Pies on the rise. But can they take that extra step?

Collingwood’s Best and Fairest

By Steve Healy

It was an exciting season for the black-and-white. In Round 8, Collingwood looked banished from the finalists club. They were 3-5, and had come off a 51-point embarrassment against arch-rival Carlton. They went on to win the next 12 out of 13 games, before losing by four goals to the Bulldogs in Round 22 to just concede third spot. The Pies made it to the preliminary final, but got easily accounted for by Geelong. But with Darren Jolly coming to their sanctuary in 2010, maybe they could make it all the way…

Here are the top 10 in Collingwood’s Copeland Trophy:

1. Dane Swan

Swan has put together an almighty season to win his second straight Copeland Trophy. Playing all 25 games, and averaging a huge 30.8 disposals, 6.5 marks, 3.1 tackles, 4.9 inside 50’s, and 10 contested possessions. He also led the club in goal assists with 22 for the season. The only flaw in Swan’s game was his efficiency; he kicked 18.25 for the season and hit the target with a mediocre 70.3% of his disposals. His ball winning ability was the clear factor that won him the award, and in the fact that he was Brownlow favourite at one point of the season. His season could have been even better, but he began to tire in the last five games, averaging just 22.4 possessions. In round 10, he picked up a huge 48 possessions and 8 marks against Port Adelaide (the equal third highest amount of disposals recorded since 1984). He is a unique player, and not just because of the art on his arm.

2. Nick Maxwell

Nick Maxwell, great captain, great player. He puts his body on the line every week, and shows acts of courage in the back line. He played 23 out of a possible 25 games, picked up a career-high 17.9 possessions a game, 6.4 marks, 2.6 tackles, 1.1 contested marks, 3.5 rebound 50’s and 2.4 running bounces as well. He hit the target with 81.8% of his disposals, and averaged 5.8 one percenters.  His best game came in Round 9 against West Coast, when he racked up 29 possessions, 12 marks and three Brownlow votes.

3. Heath Shaw

Shaw put last year’s incident behind him and excelled in season 2009. Even though he missed four games, he still managed to give his full throttle each match, despite not having his big brother as a mentor. He averaged 23 possessions, 5.6 marks, eight bounces (2nd in the AFL), 5.7 rebound 50’s, and hit the target with 79% of his disposals. In Round 22, he picked up 34 possessions and 5 marks, and he also starred in the loss against Hawthorn in Round 16 with 32 touches, 5 marks and 4 tackles. The 23-year old has many good years still to come.

4. Harry O’Brien

O’Brien, the third running defender in the top 4, had a superb 2009, in his fifth season. He didn’t miss a game for the second season in a row, and averaged 16.1 possessions and 4.2 marks, and hit the target with 83.6% of possessions. He also kicked 5.0 for the year, all long, running goals from memory. He took the ball out of 50 4.4 times a game as well. He had a career-high 28 possessions and nine marks in Collingwood’s 21-point defeat against Adelaide in Round 19. The Brazilian superstar is on the rise.

5. Alan Didak

Didak had a strange season. In the first four rounds, he didn’t have much of an impact. He was sidelined for the next six weeks, and came back in style. Between Rounds 11 and 15, he averaged an amazing 35 possessions and seven marks. For the whole season, he averaged 4.2 inside 50’s, 25.5 possessions and five marks. However, he only kicked 20 goals for the season, the fewest since his debut season in 2001. But it’s understandable since he moved up the ground. His best game was clearly against Fremantle in Round 13, where he racked up 39 possessions (31 of them kicks), nine marks, two tackles and a couple of goals.

6. Scott Pendlebury

The 21-year olds 2009 season took off like a rocket. His first eleven games were absolute gold, but it all fell apart in Round 12 when he had a suspected broken leg. Despite the injury, he amazingly returned two weeks later and picked up 20 possessions against Essendon. He gradually regained his form, picking up 36 possessions against Brisbane in Round 18 and 31 against Richmond in Round 20. Another injury concern arose late in the season, and he only played one of their last four games. In the season he averaged 25.8 possessions, including 30 or more eight times, he laid 3.3 tackles a game, five marks, 3.3 inside 50s, hit the target with 79.5% of possessions and had 16 goal assists. He should have a better 2010, as long as his leg doesn’t bother him.

7. Tarkyn Lockyer

At 29 years of age, the utility put age aside and put in the season of his career. He played every game, averaging 19.5 possessions, 6.8 marks, 3.2 tackles, and 3.2 inside 50s. But he added another element to his game: goal kicking. He kicked 32.16 for the year, with a bag of four goals in Round 6 against North and two bags of three. His best game was in Round 4, when he won 29 possessions, kicked two goals and took a freakish 14 marks.

8. Leon Davis

Leon Davis came of age in 2009, at 28 years of age, which was highlighted with his All-Australian inclusion. He kicked a career-high 35.24, kicking four goals twice and three goals thrice. He averaged 20.5 possessions, 4.7 marks and 4.2 tackles. However, his finals series was really disappointing; in three games he kicked one goal and averaged 13.3 possessions. He had a few great games, but I don’t think his Round 17 game against Carlton can be beaten. Leon kicked 3.4, including two freakish ones from the boundary line, had 24 kicks and four handpasses in their 54-point demolition. I hope Neon Leon continues to shine bright.

9. Simon Prestigiacomo

This 31-year-old champion defender turned his career up a notch this year. After playing only two games last season, he played all 25 games this year for the Pies and was selected in the All Australian squad. Although he only averaged 7.8 possessions (which is the norm for him – he’s averaged 7.3 in his career) and 2.5 marks, and two tackles, he was arguably the best defender, since he conceded the least goals out of any player. In Round 18, he went forward after receiving a heavy knock and kicked two behinds, his first score in a game since Round 13, 2004. One of his notable performances was in Round 17 when he held Brendan Fevola to one meaningless goal and seven possessions.

10. Shane O’Bree

Shane O’Bree, aged 30, gave it his full throttle in 2009. He played all 25 games, and averaged 21.8 possessions, 7.6 of those contested, 2.6 marks and a club-high 4.8 tackles. Accuracy was his main concern, hitting the target with 72.6% of possessions and kicking 4.10 for the year. His best game in my opinion was in Round 20 against Richmond, where he picked up 33 possessions and five tackles. He should play on for another couple of years.

Now that the Pies have spent quite a few years aboard the September train, they need to make it to the last day in September for the club and Mick Malthouse. Or the Collywobbles might stick around for another decade or two…

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. nice to see i was missed last night! :)
    im still on a high!!!!!!!! woooooooooo!
    lol it was soooooooo much fun but my feet kinda hurt!
    candy could have made $170.
    you see there was this HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT guy on table 4, we were on table 2.
    i said to candy ill give 100 bucks if you ask him to dance then the other girls also put in money but Candy jst woulndt do it!

  2. You gave her $100???

    Oh and what happened to her facebook?

  3. Steve Healy says

    yeah what happened with Candy’s facebook, me and Josh are wondering why she deleted her account.

  4. Perhaps you deleted it Danni coz there was photo’s she was gonna put on there that would have embarrassed you?

  5. Nah wat happend was i said to her
    ‘ill give you 100 bucks if you ask that hot guy for a dance”
    Umm i dont think she deleted it.
    i dunno guys im lost!

  6. Steve Healy says

    Were you really gonna give her $100?

  7. nahh all the pics we took last night are rated G lol.
    that guy in the pink shirt though…lol WOW!
    LMAOO Candy traded seats to get a better view!!

  8. He was wearing pink? What a poof…

  9. lmaoo YES, first i said fifty to get her pumped up so that she would ask him, cos he was soo HOTTTTTTT lol she wouldnt even though she wanted to! then i said ILL GIVE YOU A 100 IF YOU ASK!! but she WOULDNT!!

  10. Steve Healy says

    What about your sunglasses Josh? lol

  11. Trust me, he didnt look like a poof!!
    every girl in the room was staring at his HOTNESS

  12. Steve Healy says

    Speaking of hot, where has Michael been?

  13. Steve, shut up about my aviators. They are stylish, not gaaay.

    I take my previous comment back because i just remembered i own a pink shirt and used to have a pink phone.

    Narni won the time-trials at Visy Park for North Melbourne today

  14. oh btw! Candy got so drunk on champaign that she managed to lose one of her earings!!
    lmaoo i was a good girl, i didnt touch the stuff! :)

  15. I hope you meant that because of his hair Steve lol

    Dunno, crashed his car and is spewing slugs or whatever

  16. Steve Healy says

    yeah I did mean his hair lol.

