Norwood Hall Of Fame Legends



Norwood FC held its Hall of Fame night on Saturday, which also doubled up as a 1978
Premiership reunion of both the league and reserves sides in the club’s 100th year.
The 5 Hall of Fame members to be promoted to be the inaugural legends of the club were also announced. Garry McIntosh, Michael Aish, Michael Taylor, John Woodrow (on behalf of the late Walter Scott) and Wally Miller. NORWOOD LEGENDS.


The Legends. Garry McIntosh, Michael Aish, Michael Taylor, John Woodrow (on behalf of the late Wacca Scott & Wally Miller



The NFC history committee had found an interview Mike Coward had done with
Walter Scott many moons ago, understandably the table of Walters relatives were quite emotional seeing the interview (many for the first time). John Woodrow was all class in accepting Walter Scott’s award.


Walter Scott


Wacca Scott’s playing achievements include being a triple Magarey medalist, 6 times best and fairest, club playing coach and 4 time Premiership player, a career unsurpassed and impossible to ignore.


Wally Miller


The doyen of footy administrators in Wally Miller, who tragically had his own playing career cut short by polio (in so many ways Wally is Mr Norwood FC). 64 games, tnen went on to be the club’s Secretary Manager/Football Director from 1970 to 1992, and on the match committee from 1974-1996, overseeing a hugely successful time in Redleg history. Wally spoke eloquently and with emotion of what the Norwood Football Club has meant to him. Wally is rightly a revered figure in footy Australia wide, he was a vital part of the start of modified rules footy for kids. Wally is an institution of the Norwood FC.


Michael Taylor, the most consistent footballer I have seen
Spoke with justifiable, immense pride of Captaining the 1978 Premiership side, the crowd were taken back re Kingo’s unbelievable injury record, missing 16 games in 15 seasons.
Kingo was ahead of his time in his professionalism re recovery
(let’s not forget runner up in 2 Collingwood Copeland’s as well, Tony Shaw is very honest in letting his thoughts known that it is a farce he isn’t a dual winner).


Michael Aish,
the silky smooth skills and courage of the number 8 were always a joy to watch.
Aishy spoke passionately about his pride of the Aish family being 3 generation players at the Parade, also of the enormous part his better half Pam has played in his life
(I was chuffed to get a mention in the great man’s speech).


Garry McIntosh, was typical Macca, trying to deflect personal praise, making it more than obvious it’s team awards and achievements that comes first, as always it is no crap from Macca.
Macca is truly one of a kind and ironically it’s the article I wrote above which shows how revered and worshipped in footy circles all round the world with a record number of hits on that article. The Norwood FC history committee and the whole club needs to be congratulated on the night, it truly was a wonderful event displaying the rich history of a famous football club. The night flew by, it was impossible to catch up with every one. It was a privilege to be involved in a small way on the night (yes I did the raffle!!).


Gary Menzel, Geoff Wilson, Brent Felice, Peter Raymond & Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood


John Wynne, Garry McIntosh & Dylan McIntosh


Brilliant photo bombing by Gary Menzel!


Zia McIntosh, Gary Menzel, Garry McIntosh, Dale Fleming


Greg Turbill, Bob Hammond & Glen McMahon


Terry Von Bertouch, Gary Menzel, Ross Dillon, Rod Pope


The McIntosh Clan


Michael Taylor & Dale Fleming


Norwood Hall of Fame 1978 League & Reserves Premiership Reunion


Greg Turbill & Bob Hammond


Mike Coligan, Michael Aish, Paul Di lulio


Back: Jesse Aish (son of Michael) & Michael Aish
Front: Ros Aish (Michael’s Mum) & Pamela Aish (Michael’s wife)


  1. Hi Rulebook a good report on a great day.
    I would not recognize Michael Aish. When I knew him at School, he had long curly hair and used to look like Leo Sayer.

  2. Grand stuff and great memories. Thanks Rulebook. Would love to read one of your profiles on Wally Miller one day. I remember him as a gruff commentator/panelist on the footy shows in the 60’s/70’s. Ch 9? Was he on 5KA with Max Hall also? Real straight shooter. Good to see he is still going strong.
    Some great footballers in your pix. Bob Hammond one of the best full backs I ever saw. The SA David Dench. From memory started at Norwood and then went to the Roosters. I have vivid memories of standing near the boundary in the heat at the ’73 Grand Final watching Hammond and Geoff Paull rebound wave after wave of Glenelg attacks. I guess that stops him being a Norwood hall of famer. Terry Von Bertouch also at North Adelaide?
    Norwood really maintains and builds its traditions in a way that connects the past to the present. So it lives in the hearts of current players and fans, not just the memory of us old codgers.
    (PS – will never forgive the Redlegs for stealing Rocky Roberts from my long struggling Eagles. Bastards.)

  3. Kevin Vincent Martin says

    wow … fantastic pics Malcolm! Roger Woodcock not there?

  4. Excellent write up again, you’re really good at doing these, and great photos. I loved watching Macca and Aishy play, such norwood legends.

  5. george smith says

    Memories of our premiership players from Norwood, Tony Francis and Craig Kelly. Also our valiant Scott Burns, and Brett James, who moved from the Pies to Adelaide and became a premiership player there. Then there was Steven Pitt, Steve Patterson, our current bloke James Aish and the amazing Phil Carman, such potential…

    I remember driving into Adelaide the day after the drawn grand final. There was a close final between Norwood and the Eagles on the radio. All I could think was: please no, not another draw! Norwood prevailed, just.

