Perth drinks

Peter Baulderstone and Les Everett will be holding court in the bar at the South Fremantle Football Club from 6 to 7.30pm on Friday 16 December.


All Perth Almanackers, book writers, lurkers and urgers are asked to join us for conviviality and debate.


Copies of the extraordinary, marvellous 2011 Footy Almanac book (which doubles your libido and cures gout and insomnia)* will be available for authors to collect, and will also be available for purchase.


Peter and Les also need your input on ideas to build up a stronger Perth Almanackers’ group.  We plan to have regular functions with amusing and interesting speakers in 2012.  We also need more Perth writers as too many Eagles and Dockers games are being written up by perfidious Eastern Staters who mostly support our opponents.**


This can be amusing for Eagles supporters as in 2011 when the abject disappointment and humiliation of opponents is a source of much amusement (see Butler J – Eagles v Carlton – Round 14 – Pages 236 to 238 in the 2011 book).  However when your team is struggling they need sympathy and understanding not ridicule.


Perth writers, sympathisers and drinkers are urged to attend.  Supporters of non WA clubs who enjoy the Almanac are welcome to join us, especially if they talk and write as engagingly as Vincent Tan.


Contact Peter Baulderstone on 0435 965982 or at [email protected]




*As certified by the Eagle Almanac Institute of Advanced Hair Research


** In the 2012 book 8 of 22 Eagles games were written by Eagles supporters.  This is OK as I enjoyed reading the tales of Eastern State despair.  9 of 22 Dockers games were written by their supporters.  Not so engaging.  Time to man up and write to support your boys in the trenches.


  1. John Stevenson says

    I’ll pencil the 16th Dec in my diary & attend to buy a copy(signed?) & chew the fat.
    Guess the sensible thing to do is to train it to Freo or ride the ironhorse.
    Great venue too, close to the prison.
    Hope Territorians & Welshman are welcome.My hometown is Albury,nsW but I lived in Darwin for 20 years.Now we live Perth.Guess I’m a Perfidious All Stater.
    However there is nuffing wrong or feral in barack obamming for TGTOA.
    Kind regards

  2. The Greatest Team Of All. Finally worked it out. I guess Harms, Flynn, Dips, Phantom etc etc etc are making this compulsory now for new Knackers. If Vincent Tan comes you Catters may be in a majority.
    Look forward to meeting you John.

  3. Jared Newton says

    I would like to move a motion that the claims that the book “doubles your libido and cures gout and insomnia” should be plastered all over the front cover from the 2012 edition onwards.

  4. Aaah the Fremantle train John. What an eye opener.


    Australia, no way
    they’re not only gay
    but Asian, affection
    on open display
    on the train to the city today

    And Darwin, interesting observations there as well

    Blank stares
    from dark fading shadows
    of the first people
    faces engraved with hatred,
    sadness and surrender

    bare foot shuffle
    walking through you
    feeling without touch
    carrying their history
    in a white plastic bag

    Enjoy the drinks on Friday.

  5. Anyman who can report on a Sunday morning ,sartorially dressed after a Darwin Cup ball has stamina or lots of beroccas, maybe even maraccas, no gout (remied by Guiness) well sorry to be so boring; brevity is the best form of levity, is worth buying his book.

    On a serious note is it possible also to remember Sir Zelman,a man never passed over.
    Like your fellow scribblers & doodlers,he was a cultured St Kilda fan.

  6. Sir Zelman seemed a genuinely wise and compassionate sage.
    What destines a man to accept disappointment and contemplation as the lot of life – St Kilda or Judaism? Yvette – we need your counsel. The promised land seems far off for his chosen people.
    Scott Watters seems more David with his sling than Moses with tablets of stone and a burning bush. Still David became King David and built Jerusalem. What say the prophets?

  7. Paddy O'Peace aka DR Pop says

    Rol up Rol up! In these troubled times of the GFC,Global warning,Julia with the slings & arrows from Kevie 07(or the other way round) ,Old Methusala Swanee river who’s mantra is “you’ve never had it so good”,budgie smuggling( Toni,pls get a Brazilian hot wax down below & up top), well one could b forgiven for meditating on whether 2B or not 2B.The answer according to Guru Bob is neither, nor 2 go to Arizona.It is 2 to use a HB.The Guru, the Padma or the Mahatma,he answers to all, further eLABORrates that the elixir for all of the above is not to steel the 2011 Footy Almackery but to buy one.
    You’ll b doing the country a favour & Kevie 07 may throw in the steak knives also as he don’t need them,in favour of chopsticks.Heard also on the Margaret River grapevine that the Punter may make a cameo as he is no longer required elsewhere.Directions: follow the banshee to Freo prison; then its A Billy Brownless torpedo to the venue,depending on the piss(sorry) & wind or just ask The Mincer.Slaintsyous

  8. Yes the Messiah has yet to return,with apologies to Gough.Didn’t Gough utter: ” Long May it Rain for nuffin will save the GG”; except Johnny Walker.
    So a fedora replaced a Top Hat & whisky sales plummetted in Canberra.
    Meanwhile at Moorabinn the disco was disgoing. A simpler era.
    Turn to 2011 Mordechai is now a Federal Judge(obviously had the Latin) & Scottie is in charge of the disco or is he a rapper.He will b a ripper.We can discuss this on Fri @6pm over a Fluffy Duck but if Nick’s knee replacements r successfull the goss in arizona or toorak is that the sainters can b the big improvers.I arrest my case.Leave is granted to your erudite readers to nominate the year.

  9. Nackers from dalkeith says

    Hope the 2011 FA is as good as the last.
    Me former next door neighbour Big Al also wants one as would Big Kev if he hadn’t gone upstairs.
    The hot tip for summer is that Al has plans for an IPO on some diamonds he’s found.
    Told him that that the best diadomonds & gems are found in the Footy Almanac.
    You may catch him in barkley square where the nightingale sings but if your name is Paul
    pls refrain from giving him your busy card.A postcard is OK.
    My name is nackers & I’m a – – – – – -.

  10. John Butler says

    PB, Les, sounds like you’ll have a lively evening.


  11. Unfortunately I’m sitting in Kalgoorlie after accompanying 96yo Les snr back home from hospital in Perth. He’s asleep in from of My Family (now there’s a crap show).

  12. John Butler says

    Hope all is well Les.

    And I wholeheartedly concur on My Family.

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