    You didn’t drink anything? I thought you barracked for Collingwood!

  17. Lol my parents would kill me if i was out drinking, im not allowed to touch the stuff which is really good. Except for one weekend..

  18. you should have seen us dancing! LMAOO!! the whole reception area was watching us!
    INCLUDING hottie on table 4 :)
    i will never get over candys heels they were about 14cm high.

  19. Steve Healy says

    You can’t jump 14cm? lol

  20. Wow she might have been taller than Aaron Sandilands.

    Did you hear the news about Brodie Holland Danni? Im guessing you used to think about him in the same way you think of Nathan Brown

  21. lol yeah, see im not the sterotypes collingwood supporter!
    i didnt even have a sip!
    i did however drink glasess and glasses of Coke.

  22. Steve Healy says

    Hmm I dunno Josh, She would have to be 197 cm to overtake Sandilands

  23. lmaoo yes Brodie is a gorgous, his wife is pregnant…PLEASE BE A BABY BOY!!

  24. But did you hear the news that he’s gonna make a return to AFL?

    Haha thats funny im drinking coke right now

  25. Steve Healy says

    who do you think will pick him up?

    Maybe he’ll go back to Freo where he started his career

  26. I reckon he’ll go to North. Carlton are most likely to snap up Robbo, my heart almost broke when i read that.

  27. lol yeah, goodluck to him.
    Candy was trying to make origami out of the napkins on the table, we tokks pics of it, and our shoes, and im in a few with my bodgey makeup!

  28. Steve Healy says

    Coke in the country? I thought people only drink water and cows milk, goats milk, cats milk, dogs milk, rats milk, and pretty much every other animals milk

  29. mann brodie would look bloody hot in a north gersey!!!!!!!!

  30. Well tell her to make a new facebook and then put the pics on there, i need to laugh at something.

    Status – annoyed coz i kicked my footy in the tree

  31. Yuck that made me sick Steve lol well if you want to know what “we” drink, in my fridge atm is milk, goats milk, more goats milk, blue cordial and raspberry soft drink!

  32. Oh and water is in there too

  33. Danni, anyone would look hot in a North guernsey

  34. Steve Healy says

    Ask your Giraffe to get it down Josh lol.

    Well I was kind of right…

    When I kick my footy in the tree I just throw everything I can find at it.

  35. Steve Healy says

    Anyone would look hot in a Melbourne jumper. Ask Liam Jurrah

  36. lmaoo yes even i would look hot in a north jersey!! :)

    UMMMM STEVE, ur kinda scaring me…

  37. Yeah i’ve tried that Steve, that’s why i’ve got a shoe, a tennis racket, a log and a goalpost stuck in my tree as well!

    Tell em ill get the pics up at somepoint- even tho i deleted it i can reactivate it JUST FOR THEM!! ;)

    well there you go.

  39. Why did you delete it Candy? WHYY??????????????

  40. So Steve, say you put a Sydney guernsey on Liam Jurrah. What would he look like then. Actually picturing it right now, he would look pretty damn weird

  41. Steve Healy says

    YEAH CANDY WHATS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!! nah only joking

    He would look awesome in any guernse.

  42. ive always wanted to go into a footy shop and try one every gersey to see what i would look like..

  43. I asked Dad to buy me a Freo guernsey a few years ago coz i like theirs.

    I’ve got a lot of team footy’s as well, i’ve got Roos, Bombers, Swans, Dogs and Dockers. Well used to anyway!

  44. Steve Healy says

    I have a Geelong footy, cos my uncle gave me a premiership one two years ago. He’s a mad Cats supporter.

    By the sound of it you could afford all the jumpers Danni!

  45. ROFL STEVE, im not rich!!
    if i was i would buy the Collingwood fc!

    i do know id look dreadfull in a Dees Gersey, i think id look alright in a north one, since i like that shade of blue.

  46. I keep trying to have a conversation with Candy but she keeps going offline, Talk about difficult!

  47. Steve Healy says

    Oh shut up Danni, every living thing looks good in a Melbourne jumper!

  48. How come i think everyone would look shocking in a Sydney guernsey?

  49. lmaoo shes prob trying to study!!
    our exams are coming up and we both do year 12 subjects so its even more ARGGGGG worthy!

    lol,steve no i still think id look bad in one.

  50. rofl..i would deff look REALLY BAD in a swans gersey, REALLY BADDDDDD

  51. I love the Crows new clash guernsey, would look good on anyone.

    Status – listening to Lady Gaga’s new song. Everything that girl/guy makes is good!

  52. Steve Healy says

    Sorry- I hate Lady Gaga

  53. ROFL that reminds me.
    at the party, the song Lovegame came on and were all dancing execpt candy whos stopped in the middle of the dancefloor with a shocked expression on her face b/c of the lyrics.
    LMAOO I was laughing SOO BAD

  54. Steve Healy says

    Why would you want to get opposition jumpers Josh! Are you crazy, jumpers arent for looking good, there for displaying your passion and loyalty to your club.

  55. Didnt she know the lyrics to it?? LOL

    Jeez Steve, you hate Lady Gaga and you said on FB you hate Short Stack, chicks are gonna hate you

  56. Steve Healy says

    Josh, I just pretend to like these bands when I talk to chicks. I’ll do that on Thursday at the social.

    Gotta go for dinner

  57. Wow your early to dinner tonight Steve!

    Well if they arent for style, then why was the clash strip invented??

    omg my friend is in love with them!
    she got a reply for Shaun something..she was dyingg

  59. They are alright, but they do look like a huge pack of girls.

    I like the fact that they rang all their fans that pre-ordered their album

  60. i agree josh.
    i wouldnt buy another one but i would try em on for fun.
    imagine i get my wedding dress made with the top corset part to look like a feminine collingwood gersey!!

  61. I think if they got haircuts i would also be on the screaming girlfan bandwagon.

  62. If i was a girl i would do that Danni! I mean the wedding dress, not the wagon thing

  63. lol sure!! :P
    nah i think that would be awesome but my mother will be dictating every detail cos thats what the ‘mother of the bride’ Is supposed to do!
    i really wanna take my wedding pics at the mcg though.

  64. Yeah my friend’s sis got married at the G.

    I dunno where i wanna get married, maybe Waaia?

  65. lmaoo a FARM WEDDING?
    you can be the next guy on farmer wants a wife!
    im deff geting married at my church cos imm look great going up the stairs in my dress! :)
    then take take pics afterwards at the MCG, but i want really cheesy ones of my new husband trying to tackle me while i run around with a footy in my massive dress.

  66. Haha what if you fall over in your massive dress while going up stairs?

    Oh we organized a singer for my sisters wedding today

  67. lol thats where candy comes in to hold it for me so i dont fall!

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh cool!
    that remnids me last night they had 3 italian singers in the band i really wanted to sing LOL!!
    candy went up to ask them to sing ABBA but they didnt know those songs.

  68. Lol awesome.

    Tea time!

  69. Back lol :)

  70. Steve Healy says

    Short stack sound like a pack of girls as well.

    I know because my younger brother is obsessed with all this music

  71. Yeah but they have a good beat goin

  72. Steve Healy says

    Candy’s facebook has disappeared again!

  73. Candy’s disappeared alltogether! Wouldnt it be funny if she was missing on Danni’s phone contacts lol

  74. what do you mean..AGAIN?
    LOL OMG SHE HAS!! lol nahh.
    Candy is like that.
    she makes accounts, randonly feels like she should delete them cos they distract her form work and stuff.

    Have u seen C.Browns pic on the Herald Sun sport section website…

    and thats Why hes on the pretty list.
    just look as his cute teddy-bearishness!!

  76. Yeah she said she deleted it in the first place coz internet was taking over her life.

  77. Steve Healy says

    Must have something to do with exam studying

  78. Campbell Brown = Teddy Bear?

    Nuh uh

  79. YA-HA!!
    Is he the cutest, sweetest guy!!

  80. Steve Healy says

    Hello, Liam Jurrah?

