Old Woollen Footy Jumper: Can you identify this mystery jumper and its owner?

I recently got the chance to photograph this beauty, and thought I would share it with the Almanackers.

Mystery Jumper
A one of a kind woollen jumper from a one of a kind player.

A well known player wore this fabulous and extremely rare jumper in a game in the 60’s or 70’s, (he can’t recall exactly). Can you identify the team and the player? I’ll drop a few clues as we go along. As you can see the major clue is the badge.

Cheers, Tim.

Mystery jumper close up

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  1. Alex Jesaulenko – Number 27

  2. No cigar Mark – different club.

  3. Dave Brown says

    Perhaps we can attach it to the empire games in Perth in 1962. Barry Cable?

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Jezza had one of those, but his was #25.

    Syd Jackson perhaps?

  5. Swish – no to Syd Jackson – the player in question is not of aboriginal descent.

    Dave – no to Barry Cable (for above reason) & it would be later than 1962 ( ie late 60’s/early 70’s).

    Clue: player not from WA
    Clue: check out embroidered logo carefully

  6. Dave Brown says

    Ok, we’re onto something now. Torch Bearers for Legacy matches were held between WAFL and VFL clubs in the 60s. So a South Melbourne player perhaps? Reg Gleeson?

  7. Well done Dave – you are on the money re the game – a legacy fundraiser held every year in Albany WA featuring (from what I’m told by said player) a match between the reigning WAFL premier and a rep side featuring mostly WA locals but with a few flown in special guest stars from VFL teams. Len Thompson and said player were the 2 fly ins that played in this particular game. The match was played at the end if the season apparently and drew a big crowd.

    I’m not the full bottle on Reg Gleeson but I think it’s safe to say our man had a more decorated career than him.

  8. craig dodson says

    Tim – I’ll go with the legacy link and throw in Ron Barassi?

  9. Good thought Craig – he would have been a monty for this game at some stage am sure….. But he’s not our man.

  10. Bob Skilton

  11. No not Bobby either Charlie. But our man may have shared some commentary duties with him on channel 7 in the 80’s and later perhaps?

  12. craig dodson says

    Peter mckenna?

  13. Neil Anderson says

    Neil Kerley

  14. Craig – according to said player Mc Kenna did play in at least one of these games but alas it’s not him on this occasion.

    Neil – it’s not Kerley either.

    Player grew up in Melbourne’s outish eastern suburbs and was a one club player.

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Don Scott?

  16. craig dodson says

    Bugger swish I was typing Don Scott as you were!

  17. Ian Roberstson?

  18. Hats off to Swish – he’s on the money!
    In discussing the jumper with Don he was honoured to have played the game and in a nod to his longstanding interest in the clothing industry he was almost as effusive about the actual jumper as the game, noting that it was the “first jumper with this type of embroidery”.

  19. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    No real credit to be taken Tim; unless I missed seeing Peter Landy or Sandy Roberts in their prime, I think he was the only Seven commentator left that met your clues (Robbo played for Blues and Dogs, Lou was past it)

    Jezza had his jumper from 1970 up for auction.

  20. Chris Hanlon says

    Sam Newman ?????

  21. Chris – not Sam no. Don Scott – see previous comments. Cheers Tim

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