  6. Well written once again. Looks like it was a fantastic night, wish I wasn’t in Nelbourne (for that at least)
    I remember when I was about 12 or 12 my uncle was friends with Michael Taylor and he invited him to our house for dinner. I was the most excited kid at school. He was the nicest guy you could ever meet as well, what a champion bloke and footballer, also congrats to the four other legends well deserved

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Alby Menzel B.O.G.

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks 6% yes Aishys hair and likeness to Leo Sayer is long gone.PB both Bob Hammond and Terry Von Bertouch ( father in law of Jace Bode and James Gallagher ) saw the light and came to the parade from rooster land and absolutely vital that tradition is maintained and built upon,Rocky Roberts gun recruit.
    George don’t forget Michael Kingo Taylor and Justin Staritski and yep Nick Duigan kicked the winning goal.Kevin yep Woody is up on stage in the 78 Premiership reunion photo.Sonia greatly appreciated
    ( Greg Turbill up next ) Coke Kingo as we all know is a champion person yes 5 absolute elite champions of the parade ( vintage,Macca trying to deflect praise while being interviewed by Mike Coward )
    Swish no doubt about that what so ever he was in BDs class on the night thanks folks

  9. A great write-up Malcolm.I consider myself fortunate to support a club so steeped in tradition, and forever grateful to men the calibre of these legends who have given so much to this club, who have created the legend that is Norwood.

  10. Jeff Milton says

    Can’t believe it is 40 years since the 78 premiership. I know Sturt supporters who still haven’t got over it.
    Turbill so skilled under pressure in that last quarter along with many others.

  11. Great pics Rulebook. Well done Norwood FC!

  12. Lovely Lisa says

    Such a great club and a great bunch of guys, many important SANFL influences in that room.

  13. Geoff Reynolds says

    Excellent articles (inc those within) Malcolm. I’d not read the individual articles previously but these brought back so many positive memories of each Red Legs Champion & I understand that you could include so much more if not for normal constraint. I’m not a Norwood supporter (blame so many Saturdays as a kid around my Eagles idols @ the Jolly Miller Hotel in the 60’s) but in the past (particularly 70’s/80’s & into the 90’s) you had enormous respect for class players in other SANFL teams. Most who regularly attend SANFL matches could identify names & playing numbers of most in the opposition with Norwood, Sturt & Port prominent. I have enormous respect for these three Norwood Legends, their humble attitude, sublime ability, mental strength, team & club loyalty prominent & particularly on display via performances in SANFL finals, the VFL or when proudly representing our State. Those honored by Norwood are incredibly deserving & we fellow South Australians rightly also feel pride from their performances & resultant recognition.

  14. As a Sturt supporter I wish these blokes looked like this back in 1978. Great article Malcolm. Regardless of the pain I still carry I’ve always had a soft spot for the Redlegs. We shared a common enemy…Port Adelaide.

  15. Campbell says

    Fantastic write-up and some really great pics, funny stuff Menzel photobombing in the background. Well done to Norwood honouring the clubs legends

  16. Mark Clarke says

    Thanks for the link Rulebook, these guys were my heroes growing up!

  17. Cameron Glenn says

    Great photos of some Norwood legends and their families. Too bad the younger generations missed out on seeing them in action. Hopefully the current Norwood team can add a premiership to honor the 140th year.

  18. Geoff Wilson says

    Great photos from a great night Malcolm, well put together. Good to see that Alby got himself into most of them. Great shot of the 5 of us.
    It was a wonderful experience to spend so much time with some of the players you idolized as a boy growing up.
    Hall Of Fame Nights are certainly very special.
    A Great Norwood event, well done to all concerned.

  19. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Malcolm, love the photos. Norwood seem to honour their past champions extremely well.
    Between your Norwood articles and Matt Watson’s Phil Carman book I’ve learnt so much about Norwood that I’m becoming keen to come over and see a game at The Parade!

  20. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Malcolm v well put.Milts yes any time a Sturt Supporter is annoying just say 1978 and they suddenly become v quiet indeed,Turbs a absolute gun.Thanks Paul.Lisa not just re footy but important in society in general.Geoff superbly put and greatly appreciated.Daly love your comment v clever and yep definitely.
    Campbell yes superb by Alby Menzel and it wasn’t a surprise re the photographer who was getting pissed off with Alby that Alby had him eating out of his hand by the end of the night.Thanks Mark.Cameron geez we hope so.Geoff yep great photo thanks Schmaaly,it was a superb night.Luke you are welcome any time and I am sure,Geoff could get you in to the Coopers box thank you

  21. Well done Rulebook.
    send me an email at [email protected] and I will give you the Kings Pembroke Team of the Century.

  22. Fantastic article Rulebook. As a 75 years old Norwood supporter I have so many wonderful memories of our great victories and the wonderful players who have represented our club. Thanks to Bob Walsh supplying me with numerous videos I have been able to show my lad, David the brilliant premierships of ’75, ’78, 82 and ’84 (all won before he was born). Walshy also supplied us with other snapshots of memorable moments eg Carman rubbing Graham Cornes’ face in the mud and highlights of Aishy, Rocky, Macca and co. Naturally David loves the brilliant ’97 premiership.Speaking of victories over Port, one Saturday at Norwood in ’60, those pesky Magpies were almost 6 goals in front at three quarters time. Led by Big Bill, the boys mounted an irresistible charge kicking 10 goals plus in the final quarter to snatch an unlikely victory. Wing man John Vickers slammed home 2 60 yards goals to rub salt into the “Pies wounds. I remember losing my voice from barracking so excited was I. My big regret is that my father, a real Red and Blue man, didn’t live to see the Crows and Norwood triumph in ’97 – he could have then died happy.

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