  81. Hello, Lovechild obession!

  82. Steve Healy says

    Hello, Lovechild Jealousy! (hahaha same letters as Liam Jurrah)

  83. yeah..im totally jello over liam’s hold over you steve, how will i live??
    lol :P

    if i were Jurrah id get a restraining order put against you! LOL

  84. Steve Healy says

    I hope Liam Jurrah has a Long Jeopardy in the AFL. hahahaha

  85. Wait Steve, comment 82 doesnt have an M in it so you cant say Liam

  86. Steve Healy says

    Go Dees!!!!

  87. Smart one dumb one! lol

    Cant wait to see who North play in the NAB Cup

  88. i love nathan BROWN
    and Campbel Brown
    and Jonathan Brown!!


  90. ohh ye, knew i forgot a BROWN!!

  91. Steve Healy says

    I love Liam Jurrah and all the other Jurrah’s who will play in the AFL in coming years!!!!!!!

  92. steve, i repeat, you Jurrah obession is freaky!
    like your girlfriend will dump you so fast when she notices that you love Jurrah more than her and that you pay more attention to him than her!

  93. Steve Healy says

    Hmm, if I had a girlfriend who was a mad Dees supporter I’m sure she wouldnt mind!

  94. Lol i can just see Steve married to Jurrah.

    Steve: “Honey im home!”
    Jurrah: “That’s good dear, have a nice day?”
    Steve: “Yeah it was alright, what did you do?”
    Jurrah: “Oh not much, got up early, had some brekky, kicked Collingwood’s backline’s butt by booting 19 goals, nothing special really”

  95. Steve Healy says

    What the hell Josh, I would’ve sworn that that comment was posted by Danni until I saw your name lol.

  96. Steve Healy says

    And the Collingwood bit

  97. LOL JOSH!
    how romantic! :p

    no steve, TRUST ME she would mind!

  98. Lol i’ve changed havent i

  99. Yeah i know, i really know how to capture a real life marriage.

    If my girlfriend doesnt like footy, she wont see much of me after a while..

  100. josh make a convo for me and jack, i gotta see this, but keep it G RATED PLEASE!!

  101. you know, mums always telling me.
    Danni, guys dont like girls who like footy, they like girly-girls, just look at me and you dad.
    but i always thought guys would like girls who want to go to the footy every week and stuff.

  102. Hmm i’ll try, PG alright?? haha

  103. lol, what cant you pull it off rated G?

  104. Steve Healy says

    Jack: Honey, I’m home

    Danni: Hi Jack, oh my god your hair is so nice today!

    Jack: Thanks. And thanks to Ashley and Martins

    Danni: How many goals did you kick in the game today?

    Jack: None, I didn’t get a kick, as usual.

    Danni: Nawwww you’ll get better!

    Jack: What’s for dinner?

    Danni: Nothing, I gave away $100 so I can’t afford anything

    Jack: It’s over!!!!!!!!!!

  105. HMMM thats not very accurate steve, cos i cant cook at all!!
    Very funny though LMAO

  106. Dont listen to your mum Danni!!!!


    Danni: “What’s wrong baby? Why did you slam the door?”
    Jack: “im sick of everyone!”
    Danni: “Why what’s happened hun?”
    Jack: “Oh the guys at training. They put a glove in the locker with a frog in it, it scared me so much i screamed and Medders was rofl at me”
    Danni: “Oh that’s no good, come here”
    Jack: “Then we did some goalkicking practice and i couldnt get it through the middle, i’m really losing the plot”
    Danni: “Don’t give up, you’ve got the Demons next week, you’ll kick a bag”
    Jack: “I hope so, hey where’s my new glove i bought?”
    Danni: “In the fridge”
    Jack: “Okay….AHHHHHHHHHH!!! There’s an effin frog in my glove!!!!”
    Danni: ROFL

  107. LMAOO JOSH!!!!!
    the only line you got an 100% on was:
    “What’s wrong baby?”
    nawwwwwwwwwwww hes SOO CUTEEEEE MY SUPERMANN

  108. LOL yeah, i love seeing couples at the footy on dates together!!
    especially when i see a young newly engaged Collingwood couple, i get so emotional! its cute

  109. Steve Healy says

    This is the reality:

    Danni: Let me in Jack! (slam, slam, slam)

    Jack: Hi, who are you?

    Danni:Oh my god, oh my god its really you!!!!!!! I’m Danni your number 1 fan!

    Jack: Come in. will you marry me?

    Danni: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jack: YAY!!!!!!!!

    Danni: Wait, who’s that other girl on the couch?

    Jack: My girlfriend




    Well, atleast im the one with the ring on my finger, ha take that COUCH GIRL!!

  111. Steve Healy says

    I could imagine making a movie out of that, after you see the girl you’re about to say something and cry but it just cuts to a black screen with “THE END” on it. hahahaha

  112. what!!

  113. Steve Healy says

    lol I dunno.

    Josh is having a shower

  114. right..so i dont get a happy ending because josh is in the shower?
    that makes sense!

  115. Steve Healy says


    Danni: who’s there?

    Jurrah: Open the door!!!!!!!!

    Danni: Ok!

    Jurrah: Hi Danni, my name is Liam Jurrah, nice to meet you!

    Danni: Get away from me! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Jack: What’s the problem here?

    10 minutes later…

    Danni: Oh my god Jack is dead!!!!!

    Jurrah: Yep, you don’t want to marry them weak little buggers

    Danni: You must be the real deal then, Liam.

    Jurrah: Yes I am, and I’m a good player unlike that guy

    Danni: I love you


  116. Steve Healy says

    There’s your happing ending

  117. WHAT!
    Jack: What’s the problem here?
    HEHE, why do find him saying that so MANLY AND APPEALING!! SUPERMANNNNNNN!! HEHE

    NO STEVE. i dont like the ending..AT ALL

  118. Steve Healy says

    Lol it could take me a million goes but I might get it eventually

  119. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha I love the line: You don’t want to marry them weak little buggers

  120. lol why?

    i still cant belive his dad left him when he was four, he was still a baby…
    omg..my eyes are getting watery…

  121. Steve Healy says

    hmm, that’s unfortunate.

    I still cant believe he made the AFL (nah only joking)

  122. you know i remember once, mum was wif us at the footy and she told me off for yelling and booing. my reply?


    lol she still didnt approve.
    i think she reconds my footyness is gonna turn off potential husbands!

  123. Steve Healy says

    It just sounds like something I could imagine Jurrah saying.

  124. omg STEVE!!
    thats so mean :(
    the first time i heard that was from Jack himself in an interview by Harry O.
    Jack said it…and well i cried.

  125. Steve Healy says

    Well, I’m sure me, Josh, Michael and Damo would want a footy mad girl. So you can count that in her favour

  126. yeah, thats true.
    plus its not like i can turn this footyness off or anything, its in my blood!

  127. Steve Healy says

    I was joking Danni,

    He’s a pretty good player.

  128. and dont forget the fact that he almost lost his life when he got a serious neck injury.


    this is the side of footy that breaks my heart.

  129. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, even if I had a girlfreind who didn’t like footy, I’m sure if she liked me she’d tolerate my obsession and I’d teach her about the game and take her to matches

  130. Back, nice little conversation use had going, i was laughing all the way through it haha. Anyone wanna make up a story between me and Warren?

  131. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I had sort of the same feeling when Ricky Petterd was really close to dying after puncturing his lung two years ago. Apparently he said that everything went purple

  132. lol naww thats cute steve.
    that would be Candy in that kind of situation. she knows nothing about footy so her dude would have to have patience in explaining stuff to her if he was footy obsessed.
    i really miss footy…
    i miss superman and cuddlesnrainbows and Pendels and Travis and MICKY!! :(
    my life is so blank without by collingwood boys! :(

  133. Steve Healy says

    Josh: Let me in!!!!(BANG)

    Warren: Who’s this

    Josh: Josh Barnstable from Waaia

    Warren: Josh what from what?

    Josh: Josh Barns-da-bull from Way-eye

    Warren: Oh thanks for making that more clear.

    Josh: Nice hair! How do you get it dyed so blonde?

    Warren: I use hair dye

    Josh: Good on ya

    Warren: Yep

    Josh: Hows your leg healing?

    Warren: Crap, ill be out for another few years.



  134. Nice, i can see that happening..brb gonna go knock on some random doors in Melbourne till i find him

  135. JOSH: “HEYYY BENNYYYYYYYYY BOYYYYYYYY!! wait up for me!!”

    *runs after him*

    WARREN:”oh hey, what can i do for you?”

    JOSH: “OKAY, spit in this jar and give a strand of you hair!”

