he can still do some sloppy stuff, it is a testimony to our coaching staff, that he can go so hard at the ball now, and does the in and under so well. Another reason to tell Caroline Wilson to go jump given her Tigers allegiance. As an ode to Steve, you can tell I footy hate Caroline. The term finished with another goal to Cloke and one to Sidey, the silent assassin. Pies up by 24 points.


Second Quarter

Started like the first finished.  A dribbler goal to Blair after several minutes from a deft Cloke tap led to a goalfeast. Goals to Fasolo (how good are his hands and his boot), Swan snapped well and Krakouer ran in for another shortly afterwards. I just wanting to say that a few highlight for me was the link up that ended with the Fasolo goal. Also Daisy’s jump to spoil a handball, and Reid’s reading (pardon the pun) of the play. I also liked the way that C’Wood played on when he got the ball. Two goals to Swan bookended a Krakouer goal, and Pendles finished the term with another goal, with Fremantle scoring two points for the quarter. We have by now already won the game. Pies up by 62 points. It’s lovely having Toovey back, just settles the backline. I also feel that I prefer Buckley to Goldsack back there. He’s a much better kick.


Third Quarter

A familiar ring to it with Beams scoring almost straight away. We score another four for the term with Freo kicking two. The key moment in the game is Wood’s knee to Faulks face. How many times did channel Seven have to play it (nasty). Davis continued to play the sweeper role to perfection, and Beams continued to impress following his return to the firsts.  A solid quarter with Brown playing his swingman role in defence and Swanny touching the leather a lazy 13 times for the quarter.  Pies by 85.


Fourth Quarter

Really a junk quarter for us with Davis being substituted out for Tom Young (sounds like a good Asian soup to me). It shows as our defence leaked a bit like the fourth quarter against Brisbane last week. Wood scored again making it three for the night but Freo kick four to our three.  The highlight is Collingwood’s final goal for the night courtesy of Krakouer who marked and launched mongrel torp that sailed through from fifty.  A good finish to a non-eventful last quarter.


Now, I think I have to hold my fire regarding the votes. Do I send them to Paul?  Let me know.

Bring on the Cats and then the Weagles in the first week of the finals.



  1. Andrew Fithall says

    The following comment is not mine. The credit belongs to Ramon Dobb of the Floreat Pica Society and was shared in response to to George’s fine article amongst the FP email distribution group . Such a great comment deserves a wider audience. On the mongrel torp late in the game:

    it’s always a great way to end the night with a Tasty Krakouer Barrel served up on your platter

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