Paul Spinks play to be staged in Geelong

Dear people:

Some might have previously read about this on Facebook, but…

A one-act play of mine is being performed at the Potato Shed in Drysdale (near Geelong) as part of the Theatre 3tripple2 Winter Solstice production at 8pm on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st June.

It will be accompanied by mulled wine, open fires and live music.

There will be two plays. Mine, Excess Baggage, was originally intended to be filmed and shown on stage as a companion piece to another of my plays, but is now being performed here for the first time.

Tongue-in-cheek is a good way to describe it. It’s a comedy satire set in an airport about a government policy to ensure national well-being.

I have yet to meet all the cast, but am told it’s all going well.

The other play is The Spy Who Spied Me and is also a satirical comedy, but that’s as much as I know about it at this point.

I realise Drysdale is a bit of a hike or dog-leg for some, and totally out of reach for others, but for those wanting to make the trip follow the below link for more information. The home page has a map and address.




  1. Neil Anderson says

    Best of luck with your play Paul. As someone who has been involved with writing one-act plays over the last nine years, I’ m always interested to hear about other playwrights involved in the craft. There is not a lot of opportunities to see your work performed with the shorter form of plays and the Potato Shed in Drysdale sounds like a pretty good venue to see your work.
    I live in the South West of Victoria and Drysdale is certainly reachable so I will try and make the effort to get there.
    Do you belong to the Victorian Drama League?

  2. Will Brett Spinks make a guest appearance ?


  3. Paul Spinks says

    Oops! I missed this. Belated thanks, John for publishing my email blurb.

    And likewise, Neil and Glen, apologies for my tardy reply. Been all over the place lately …except to footy grounds – won’t even get to see the Cats today.

    Thanks for your wishes, Neil. Yes, the Potato Shed is a good venue, and surprisingly ample. I am not overly familiar with the theatre group, but they’re keen to do original work. I aim to be in attendance for both production nights to see it through fresh eyes. If you can make it say, hello.

    I’m not a member of VDL, but maybe I should be. I think I contacted them once about submitting scripts for their library. Are you submitting for the National Playwright Comp with Playhouse Players? I heard about it too late, – which is probably a good reason for joining the VDL.

    Glen, we eventually got a pool of actors, but I’ve been trying to contact Brett for an interchange postiion or an improvised walk-on role.


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