    WARREN: “umm securityyyyyyyy!!!”


  136. Hmm and what i could make with his spit and some of his hair…

  137. a clone! duh!

    nah you need it for you Warren shrine, which to pray to 5 times a day.

  138. Michael: BANG!! “Let me in MARK!!”
    LeCras: Who’s thi…AHH A RANGA!!!!!!!!! 911, 911!!!!!!!”

  139. Hmm totally, i need to make the shrine not like the statues surounding the MCG, but white and really bright hair that it hurts to look at. Oh a kid at my school has really polished shoes and it seriously hurts to look at them its that shiny lol

  140. would my nathan brown on be diff to the superman one?

  141. omg you know what would be the BEST?
    a fight between Nathan and jack, OVER ME!!!

  142. Steve Healy says

    Michael and LeCras

    Michael: Hey let me in!!!!

    LeCras: No, who are you???

    Michael: (pulls out a wand) Alohamora!(door swings open)

    LeCras: How did you do that!!!!????

    Michael: Gee I’m not feeling too well (vomits)

    LeCras: Pick up those slugs!

    Michael: Sorry, I’m not feeling well after staying up all night lining up for grand final tickets

    LeCras: Are you a West Coast supporter?

    Michael: No. Richmond.

    LeCras: Get out, or I’ll kick you out like I was kicked out of the All-Australian team.

    Michael: But my flying car lost it’s invisibility!

    LeCras: I said GO!

    Michael: Wingardium Leviosa!

    LeCras: Stop it!!!!

    Michael: Oh no, my wand broke!


  143. Steve, LMAOOOOOOO!!
    that was AWESOME!! :)

    I LOVE professor SNAPE, like he actually scares me literally!

  144. Steve Healy says

    Hmmm I wish Damo had someone, so then I could do one with him

  145. naww DAMO :)
    Where is my damo?????

  146. Steve Healy says

    Danni. THE PIZZA!!!!!!!!

  147. lmaoo whats wrong with you steve?

  148. Steve Healy says

    whats wrong with you, betraying that theory!

    Anyway gotta go cya

  149. Jack: Back of biatch, she’s mine!
    Nathan: Ohh you wanna go me ay Jack? We all know she loves me!
    Danni: Oh boys stop it!
    Jack: No Danni, i love you more than he does, he was talking to me in the showers that he likes your friend Candy
    Nathan: Whatever i do, that girl deleted me on Facebook so im not talking to her again
    Danni: Seriously boys i love both of you bu..
    Nathan: But you love me more, aw thanks Danni!
    Jack: Let her finish jerk!
    Nathan: Oh go kick a goal after the siren you hero!
    Jack: Why dont you go stop Pavlich in your first game?
    Nathan: Been there, done that. Piece of cake
    Danni: Oh stop it boys, your making me blush
    Eddie: I’ll handle this. Nathan, if you get his question correct, you win Danni. If you lose, you’ve an array of Collingwood supporters lined up outside for you. Now, when was Collingwood’s first ever AFL premiership? A, 1902. B, 1904. C, 1990. D, 1927
    Nathan: Ohh umm…can i phone a friend?
    Eddie: No
    Nathan: Umm…A thanks Eddie
    Eddie: Lock it in?
    Nathan: ….lock it in
    Eddie: Its locked in! *drumroll* it was C, 1990! Jack, she’s all yours!
    Nathan: Aww damn!
    Jack: Yay!
    Danni: Oh hey Medders! Me, you, tea tonight??

  150. omg Josh, i loved that so much im printing it out and sticking it in my school diary!!!


  151. Um sorry Danni thats copyrighted..

  152. lol, but ive put your name on it!

  153. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha that was funny Josh, but you should’ve put Toovey somewhere in there lol

    NAB CUP FIXTURE for everyone who doesn’t know:

    Fri 12 Feb
    West Coast vs Essendon Subiaco Oval 17:40 7

    2 Sat 13 Feb
    Adelaide vs Port Adelaide AAMI Stadium 16:40 FOX
    3 Sat 13 Feb Hawthorn vs Richmond Aurora Stadium 19:40 10
    4 Sun 14 Feb
    Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane Lions Manuka Oval 16:40 FOX
    Week 2

    5 Fri 19 Feb
    St Kilda vs Collingwood Etihad Stadium 19:40 7
    6 Sat 20 Feb
    Sydney Swans vs Carlton Blacktown 19:40 10
    7 Sun 21 Feb
    Geelong Cats vs North Melbourne Etihad Stadium 16:40 FOX
    8 Sun 21 Feb Fremantle vs Melbourne Subiaco Oval 17:40 FOX

  154. Steve Healy says

    Sorry if thats a bit messy I just copied and pasted it lol

  155. Oh, hmm that’s okay.

    This is how my day went down! There was a really good part, and a really bad part.

    Bad part: I log onto the computers at lunch time to check the fixtures for the NAB Cup, and i see North have been scheduled to play….GEELONG!!!! WTF!? Rigged or what?? Steve got let off easy, they play Freo. Cant remember who Collingwood plays, but im licking my chops over the Sydney v Carlton match in Blacktown

    Good part: I got offered work experience at Channel Nine :)

  156. i jst swore when i read-
    5 Fri 19 Feb
    St Kilda vs Collingwood

    lol ohh and steve i printed out your one as well, the once about the couchgirl.

  157. omgg!! THATS AWESOME!! :)
    too bad it isnt ch-ten cos then you could have said hi to Ralphy for me.

  158. Steve Healy says

    wow Josh! Are people lining up to hire you or something? What will you be doing work on the footy show?

  159. Haha when i was in the library today there was only me, a few people and the librarians (b*tches) and i saw that the Roos were playing the Cats and i said really loud “oh fu**!” lol almost got kicked out.

    Lol hmmm i dunno Steve but that was the first thought that crossed my mind lol

    Danni, i’ll just have to say hi to Sam Newman for u

  160. hmmmm ive got more than HI to say to him!!

  161. Hi, can i have your autograph Mr. Newman?

    Is that accurate Danni?

    Steve, my prediction of Melbourne v Roos in the NAB Cup is still on, if we somehow beat Geelong and the Dees smash Freo, its yours and mine next sunday night at the Dome :)

  162. lol luckily for me the first time i saw the collingwood one was when steve mentioned it and i said the exact same thing as josh!
    except it was dirtcted towards a certain blonde captain.

  163. hmmm no, i think i would go all samantha lane on him!!

  164. Lol Riewoldt is waiting for you Danni, thats if the Saints play him. God the AFL has acted as if its gonna be hot this summer, there isn’t one NAB Cup game for the entire 4 weeks scheduled during the day

  165. Steve Healy says

    Yeah they had the same thing last year. No games before 3:40 it was though.

    I can’t wait to score all of the games!

  166. yourstruly had 2 free periods today!
    but i also had a double english sac in the morning and a media sac which no one knew what they were doing lol, my friend (whos bday i went to on sunday) left out an essay for 12 marks!!

  167. I had a period of playing cricket, and two periods of non-stop basketball

  168. Steve Healy says

    I had a crap day. Maths, assembly, english, tech, science and art. God I hate tech

  169. lmaoo maths!
    wheres DAMO???

  170. I had a test on linear graphs and i got another one tomorrow! I hate linear graphs! Steve i heard your quite good at them..

  171. Damo is booking his ticket to Blacktown for the game against the Swans

  172. Steve Healy says

    For the last time, I’m a very average student at school! If everything was footy-related I’d be a freak

  173. lmao Damo doesnt seem like a carlton supporter, cos i dont like carlton supporters!! yet Damo is my fav…
    im so lost!

  174. Damo is your worst favourite okay Danni!? And you hate Melbourne for the Queens Birthday, you generally dislike Richmond and you always bully North melbourne around so yeah lol

    Oh and if you want any stories of you and Magpie players Danni, just ask me. It’ll cost you though..

  175. Steve Healy says

    Danni. We’re all equal. Just like a pizza with 5 equal slices.

    Yes I know there’s something wrong with me.

  176. No Steve, its a good pilosphy

  177. Steve Healy says

    well Danni thought that as well, until last night when she thought there was something wrong with me!!!!

  178. omg! lmaoo
    when do i bully north??
    i dont mind richmond minus (King)
    why would i hate a day off school for the queen??

    steve if i hear one more thing about pizza!!!!
    im allowed to have a favourite!!
    Josh is my favourite random storymaker
    steve is my favourite wallaby/kangaroo storyteller that makes me laugh
    Micheal is my favourtite person to argue with and Damo is just my favourite in general!

