One “bogan Josh” too many on Derby Day

Most bookies reported losses from Derby Day…all would have lost their temper. We were positioned adjacent to the Beaver at the end of the main ring and had a terrible day dealing with total dickheads. No security or police were in evidence at any stage of the day. Beaver reckons it is time for a dry betting ring and, on Saturday’s evidence, it is with heavy heart that I agree. Dress bogans in a bad tie or stilettos, add flaunted bottles of vodka and cheap champagne from the bottle and it becomes very testy. Eventually you say, “Excuse me, could you just move a bit please?” to some self-imaged starlet who is tipping drink down our computer. Either you are ignored or treated to, “What’s your effing problem?”

Sorry, Harmsy, I read your romantic notion of a pissed Flemington but it ain’t like that. My old race cronies who loved Derby Day would now never go near the joint. Doubt I’ll ever go again.

Amazingly this gripe follows an unusually successful punting day for me. Faint Perfume was silly odds and I snared Scenic Shot (ref preview). The fave’s scratching in the Derby meant no value in the toppie so I stayed out…mind you, on the retrospectometer the winner shouldn’t have been hard to get. Kicked myself for missing Eagle Falls, but I’ll take even a marginal profit at the moment.

Now to the Cup. Probably the gorillas and sheiks will be challenging but at least there for the fun rather than some deluded impression of social status. It is a long day and, though the fields aren’t actually too bad, I’ll stay off the punt.

My Cup bet has gone down the gurgler, having snaffled the big odds ante-post for Vigor. Haven’t heard the traditional Doubles Bookies Whinge this year! My son wants me to go a place bet on Kibbutz for him – it would be interesting to watch that fight it out with the pride of Chechnya (Mourilyan) – so I’ll join him and cheer home a result for my boss.

Given I’m now off for an amber gargle with Budge, a more positive approach to tomorrow’s punt should materialize later.

Enjoy the day!


  1. “One bogan Josh too many”?

    Is that implying mee??

  2. Mark Freeman says

    Sad to hear Crio. Caulfield Cup is these days a complete shocker out of the enclosure, so its disappointing that Derby Day has gone the same way. As you say, at least the Cup attracts daggy fun lovers instead of pissed smartarses.

    Vigor was a disappointment – with him went my last chance of a return on my early pre-posters, and I’d had a few of em. More tiles for Eskander’s pool.

    Good luck tomorrow

  3. Sorry Josh. I couldn’t resist trying to make a pun on Rogan Josh, who won the Cup in ’99. I have no evidence of any bogan tendencies from you…


  4. Im from the country and a North supporter, theirs 2 lol

  5. Chris, at least your son has some sense, I put Kibbutz in the “Kingston Town can’t win basket” he’ll probably run last as he will get to the top of the straight giving you a great run for your money then he’ll think blow this I am not going any further. I’ve had 5 each way at 80’s and thrown him in a cheap quinella for a couple of bob. I hope he runs a place he deserves more, he could have been a great racehorse, and it has nothing to do with the fact I backed him for squllions week after week last year for the cup he never really looked like starting in. Come on gods of racing give Kibbutz (and me!!!) a break!!!!!

  6. Could ‘Bogan Josh’be described as a tasty lamb curry for common people?

  7. What a Shocking win

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