Round 7 – St Kilda v GWS: Believing Match


Friday, 5 May 2017
7:50 pm (10:50 am York, UK and 6:50 pm Kyoto)
Docklands Stadium, Melbourne

The day before, the club announced Maverick Weller had been ruled out for the clash against GWS. I couldn’t believe it as Weller played well and kicked two goals at the previous match against Hawthorn.

Then our man Alan Richardson made a good speech towards our boys. He urged players not to be too reactive and to focus on playing their brand of football. Believing the form of Saints style is well considered by the respected coach.

The opponents have grown up from baby to young kid and gained great skills to be in the good ladder position. There must be belief to reach there in just five years.

Baby means not only infants but also addressing term to partners. (I am often addressed with baby by my girlfriend Katie). St Kilda can be our baby in the latter by meanings.

This year I joined blind footy tipping organised by Dave, my Bomber friend and St Kilda footy tipping competition and I always tip Saints with belief and trust for my club.

My rota at work had been 12 midday to 9 pm so I was supposed to listen to the last part of the game on radio. But the busy restaurant didn’t let me off at 9 pm and my curiousness of the game came up. I secretly checked the score at the storage room at 15 minutes in the last quarter. Saints led 15 points. Oh great!! I believed we would win, but was worried of the last quarter tiredness and downhill.

At 10 pm as we closed the restaurant, the young manager turned the music on the crap Japanese pop. Boo! I really wished to listen to Mark Fine’s Final Siren programme on SEN because I love the footy discussion post match, especially straight after our win.

Once again I cracked on to the storage room with my hope and belief to check the final score. It was read St Kilda won by 23 points. I was so happy to hear. Belief brought the win.

While I was waiting for the train on the way home, I got wifi and started watching a highlights video. Watching attacking footy and tackles got me excited and showed my exciting emotion on board that I didn’t care other passengers. Also I didn’t care being quiet on the train as sadly we Japanese are required. My excitement and passions dominated on the train and the station.

Here is from AFL media’s highlights:

Speedy young Giants dominated at first, we old baby showed more experiences. Our new mate Koby Stevens kicked towards Josh Bruce but he couldn’t take a contested mark and the ball was flying a bit. However Darren Mitchington picked the ball and scored a soccer style goal. Such a great team play was established with believes and trusts, I think and believe.

Later, a Giant Wilson kicked a long goal as babies just do it.

Within a minute the second quarter started, Jack Steven handballed and Mitchington kicked towards the goal square 60 to 70 metres out. Bruce tackled his former teammate to allow Nathan Wright to grab the ball and scored a soccer goal. Another great team work was done.

Stevens’ tackle towards Wilson and Geary’s one towards Smith were our boys answers to our coach showing our brand of footy and reflected on our believes to win the game.

St Kilda fans showed excitement and flares started. And new recruit Steele followed to conduct a tackle.

When the flare started, a new rivalry might be established. If so, I would believe the reason is that GWS hate to see Bruce and Steele were traded to St Kilda. It would be like the new rivalry between the Bulldogs and Giants over the Griffin and T Boyd trade (Bulldogs supporters are furious on their former skipper Griffin).

At the half way on the third quarter, our young gun Tim Membrey dived into the ball the opponent defender kicked. Then it travelled into our goal square where three on one footy was played. Jade Gresham got the ball and took a good opportunity to finish his job by turning and using his right foot. His goal narrowed the behind margin to five.

Later then Montagna’s long kick went to a small packed midfield formed by both club and Blake Acres pushed the ball with his hands. Jack Billings picked the ball, ran swiftly and kicked towards Mitchington. He handballed towards Jack Newnes scored a goal on the right side with open space. The score was level so we were rising.

At the last quarter, Ross kicked beautifully from the right towards Bruce who was in the middle of the goal square. He kicked straight and easy one. Then he took off his left guernsey showing a proud Saint. His belief to win the flag at St Kilda with pride was expressed on the footy field.

We led by nice at the point.

