On throwing away club memberships

At lunch break on Tuesday, a SEN Facebook post surprised me. A Melbourne member has posted a letter to Melbourne champion and Run Home co-host David Schwarz asking to hand over the letter to the club and getting refund on his membership.


His action was done due to bad team selection made by Demons coach Simon Goodwin and having seen unnecessary losses.


I understand frustrations seeing struggles your club has been facing, but throwing away your club membership doesn’t help. Even the action means you have much less passion to support your club.


Being a club member brings you more right to express your opinions and thoughts to the club, I reckon. The Dees fan should have sent a positive letter directly to Goodwin.


It’s like Mario from Doncaster putting his Richmond membership into the microwave. His action is crazy as well and needs more beliefs to the struggling footy club. His moaning to the club by his call to Run Home programme last year was funny though.


See how Bulldogs supporters felt to the club and feel joys from the big win at last year’s Grand Final. Before throwing away your club membership, read Bulldogs supporters stories, such as those in Doggies Almanac 2016 and The Mighty West by Kerrie Soraghan.


As in my latest match report, I stay strong and have beliefs towards St Kilda and have a strong hope we win the second flag within a few years.


Your thoughts please!


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  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    What I love about being a footy fan is the chance to immerse oneself in the absurdity, theatre, melodrama that comes with winning, losing, hope, joy and disappointment.
    I reckon there ought to be a handbook titled: 50 ways to destroy your membership.
    If you pay for it you’re entitled to treat it how you like:
    ritual bonfire, incineration, slow shredder, scissorhanding. My favourite method was with my 2005 Membership when the Pies finished 2nd last.
    I just put it on the dartboard and kept throwing until 2006 came around. Quite cathartic !!

  2. Adam Fox says

    I remember listening to an episode of the “Two Guys, One Cup” podcast from last year. The story goes, and I suspect it may be true, that Richmond (and probably a few other clubs) keep the torn/shredded memberships mailed in by disgruntled supporters. When the team manages to string a few wins together the inevitable calls follow, “I seem to have lost my membership, can you send me a replacement?”.

    A few days later, the letter appears in the post containing the torn up membership they claim to have lost.

  3. G’day and thanks for your comments Phil and Adam,

    Phil – Yes your points if views on being a club member are great. Spot on mate! Playing darts with your membership card must release your frustration on the bad performances and then be reflected on your passions of supporting Collingwood.

    Adam – haha lol They only get torn membership cards back. Then they should have kept their faith and beliefs to their footy club. I wonder how Mario retrives his Richmond membership cards after he microwaved!



  4. matt watson says

    I follow North Melbourne. I’m a club member.
    Over the years, I’ve been frustrated, amazed, horrified, exhilarated, disgusted, enthralled and saddened.
    I have never thought of microwaving, cutting, melting, ripping or drilling holes in my membership cards.
    I paid money for that card. Before plastic, I paid money for a cardboard membership.
    I could never desecrate it.
    To do that to a membership, is to do that to the club.
    They do not deliberately fail…

  5. Good morning Matt,

    I feel you are a great and loyal North Melbourne supporter. Yes cutting, microwaving, throwing away membership cards are turning back to your club. In other words, it is being disloyal to your club.

    Seeing ups and downs happen in any club. See Hawthorn and Sydney Swans. Their eras suddenly go down this year and it happened with Fremantle last year. But Freo are playing well this year.



  6. Matthew Thomas says

    Hi Yoshi
    Every year you hear about someone who does it. Every year there is always someone.
    It seems to be an emotional reaction rather than an insightful or productive response. People will criticise and blame, but they won’t offer suggestions or help or to stick by the club. Its just emotions…. Really sad!

  7. Hi Matt,

    Yeah it’s sad to see some supporters have such emotion. Probably you know about Mario from Doncaster who is a regular caller on the Run Home programme on SEN and made a big headline last year. He is one of them, and presents in hilarious ways lol

    Unfortunately these people are not true footy supporters. I’m happy to support St Kilda where the supporting community is strong with loyalty. I admire players’ commitment and loyalty that I believe affect fans positively.



  8. I’m with Matt Watson, a good, loyal, committed supporter would never desecrate a membership card. You’ve paid for it, but because you are frustrated from watching your team perform badly, you destroy it? Seems nonsensical to me.

    It would be akin to having a bad driving experience so you destroy your car licence. The only loser is the person doing it. Other drivers are not going to care nor is the motor registration dept worried about it until you apply for a new licence some time later..

    OR you go to a concert but you are disappointed by the performer so you destroy your seat ticket after the show. Who cares?

    The club has the member’s money, as if they are concerned with a wrecked membership card.

    I guess if the frustrated party derives a sense of satisfaction and morbid delight from the act of destroying the card, then there’s no real harm.

  9. G’day and thanks for your comment Youngy,

    Yes seeing discarded membership just brings them regrets. The action is so emotional. I often destroy items as the consequence of getting emotion and then get into a panic and regret. So I understand their feelings.

    But why your footy club membership card? I have been discussed with three losses in a row now but I feel loyal and faith to the Saints. We don’t offer attacking footy but I hope we win over the Kangaroos next week. Can’t wait the next match.



  10. I was supposed to say “I was disgusted with three losses in a row” but not discussed. Sorry for the bad typing and bloody autospell lol

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