  179. Dont skip on the BOLAGNAISE part!!!!

  180. Steve Healy says

    Well Danni, You’re my favourite Collingwood supporter.

  181. Danni, your my 4th favourite Collingwood supporter hahaha lol

    Steve, your my favourite Melbourne supporter, coz i dont know anyone else who goes for them haha

  182. lol thanks! :)

    josh, you really need to talk to someone about this bolagnaise thing…

  183. lol 4th? gee i feel ripped off!!
    yeah i dont know anyone else that goes for the Dees either.

  184. I know one girl who goes for the Dees and her Dad is the boss of the MCC or something so she gets into the G for free. Sorry Steve your probably bumped down to number 2 now.

    Yeah i do need to talk to someone about it, maybe i should go to PIZZA HUT!!!

  185. Damian Watson says

    Don’t worry guys I’m here, just had to make a trip to the old dentist again.

    Yeah I saw the Nab Cup fixture earlier, I wonder what the Blacktown ground is like?

    I feel jealous, my friend gets to go on an excursion to the National Sports Museum and I’m stuck in prison.lol

  186. Steve Healy says

    Very funny josh. You’re my 30,000th favourite Roos supporter, after all the other members.

    And Danni I meant favourite Pies supporter in the fab 5. hahahaha

  187. Is that the one under the MCG? I’ve been there 3 times

  188. omg its my boy DAMOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    HEY DAMO!!! :)

    LOL yeah, prison sucks!
    how was the dentist?

  189. :O How DARE you Steve!

  190. very funny steve.
    lol you all secretly love my collingwoodness!!

  191. No actually i hate it, really, really hate it…

  192. Oh speaking of prison, there was a punch-on today!!! 3 girls and one teacher! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  193. Steve Healy says

    I knew a girl who’s dad was a doctor for the Dees, and she was a mad Dees supporter as well

  194. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think it’s also next to the Gallery of Sport.

    Hi Danni good to know that someone misses me lol, nah just the usual check-up hopefully I’ll ony have the braces attached for another 10 months or so.

    I’m suprised the Roos can reach 30K lol.

  195. Damian Watson says

    lol the old punch-on, you should see a few of the schools in South Australia even the teachers get into the act.

  196. josh is jst bitter that im not a Roo!

    steve dude, that was supposed to be ur gf!! what happened to her???

    Damo, now josh is gonna kill ya cos of what u said, but ill back you!

  197. Guess who my doctor goes for?? Collingwood :(

    Yeah it was bloody funny, one girl swung her hand back and it hit a teacher walking past so she got in it as well haha. Ahhh have i ever told you guys about the massive punch-on that involved like all the kids from my year last year?

  198. Steve Healy says

    Well, she wasn’t a mad dees supporter- but a pretty keen one. Nah I only knew her for a few months and then she left the country

  199. So Damo…how does it feel not having a key forward??

  200. Left the country?? Jeez i hope every girl that knows you doesnt do that lol

  201. you didnt get in thier with your aviators on to look hot did you?

  202. LEAVE my Damo alone!
    Carlton is way hotter withour fev!
    CAMERON CLOKE can kick thier goals!!

  203. aww steve!!
    you dont even have her number?
    you HAVE to find her!!

  204. No no no, this was before i bought that style back.

    WELL, at the tech wing at my school, its like not apart of the main building so its about 100m away from everyone else and one lunchtime we were hanging out there like usual and the year 11’s came over and wanted to fight some people from our group so a fight broke out and yeah it was so black because there was everyone there just wildly swinging their fists around and so much noise and one of our kids got his nose broken and yeah the year 11 group got expelled and that’s about it. That was such a good day..

  205. Steve Healy says

    Robbo can kick their goals!

    Do I Danni? I think I’ve got her facebook, Myspace and/or MSN

  206. Damian Watson says

    hahaha, no we might be able to pick up Robertson but I guess it seems like a lost cause now.

    The father of a friend of mine used to be a Richmond physiotherapist apparently he once scrathed Terry Wallace’s car.

    Did anyone hear about a Northern Footy League club involved in sexual allegations on their End Of Season trip? just wacthing it on the news now.

  207. Steve Healy says

    I think Robbo would be a good fit for the Carlton forward line. I wouldn’t be suprised if he goes there, plays every game and kicks 40-50 goals

  208. hello steve, its gonna be ahrd to find another melb supporter! (no offence!)
    and she is pretty right??

  209. Steve Healy says

    yeah, but we were just friends and I barely knew her.

    I’ll find another Melbourne supporter believe me. There are going to be 200 girls at the social on Thursday night, one of them should go for Melbourne at least!

  210. Damian Watson says

    Hmmm maybe so, but it just seems a little too unlikely to occur. Apparently the Blues are to consider making a decision today.

  211. lmaoo this is what you do. wear your gersey as bait!!
    lol once i wore mine shopping..mum almost killed me after waht happ.
    so i walk out of Supre and theres a group of guys maybe a year older than me, i walk past with my mum and all you hear is
    soem jeering and whistles.
    Mum was going to kill me cos she hates unwanted attention!
    she was like
    “tahts the last time you wear that shopping!”
    so yeah, wear you gersey and hopefully the one for you will come up and make footy conversation.

  212. Im sure she’ll wear her Dees jumper to the social!!

  213. I wear my Waaia training jumper down the street and i get…nothing..

  214. Steve Healy says

    Good point Josh.

    Hmm I dunno about wearing my jumper, it seems a bit risky

  215. lmao really josh.
    whne ive got mine on the boys jst cant resist!! im not kidding
    another time i was out the front of my house which is a main road, once again in my jersey and this truck comes past and the driver starts honking at me!!
    i was so scared!!
    although..he was cute..

  216. That was me Danni!! lol

  217. Steve Healy says

    Danni, that’s cos all these bogans barrack for Collingwood lol

  218. You just called me a bogan!

  219. ohh really josh!
    what happend to, sorry danni id never look or should i say HONK at a collingwood supporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cute bogans steve, cute bogans!

  220. I dont remember saying that..

  221. Damian Watson says

    As much as I hate Collingwood, I believe that the South Australian supporters have a higher population of bogans.I’m not intending to offend the state but it’s kinda true.

  222. ohh yes you did something about aviators and being able to look at girls withour them knowing then i said
    and then you said
    “sorry danni id never look at a collingwood supporter!”

  223. Yeah i was having a shower at SA on camp and i swear there was the whole population trying to get in. I was like jeez havent you guys seen a bar of soap before? Phew obviously not! :(

  224. Well i wasnt looking at you, i was going haha look at that bogan!

  225. lol watever, the main line is that girls in footy gerseys get lots of attention from the fellas!

  226. Michael Allan says

    Stand back.

    Mikey Allan has returned.

  227. Steve Healy says

    Hmmm, I don’t see many girls in Melbourne jumpers (stating the obvious)

  228. Jeez i must be seeing things, i swear i just saw a comment from Michael

  229. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Michael, just as you arrive I have to go.


  230. Mikey? really?
    is it Mikey as in MYKEY?
    or Mikey as in MICKEY?

  231. Damian Watson says

    Has anyone in the Members Stand ever participated in the Mexican Wave Steve?

    lol I was at the 20/20 match earlier in the year and as soon as the Mexican wave reached the Members it would stop.
    The people behind me were shouting “F**k the Members” clap clap clap clap calp.

  232. Damian Watson says

    Damn! two minute two minutes too late.

  233. Mykey, we have a kid at my school called Michael and we call him Mikey. And you know what? He’s a ranga as well!!!!!

  234. Michael Allan says

    Ha. I announce my return and Steve’s already had enough of me.

    I’ve got alot of catching up to do but from what I’ve read:

    Steve’s script of me and LeCras was hilarious
    Danni’s right, a girl with football blood is high on my list. IOf she doesn’t like AFL we’ll find it hard to get along.
    I guess a would give my attention to a girl in a footy jumper. Unless it was a Collingwood one ofcourse.

  235. Comment 229 is the first time the fab 5 has been online at the same time!

  236. well looks like ill never have a ranga husband then! LMAOO

  237. Michael Allan says

    Well it changes.

    Some guys call me Micky A.
    Most people call me Mikey or Mikey Allan.
    Not many people call me Mike or Michael.

