One millionth visitor to

We’re happy to announce that some time later this week we will register our 1,000,000th visitor to We’d love to know who it is. However the precise moment is a little like predicting flood peaks in Oakey Creek. At the moment it looks like being some time on Sunday. We’ll keep the tally happening (on the home page). We’ll try to work out who is the millionth visitor by identifying the comment which is posted nearest to the clicking over of the seven figures.

Whoever it is, we feel this is grounds for celebration, and we thank all contributors and readers in the Almanac community for being so enthusiastic.


  1. Nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, 9 hundred and twenty three (I think); Click; Nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, 9 hundred and twenty four (by my calculations); Click; Nine hundred and nine……
    Christ I hope I get the car.

  2. John Butler says

    PB, at the rate it’s going you may be waiting a while.

    How dare you people prioritise Christmas shopping over the Almanac! :)

  3. I’ve calculated by a formula devised earlier this evening that the 1,000,000th visitor to the site
    will come in at 12.03am (with a 36% probability of its being me). Is this a trifle optimistic, what do
    you think?

  4. John Butler says

    A tad optimistic Ken, although it will happen today.

    People have other priorities rather than Almanac ATM.

    Although, one of them didn’t seem to be getting to the ‘G last night.

  5. I also have been doing a few other things today, folks. But, guided by the updates and
    as an early follower of the numerical twists and turns in childhood telethons, and not
    forgetting to take into account the exponential growth of interest that advertising the
    latest visitors’ tally excites – thus proving that no scientific experiment can be unaffected
    by the involvement of the experimenter/scientist – I’d say 1,000,000 should be coming up …
    right … now, 5.22pm (and that there’s a 4.367 per cent chance that visitor would be me).


  6. I like the Maths. Nice to see you in Adelaide Ken. A pity it all got so late before we left the clubhouse. A lightning pizza and we were away.

  7. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! More hits today than the Beatles in the mid sixties.

    And the Russian election was dinky dye as well because Mr Putin said it was.

    We need the UN to immediately review the system ….AND…… the drums in the jungle are thumping an insider trading (very topical in Tasmania at the moment) beat.

  8. Here I am, an hour or so late, probably number 1,000,080 or something around there. Shouldn’t have been out walking the dog at 5.43pm…

    Anyway, congrats to all who keep this wonderful expression of sporting culture alive and ticking. May there be many more millions!


  9. Joseph Walker says

    I wonder who was the 999,999th visitor and the 1,000,000st?

  10. Joseph Walker says

    1000001st I mean oops!

  11. Joseph,

    Barbara Feldon, Barbara Feldon, Barbara Feldon.

  12. You’re one in, like, a million. … In, like, who? Flynn, of course. Congratulations, P.J!

  13. John Butler says

    Phantom, your implications and assertions are erroneous.

    As you should know by now, all processes undertaken here at Almanac HQ are completely scientific in design and haphazard in implementation.

    If in doubt, random circumstance usually rumps conspiracy because it’s more convenient.

    To record the event for posterity, PJ Flynn will have part of his anatomy randomly selected and bronzed.

  14. I saw that docco on SBS JB.

    The Jimi Hendrix one was quite large.

  15. John Butler says

    I was thinking big toe Phantom.

    What were you thinking?

  16. Pamela Sherpa says

    Who would have guessed that it would be a Geelong fan ? Well done PF. Good year for the Cats

  17. Pamela, the bookies refused to take bets on Geelong supporters, statistical imbalances and all.

  18. Who is the sceptic now Johnny boy?

  19. Onya Flynny! A worthy winner.

  20. What did I miss?

  21. Cheerio Ivor. Leo here. So pleased you’ve achieved greatness along with the mighty Gees in 2011! Did that loyal Geelong lad JTH pull a few strings perhaps? Hmm.

    Now back to Doug in the James St studios of 3GL for an afternoon of community singing to celebrate.

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