O what a team! (Or a commentator’s worst nightmare)

This is a team John Mason came up with when away with  a group of blokes on a weekend trip to the Casterton Races.



 “ O What a Team “ ( or alternatively known as “A commentator’s worst nightmare.” )



Backs :                     Magro   Prestigiacomo  Bortolotto


Half backs:            Besanko  Curcio  Firrito


 Centres:                Dipierdomenico  Ricciuto  B Capuano


Half forwards:     Ongarello  Martello  P Spargo


 Forwards:             Alessio  Jesaulenko  Romero


Rucks: Ishchenko  DelSanto  Rover:  Pianto


 Reserves: Van Berlo  R Spargo  M Capuano  Cattogio


P Russo (umpire)


Kate Cebrano (entertainment)










  1. Ron D’ullio (?) Carlton 1990’s or thereabouts

  2. Match to be played at Dubbo. Commentary by Huddo.

  3. F-a-s-o-l-o, F-a-s-o-l-o, F-a-s-o-l-o,
    Fasolo was his name-o.

  4. Shane John Backx says

    Basically an Italian team with the exception of Jezza

  5. Ishenko was Ukrainian I think

  6. Gerry,i surmise you mean Ron De Iulio, He played 104 games, kicking 71 goals.


  7. correct Glen, wasn’t certain of the spelling, came from Box Hill

  8. Dave Brown says

    Deledio worth a run… perhaps he could be traded to this team

  9. match report by foundation Knacker John Origlasso

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Team of The Century painting done by Picasso

  11. Paul Young says

    I guess someone’s got to say it – They’d have to organise a streaker, for a special RetrO performance to run out at some opportune time.

    And we all know who she would be…….

    Aaah the memories….Sitting in the same aisle as the infamous ‘Helen’ in the northern stand on that one day in September 1982, I had one of the best seats in the house, despite it being a cold, wet day!

  12. Mark Branagan says

    North Melbourne backroom heavy Albert Mantello could be List Manager. (MFB)

  13. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Gigs’ favourite Enrico Misso

  14. You blokes aren’t even trying. What about special comments & place kicks by Tony Ongarello? No man more practiced sitting back smoking the cherrywood. 131 games with The Roy Boys between 1952 & 1960. Kicked 247 goals. At least two of them with place kicks. I personally saw him miss another three.

  15. Mark Duffett says

    Do homophones count? It’d be good to get a guernsey for Terry von Bertouch, Peter Bosustow, Andrew Demetriou…OK maybe not that last one.

  16. Johnno!

  17. What about the Tiwi teams where everybody is either a Tipungwuti, Puruntatameri or Kerinaiua? Even Pope Dennis might struggle there.

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