  238. Okay, no more Michael.

    So Micky A, where you been?

  239. Michael Allan says

    I couldn’t go on the internet cause we ran out of download and it was down.
    There’s not much to report from my end. Although I had a shocker at basketball on the weekend and we lost by 6.

  240. Oh i played basketball in my double today. Im getting good, but gave away 4 fouls in a minute for travel

  241. i just ate a jam doughnut, a cherryripe and a milo icecream thickshake..i aint feeling so good.

  242. Michael Allan says

    Lol, nice hustle Josh.

    Danni when your feeling depressed don’t eat your troubles away. It only makes things worse.

  243. yeah i know, im getting really bad as i edge closer to exams.
    at school i ate my first cherry ripe for the day, a crossaint, nuggets, a chocolate paddle pop and an icypole….

  244. She’s gonna be mass by the time of the launch

  245. Michael Allan says

    Geez, slow down Danni.

    I forgot to eat lunch today.

  246. Oh i was eating a choc paddle pop before, but i let my goat have the rest of it

  247. lmao, i cnt, im a sucker for sweets!!
    i eat nutella until i feel like im gonna puke, then i move onto milo!!!
    yep i know, i told you im gonna be dead at the launch or dying.

  248. Michael Allan says

    Dinnertime. I’ll be back on later.

  249. Thats funny, i love milo but i hate it from the tin. Yeah im getting off this laptop, got things to do. Oh and Danni, are me and Steve gonna see any pics from your crazy night? Or has Candy deleted FB for good??

  250. lol ill see if i can email them to you, when she gives them to me!!

  251. Im back.

    Im bored.

  252. me to i need help who sings this song
    someting something..i need you by my side, my herat is tired of breaking, suddenly here you are…”

    something along those lines
    i keep hearing it on radio and i want it!!

  253. Hmmmm cant help you sorry Danni, but can you help me? Who sings that song where the chick goes “this time baby i’ll beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bulletproof” ??

    And who sings Evacuate the Dancefloor? I never liked it but im staring to enjoy it

  254. umm for the first one i have no idea. lol
    evacuate the dancefloor is by Cascada.
    remember my version??

  255. Yes i do and when it came on the radio this morning i tried your lyrics with the song and they actually work!

  256. lol we were talking about hot pink shirt guy today and i kepp refering to him as Trent co i thought i herad someone call him that, and he kinda looks like a Trent, until we found out his real name. Its not Trent lol, its a very classic italian style name but i still call him Trent!

  257. Oh-oh, Stop Toovey is killing me…..

  258. Danni the song you mentioned might be Change of Heart by Bruce Dickinson. Not 100% sure but try that.

    What was his name? Damian? lol

  259. hey leave my damo alone!!

    no its was Dario, or Mario, or something.

    umm im pretty 100% sure a chick sings teh song im after.

  260. Oh my bad lol

    Dario?? Bahahaha that seals the deal, he’s defo a poof lol

  261. omg hes not a poof!
    lol my friend told me today that none of the guys got up to dance b/c they were intimidated by us 12 girls. it did get pretty crazy on the dancefloor.

    note as advie, never do the italian version of the zorba in high heels on your first time!!

  262. wtf’s a zorba?

  263. are you serious??
    Its a traditional greek dance were you make a circle and kick and stuff with your feet and the song gets faster and faster and faster and the circle changes direction,, it gets CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY i was next to candy and her hooker 14cm heels!!

  264. Steve Healy says

    Haha I always eat milo straight from the tin!

    I can’t believe I was away for over 2 hours and this convo’s still strong!

  265. Ohh right,,,,

    The only stuff i eat straight from the tin/jar is iSnack 2.0 :)

  266. lol yeah i know. anything to get away from homework!!
    i really have had it with school, ive got no more petrol left in my tank!!

    wheres Damo?

  267. Hmm i’ve got plenty of petrol left for school, especially when its this easy!

  268. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    im sorry but i cant even smell the stuff.
    im more of a nutella kinda girl.
    i prefer sweets over food or stuff like vegimite which i wil never eat!!

  269. I never said vegemite! I said iSnack 2.0! Big difference lol

  270. Steve Healy says

    Well, Josh, our hard work could be a big factor in Year 12

  271. omg my histoy teacher comes up to me in the office today.
    “Hello Danielle, how are you, ive heard something about you in the staffroom, it was something you said and it was very good. one of the teachers was telling me.”

    ME: (IN MY HEAD- WTF!!!!!!!!!!)
    “UMM miss are you sure its me they are talkign about…wht did i say exactly?”

    TEACHER:”YES, it was you, ohh i cant remember what it was you said but it was really good, i was so proud and i thought yes that something my one of my history students would say.”

    “Ohh. okay miss when you remeber let me know, ill se you later.”


  272. That sounds freaky haha

  273. I KNOW! i really want to know what it was that i said!! seriously, cos it sounds like i said something worthy of a Nobel Prize or something!!
    i need to find out which teacher it was that said it.

  274. Steve Healy says

    Was it about footy?

    Does anyone here like the smell of petrol?

  275. So you never found out? lol

    I remember i was trying to get my teachers attention the other day and i was like “Burna…Burnaa..BURNA!! Oh screw you then” and he turned around sayin “huh? what?” lol

  276. Don’t be racist now Steve

  277. lol im loud so when i yell across the yard my teachers hear me!

    yes it depends on the petrol though.

    nah i never found out, ill ask her again 2mro! cos im dying to know. Nah i doubt its about footy.

  278. Steve Healy says

    I’m not being racist! I never implied anything about Aborigines. Does anyone like the smell of petrol?

  279. Steve Healy says

    Good so I’m not alone.

    Every time I walk past the service station on the way to school… Mmmmm

  280. It smells okay, i dont go around sniffing it though. When i have to filter petrol with my dad i get a good whiff of it for about 2 minutes.

  281. im hungry..ohh ohhh lol im getting another chocolate craving

  282. Steve Healy says

    same, I’ve already had honey on toast and pasta for dinner but I’m still starving

  283. Fruit Danni, FRUIT!

  284. Hmm i had a piece of toast with iSnack 2.0 on it. As Bruce McAvaney would say: Delecious

  285. nah i dont eat that stuff.
    im back with…
    the nutella jar and big spoon and a glass of chocolate milk! :)
    this should do for now.

  286. Hahaahahahahaha lol rofl!

  287. Steve Healy says

    The nutella’s all gone at my place.

  288. whats so funny!!??
    see how bad i am now?
    i get these cravings 3 times a day!!
    imagine me when im prego! jesus god help my husband!!

    you know i could go for an LCMs bar and i think we have got tim-tams in the pantry.

  289. There’s 3 year old Nutella at the back of my cupboard, never been opened. Delecious

  290. Oh you said you had all this junk food and you said “This should do, for now”

    Haha just made me crack up lol

  291. lol yeah but i was being serious.
    no one believe me when i say i have a sweet tooth and that i abnormally love chocolate.
    i think i should go on a diet closer to the launch cos i dont wnna look bad in my dress but its mid exam week, during the tears, tantrums and tim-tams.

  292. Steve Healy says

    Danni, do you have some sort of hole in the ground filled with all this food?

  293. no..its in the kitchen.
    i love the kitchen..its has lots of chocolate in it! :)
    My friends are used to me now. when they see my on my 3rd fredo frog in period 2 they no longer say
    “OMG DANNI, stop eating thats so bad for you.” they jst accept the fact that im bound to eat another 2 before lunch and buy one to take home.

  294. And she just jumps it in when she’s hungry and opens and closes her mouth randomly trying to get chcolate :)

  295. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate hole filled with chocolate……………..
    omg STOP IT!!!
    i feel sickkkkkkkk

  296. Theres a hole in my science room, leads to under the whole school! :)

  297. mum knows if collingwood are losing jst by waht i eat when i watch it on tv. ill go into the kitchen and if she sees Nutella and lollies come out she knows were losing but if i make a sandwhich or eat chips than were winning.

  298. Steve Healy says

    Lol I could imagine Danni in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory

  299. OMGGGGGG!!
    I WOULD JUMP INTO THE CHOCOLATE RIVER LMAOO, Id be worse than Agustus Gloop!!

  300. Haha she’ll be like that Ogostus Gloop dude haha

  301. Ignore my last comment..

  302. LMAOO! id be the girl version!
    ohhhhhhhh yummmmmmmmmmm
    i FELL SICK.
    its lucky i cant drive or i would have gone for a sunday at Maccas, YES I HAVE ROOM!