Our strength of coast to coast footy was back and Steven got open space on the left side at the goal square and scored a goal. St Kilda supporters roared with excitement and must have believed we would end bad records on Friday night games.

Our brand of footy kept going and Gresham kicked three goals on Friday night.

Final siren sounded and we won a Friday night game in the six long years and we have got a small forward and goal kicker after Stephen Milne retired in 2013.

Our belief blossomed at Docklands. We are on the rise.

At my current work, sadly my talents, strengths and skills are killed as I am mostly put in the kitchen while other waiting ladies don’t speak fluent English in favours of Japanese customers who want to pleased by girls. I am on the tough road which St Kilda had faced for years.

As Katie says, my current work is not permanent and I am meant to move to York permanently to be together with Katie. We have to sort visa issues for me, but believe we will be together again soon.

Later, I found an inspiring article on the club media via Facebook. Acres gained ‘never give up’ attitudes from our champion Lenny Hayes. We are great teams and have wonderful loyal players. Acres showed such attitudes in the game.

On the other hand, I am sad to see Hayes wearing footy gear in navy blues and orange. Red, white and black suit him.

Let’s believe our second flag will be awarded in the near future. Go the mighty Saints!

PS: The next match against Carlton will be featured as Honouring Mothers Match.

ST KILDA                                           2.4 6.7 10.9 16.12 (108)
GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 4.2 7.6 11.10 12.13 (85)

St Kilda: Gresham 3, Billings 2, Acres 2, Wright 2, Steven 2, Minchington, Roberton, Membrey, Newnes, Bruce
Greater Western Sydney: Cameron 2, Scully 2, Taranto, Hopper, Wilson, Patton, Coniglio, Lobb, Shiel, Smith

St Kilda: Steven, Billings, Ross, Acres, Webster, Gresham
Greater Western Sydney: Shiel, Ward, Scully, Davis, Kelly

Acres (STK 3), Davis (GWS 2), Gresham (STK 1)

Umpires: Rosebury, Hosking, Stephens

Official crowd: 21,160

About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Neil Anderson says

    St Kilda was great on the big Friday night stage. Shame about my tipping and lack of faith in the Saints. But they’ve won me over now.
    That win was a real break-through win and reminded me of the Bulldogs beating the Swans up in Sydney in 2015. The Dog’s mantra of ‘why not us’ started at that time and carried the team through the finals and on to contest the premiership in 2016.
    The Saints should now be heading to finals this year. Also a very good game from ex-Bulldog Koby Stevens on Friday night as another addition to the Saint’s mid-field.
    Enjoy the ride Yoshi.

  2. G’day and thanks for your comment, Neil!

    This week’s tipping was so hard for everyone. I got four of nine – St Kilda, Carlton, Bulldogs and Sydney. My believe to St Kilda broungt me the win, haha.

    Thanks for mentioning about your win over Sydney in 2015 at SCG. It was a great win and the ‘why not us’ attitudes are wonderful and brought your boys so motivated. And St Kilda’s belief as Richo mentioned us has been established like your great attitudes. Out secknd flag is on the way!

    It’s good that your Bulldogs won the close game against Richmond on Saturday. I can’t wait facing your Bulldogs in three weeks in the game I am watching live at a footy pub in Osaka.



  3. Good Luck to the Saints Yoshi!
    Yes when I do tipping I always pick the Crows, (even when they would finish 11th, it works more now).
    Mitchington is good isn’t he, he’s on my Fantasy team.
    Good Luck moving to York and don’t stop following the AFL and Saints and keep the good reports coming!

  4. Hey Aidan,

    Your attitudes tipping Crows all the time are great. I never against my club on tipping. Otherwise my motivation cannot kept on cheering my Saints.

    Mitchington is playing good footy this year and I am impressed a lot. I hope many youngsters will blossom this year and onwards.

    Thanks for your wishes on moving to York. We hope to watch footy at a pub in York. We have found a pub where BT (who broadcast live footy in the UK) around Katie’s home so will definitely go there and cheer up our boys.

    Have a good week mate!


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