  303. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha I just started cracking up laughing cos you posted two comments at the same time and Josh completely screwed up spelling Augustus

  304. Hey i never said i was good at English Steve! lol

  305. Lol come on anyone could spell it like Josh cos its sounds like its spelled like that!
    except me only cos im the female version!

  306. Steve Healy says

    I went to Maccas on Friday after school.

  307. Lol Danni would be all of them rolled in one.

  308. you know i havent ran on our treadmill for like 5 months!! LMAOO

  309. Steve Healy says

    Well I dont have a treadmill! lol

  310. meh ive got out athletics carni on friday, maybe ill be motivated by then.
    OR ill do what i do every year, sit, complain and eat melting icecream.

  311. Steve Healy says

    I’ve got mine on Friday as well!

  312. omggggggg lets go together!!!
    atletics buddyyyyy!!

  313. Guess what i got on friday!!?

    Two tests! Maths test and P.E test

  314. Steve Healy says

    Where is yours Danni? Some place in Coburg?

    Gee this is good:


    Friday- Aths Carnival/ fixture is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. How you gonna keep up to date with the release of the fixture if your at Athletics Steve??

  316. yup in coburg!
    omg im coming to your social.
    ill pick the girls that go through the first round.
    planing on asking anyone to dance? :P

  317. Oh Steve, take your camera on thursday to the social!

  318. Steve Healy says

    I dunno Josh, that’s the bad thing! At least I get home early, at about 2

    Maybe, Danni. I told some of my friends that I’d say all these pick up lines but we’ll see lol

  319. My social was quite fun

  320. come on Steve do be like Candy!
    jst ask, the worst she cold say is no and after that you wont see her again!

  321. Steve Healy says

    I think I’ll just take some photos on my phone.

    I don’t wanna by talking to a girl and then a camera falls out of my pocket, lol how embarrassing. Nah only joking but I don’t think I’ll be able to bring a camera

  322. Is there a theme to your social?

  323. Steve Healy says

    nah. I said I’d talk to at least 15 girls so i’ll keep that oath

  324. I cant find my bloody Northern Territory footy shorts!! :(

  325. ohh that reminds me i have to dig out my house t-shirt. arghhhhh!!!!

    15!! wow thats very adventurous!
    i usually only single out 5 and then half way throught the night it goes down to about 3.

  326. Steve Healy says

    lol ok. Does it go down to 1 and just as you are about to talk the party finishes? lol wouldn’t that suck

  327. Has that happened to you Steve? lol

  328. no i stick to conversation and dancing with the final 3. cos after chosing five ill see something i dont like as the night goes on leaving me with 2.
    i love parties! im planing on having a massive 21st cos i do think ill have a big 18th cos of year 12. prob go to the footy and thats all i want anyway!

  329. Steve Healy says

    no it hasn’t Josh. I wish I could go to the footy on my birthday

  330. i love footy.

    :( *starts crying*

  331. Well you will in 2017 Steve!

  332. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but if the GF is on my Bday I never get to go anyway!

    Danni, your problem is that your not interested in stats like me and Josh, so you don’t have all these things to do in the off season

  333. yeah i know and i dont have a maths brain!
    i do however appreciate the prettyness footy brings to my life.

    well night guys!

  334. Imagine Danni doing a B&F report like ours haha.

  335. Goodnight Agustus

  336. Steve Healy says

    Good night Ogostos! HAhahahaa Ogostos

  337. Steve Healy says

    yea lol

    She wanted know any of the stats or games so she’d just give them a rating of 0 to 10 on how good looking they are lol

  338. Steve Healy says

    wouldn’t know

  339. What? Its how its said! At least i can spall Veruca Salt, Violet…Beaureaguade? Charlie and the other kid i cant remember.

  340. Steve Healy says

    Mike TV?

  341. Hmmmm…nah dont think so.

  342. Steve Healy says

    His name was Mike TV!!!!!!!

  343. hey Augustus is in da house!
    jast came bak from a bit of shopping.
    i bought a yello hulla skit, some gold tinsel and a tiara for my costume for the Aths Carni.
    how was prison today?

  344. Michael Allan says

    Are all our schools prisons? I just thought yours was because it looked like one.
    Our Aths day was cancelled because it was raining heavily when it was cheduled and because the yr 12’s weree finishing the next week they couldn’t do it again.
    Do ytou always get dressed up? Seems like a waste of time to me.

  345. Steve Healy says

    I didn’t go to school today.

    I was sick, and I stayed home and watched the NBA double header.

  346. nah i usually dont but for us year 11s this is our last one so the girls are really going out to dressup.

    sick? lol SUREEEEEEEEE

  347. Yeah Steve i was sick on Monday too ;)

    Gday all, just got back from tennis training

  348. tennis?
    ROGER!!! :)

    Sorry, reflex..

  349. Steve Healy says

    Hey Josh.

    Nah I actually was sick. But I did enjoy the basketball

    Just had dinner then. I’m gonna start Port’s best and fairest now, I’ve done Hawthorn

  350. Speaking of reflex, that’s what we worked on today lol

  351. Steve Healy says

    The fixture comes out in 2 days! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

  352. omg i have a double free in the morning!! SCORE, im bringing extra food to school.

  353. Steve Healy says

    Jeez Danni it seems like you have double frees every day!

  354. Haha lol Danni i was thinking of you during maths today lol coz i got sent out to another room so i was sitting in their and there was a Girlfriend magazine so i was reading the Dear Dolly section or whatever and one was a girl asking “if it was wrong if i sometimes feel sad and pig out on the nutella and other sweets” haha lol

  355. lol nah not really normally i have had only 2 frees a week but because the year 12s have left and i do a year 12 subject there are no more classes so every RAS3/4 class has now turned into a free.
    Normally it would mean that instead of a double free 2mro i would have double Ras3/4.

  356. ROFL JOSH!!
    OMG why would YOU read that!!

  357. I’ve got quadriple science tomorrow then a double of cricket!! Then after school im getting my North guernsey!

  358. Steve Healy says

    Lol that day seems so simple Josh.

  359. Why not?? Lol i was bored and doing a linear graphs test i had no clue on how to do so i turned to Girlfriend. Then a random teacher walked in and goes “Do you normally read Girlfriend Barney?” lol i was like Yeah all the time!

  360. We keep things simple in the country

  361. Steve Healy says

    The teachers call you Barney?

  362. FREE- bludge
    FREE- do accounting hw due period 5
    LIT- watch video

  363. Yeah, you guys are the only ones that call me Josh!

  364. ohh god and ur not in anyway scard from anything you read that jst made you go:
    “ommmmmggggggggggg MAN I DIDNT WANT TO KNOW THAT!!”

    stay away from the Dolly Doctor section..trust me.

  365. you mean- JOSHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY :)
    LOL i love that name its so cutesy!!

  366. Nah i learn what sorta problems that you girls constantly complain about. One letter was a girl asking if it was safe to have sex in water hahahaha lol

  367. oh god…
    change the topic NOWWWWWWWWWWW…

  368. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys just got back from Cricket training.

    I only have half a day of school tomorrow!

    Who was playing in the NBA Steve?

  369. No no i’ve got more to tell!!

  370. damooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
    HIYA!!!!!! :)

    Josh- zip it, year 7 health class was bad enough, NO MORE.

  371. Thats funny, i never learnt anything in Year 7, it was all about hygeine and stuff. Year 9 is where it gets fun!

  372. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha Danni maybe you sent that in?

    The Celtics and Cavs played the first game of the season, the Cavs suprisingly lost at home 95-89
    Lebron James scored 38 points though.

    Then the Lakers V the Clippers followed, the Lakers won 94-87 I think, but I fell asleep during the last quarter

  373. FUN?
    u have got to be kidding me!
    still to this day im like…WHYYYYYYYYYY!!

  374. Damian Watson says

    Yay! Carn the Lakers!

    By the way here is the Guide for the new channel if anyone is intrested from Nov 8-14: http://www.tvtonight.com.au/wp-content/uploads/7TWO-081109E.doc.

  375. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Damo. I really wanna see all those footy highlights.

    I still don’t follow an NBA team, or an EPL team.

  376. HELP!! on the federer website peopel are saying:
    the countdown has begun…..5 more days to go for the great Roger to step on court.

  377. Damian Watson says

    Probably on Foxtel, if not some internet site.

    Bring back Anna Kornacova!!

  378. LOL Damo!! :)
    your so cute!

    how dedicated to her are you?
    are u gonna name ur daughter Anna??

  379. Damian Watson says

    lol I just realise I spelt her name wrong! It’s Anna Kournikova.

    Let’s just say Danni that I’d spend hundreds of dollars just to see her ‘play’ one set of tennis.

    Anna?, that’s not a bad name actually.

  380. Steve Healy says

    Oh please Danni.

    I’m gonna name my son Jurrah lol. Jurrah James Healy. James for James McDonald

    i jst checked fox sports and let out a squeal that could breakdown Etihad statium!!

    FEDERER faces world no.6 Martin Del Portro in the US OPEN, MENS FINAL TONIGHT AT 12:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FED has now won 40 straight matches at Flushing Meadows and will compete for his 6th straight title!!!!!!! OMG


  382. LMAOO GUYS!!
    you make me laugh!
    lmaoo steve just name ur kid Jurrah and get it over with!!
    my first born son is bound Andre FEDERER Darcy.
    ohhh maybe i can talk dad into letting me stay up for Roger and go to school late since ive got a free in the morning.

  383. Damian Watson says

    I think Federer actually loses that final in 5 sets.

    You won’t be able to see him cry Danni.

  384. Steve Healy says

    What if you marry someone with the last name Darcy? (lets say Luke Darcy) then will it just be Andre Federer Darcy or Andre Federer Darcy Darcy?

  385. nah in that case i ownt double up on Darcy.
    I think id cry if i saw him crying..

  386. OMG it would be Andre Federer Darcy II

  387. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you were crying when Jack Anthony kicked that goal weren’t you?

    Has Candy sent you those photos yet? lol

  388. Steve Healy says

    My other son: Robert Yze Wonaeamirri Healy

  389. Yes i was, on the floor on my knees crying my eyes out!!!

    No i swear im going to kill her, she got one of a certain someone in the background!!
    apperenlt none of the guys got up to dance when we were dancing b/c they ‘didnt want to go to jail’ whatever that means.
    ill try to txt her now.

  390. Damian Watson says

    I don’t know if he cries on this occasion but he usually cries no matter what the result.

  391. my second son, Jack-Anthony.
    lol no more sons for me!!
    lol only 2.

  392. Steve Healy says

    Oh yea, and people will call him Robbo so he’ll really be Robbo Yze Wonaeamirri Healy.

    hmm I should have a son with 40 names, all the players on Melbourne’s list at the current time that he’s born

  393. LOL Damo, Fed is a champ. ive never seen such skill like his! hes a joy to watch!

    Jon Ralph jst txted me apperantly:
    MUCH-HYPED Hawthorn tall Mitch Thorp has been dumped by the club with another year to run on his contract.

  394. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni that’s old news lol.

    Hmm I don’t think Jon Ralph is an automatic program- even though he sounds like one when he talks on Channel 10

  395. Im back people.

    My first child: Ben Ziebell Urquhart Barnstable

  396. Hey does everyone remember the text everyone got when the bushfires were on? Me and my mate were talking about it today

  397. lol im sorry, but anything Ralphy says is always news to me! :)

    Nathan Jaxon Anthony.
    hmmm..that could work.

  398. Danni’s 6th child: Dale Hot Poof In Pink Shirt Eid

  399. lol i hate to tell you this boys, but ur wives are not going to agree to the names u have chosen.
    for example im going to say: “im giving birth, i chose the name!!”

  400. Steve Healy says

    Everyone? Not me lol. I didn’t get a text for the bushfires.

  401. That’s coz your phone is a shocker Steve lol

  402. ROFL JOSH!!!
    hes not A POOF!!
    I wound never name my son Dale!!
    hmmm, still not sure if i might keep my surname when im wed.

  403. Steve Healy says

    Hmmm Danni why don’t you just name three sons: Nathan, Jack and Anthony? that would work.

    Well if shes a Dees supporter she wont mind

  404. Steve Healy says

    Danni do you have any relatives named Rodney? lol Rodney Eid

  405. That’s her brother Steve lol

  406. what..i dont want 3 sons!!
    thats too many.
    its either two girls one boy OR
    Two boys one girl.

    hmmm..i dont know steve. say i married a colling supporter who insisted on naming our kid Nathan Malthouse Buckley, do you think i would say yes?

  407. What about this for a son? Eddie Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Eid?

  408. Damian Watson says

    One girl that goes to my school is named Pebbles, lol Anthony Rocca.

  409. Pebbles? Candy? Danno? Your school has weird names Danno!

  410. LMAOO DAMO!
    no josh, NO! LOL
    i jst realised it should be
    Andre Federer Darcy Jonas (insert future surname)
    how could i forget JONAS!! thats such a huge part of my life.

  411. Oops sorry i thought Danno said that, sorry Damo

  412. josh, that was Damo that said the pebbles comment not me.

  413. Damian Watson says

    lol no harm done.

    I remember when I got that text, ironically the next day their were fires in the Dandenongs which isn’t too far away from my area.

  414. lol i hate my name!
    DANIELLE! its so comman!!
    i was supposed to me called Channel or Chantel according to my mother but dad ddint like those names hence= DANIELLE.

  415. Channel?? haha!

    thats typo for Chanel.
    mmmmmmmm “eyy channel come and change the channel!!”

  417. Steve Healy says

    Hey Channel whats on tonight?

  418. Haha…ooh My Name Is Earl and American Dad are on tonight!

  419. Steve Healy says

    Oh Damo if your still there that link to the TV guide didn’t work

  420. Damian Watson says

    Whoops sory guys here it is:

    Sunday Nov 8
    6am St Kilda v Adelaide R15 1994
    1:30 Essendon v Sydney R3 1999
    3:30 Collingwood v Fremantle

  421. Damian Watson says

    Sorry accidently pressed submit lol I’ll place it up in a moment.

  422. Damian Watson says

    Sunday Nov 8
    3:30 Collingwood v Fremantle R10 1998

    Monday Nov 9
    1:30 Geelong v Collingwood 2007 Prelim love that one Danni!
    3:30 W.Bulldogs v Adelaide 1997 Prelim

    Tuesday Nov 10
    1:30 Essendon v Sydney R6 1996
    3:30 Fremantle v West Coast R21 2000

    Wednesday Nov 11 (7/11 Day)
    1:30 Adelaide v Hawthorn R1 1991
    3:30 Richmond v North Melbourne R21 2001 Carey gives a sign of things to come

    Thursday Nov 12
    1:30 R18 1998 Essendon v Carlton Silvagni makes a ridiculous error
    3:30 North Melbourne v W.Bulldogs a classic

    Friday Nov 13
    1992 Semi Final West Coast v Hawthorn
    1993 Semi Final Carlton v Adelaide I miss Waverley!

    Saturday Nov 14
    2001 Grand Final Essendon v Brisbane
    1977 Grand Final N.Melbourne v Collingwood

    Plus Footy Flashbacks Saturday morning

    Sorry Steve no Melbourne games. lol

  423. Steve Healy says

    I remember that Silvagni error. It was a shocking kick.

    I think i’ll be watching both on the friday and at least North Melbourne V collingwood on saturday

    Damo, was it really necessary to put 7/11 day? lol

  424. Yes it was necessary. What did Carey do in the Richmond game?

  425. lol jst got bak from a craving sesh.
    2 pieces of bread with a generous amount of nutella on them, a ham and cucumber sandwhich, a waferbar, salted almonds.
    maybe i can have a biscuit or something..

  426. Steve Healy says

    Oh I really want to see Adelaide V Hawthorn in 1991, but school the next day so I dont think so.

    Gee Danni, I was I had all that in my kitchen!

  427. You gotta risk it for the biscuit Danni

  428. lol steve, you should see me when im hungry!
    im gonna hit the hay, i feel like an early night only cos i think the federer match from what Damo sais is a repeat.

    Night fellas!
    Danni :)

  429. Steve Healy says

    lol sorry I wish I had all that not :I was I had all that

  430. Far canal Danni, go for a run!

  431. lol oh shutup!
    you guys gotta learn to like girls with an appetite!!
    im sure ill burn some calaries while im dreaming!!


  432. Steve Healy says

    I do like girls with an appetite. Oh too late shes gone

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