Macca – Mr Loyalty: A Tribute to Garry McIntosh

Garry McIntosh, wow, what an amazing career!!!


Garry McIntosh made his league debut in the opening round of the ’82 season against Glenelg at the bay. Macca had won the McCullum Under 17 medal the previous season, so it was a rapid rise. Garry started off as a rover, and while it took him a few games to find his feet, it wasn’t long before he settled and was moved into the centre where he played the majority of his career, where his tough, ruthless attack on the ball and at the body quickly made him a darling of the parade and grudging respect from the opposition. Garry also built up a reputation as a big game player rapidly and had a fantastic finals series, being a key player in Norwood’s runaway victory in the ’82 Grand Final.
(first time I was ever relaxed at a GF, I thought we would win by 10 goals and we did!)


Maccas hands and lethal long right handed handballs was a huge weapon in his game, with ironically the only criticism being at times he was too unselfish and tried to bring other players into the game. He was a beautiful left foot kick as well and generally very accurate at the big sticks when he did have a ping.


Macca quickly established himself as one of the leading players in the competition and again was a key player in the history making Norwood flag of ’84, becoming the 1st side to rise from 5th spot at the end of the minor round.


In 1984 Garry was selected to represent Australia in the Gaelic series. Upon arriving in Ireland and with training scheduled, Garry is a little worse for wear and is standing with the late, great, Ted Whitten next to the goal posts the players start pelting Macca with numerous balls. His hand eye coordination, even under self induced sufferance, is incredible. Ted and the other selectors quickly install Garry as goal keeper. Now apart from nearly starting World War 3 with the Irish with his physical style, Garry is the 1st goal keeper to rush out of the area and join in general field play, not many guys can say they have caused significant change in how another sport is played!


1.20 into this video – him in the red top belting the crap out of some bloke: (a bit of Macca enjoyment for you!)


Garry in 1987 polled the most number of votes in the Magarey medal but was ineligible after a altercation with the late Scott Field. Now there always seemed to be a running battle between these two as Field had previously knocked Macca out. Macca had a rule with the trainers to give him the smelling salts to come to (in that era probably not as much known medically and definitely not so much a litigious society as today). Any way Macca managed to bump Scott in the right spot and he went off with a corky with Macca screaming at him to get back on the ground!


I found this fascinating link today in mucking around with Zia (definitely Maccas better half I messaged geez a battle of the academics with Zia very quickly replying.Absolutely but both have the same heart and passion,couldn’t agree more ! There were a few battles between these 2 over the years and I am sure deep down a mutual respect


Macca was drafted by North Melbourne in ’82 and over the years the approaches and amount of money thrown at Macca increased. Macca reports to legendary Norwood administrator Wally Miller (Happy 80th Wally!) that a Doug Dale from the bloody VFL keeps ringing and then turns up at my house,Wally is trying to work out who in the hell is Doug Dale and then the penny drops its John Dugdale, the moral of the story is in the end, Macca is well and truly probably the only footballer to get consistent 6 figure sums thrown at him by Victorian clubs just as a carrot or as a reward if you are coming to the VFL you’re with us Garry. Since he never intended leaving the Parade he just knocked it back on principle. Garry continued on his merry way continuing to be a fantastic player for Norwood and for SA, in this time a golden era in State of Origin footy, a huge part of the Croweaters success. Greg Williams has stated since that Macca was as hard and physical as any player he ever stood.
During this time Norwood lost in general a lot of preliminary finals and we all think we considerably underachieved. Garry had sensational individual success, winning the
1994 and 1995 Magarey Medals.


In 1995 Norwood were playing Centrals at footy park as a curtain raiser to Adelaide v Fitzroy, Macca completely dominated and in my humble opinion it was the greatest individual performance of his 371 game career. This was also a Fairmont homes challenge game where the winner received 10 thousand dollars, the ‘legs had got up in a close one but as soon as the siren ended instead of being presented with the cheque, because he was Captain, Macca was not present, instead he was off the ground and down the race. I said straight away to my Dad, “hang on something’s wrong” and went off to investigate. Zia McIntosh had suffered a burst blood vessel and was in intensive care (a bit more complicated than that but let’s leave it at that), a paediatrician had made the emergency decision to deliver Dylan by Caesarian (he was significantly early and very small).
It turned out none of the Norwood players knew and Macca had a shower and then coach Neil Craig checked with Macca re delivering the news to the playing group.


I am reliably informed there virtually wasn’t a word, the guys gave Macca a hug and Garry left to return to hospital. Macca hadn’t slept for nearly 48 hours and had also been encouraged by family members to play (I have spoken to Zia and Garry re the above and have been careful not to offend and reveal anything which the family wishes to remain private thank you Zia you are a star and Dylan good luck with everything and with your musical ability I hope you continue to slay ’em!).


In 1997 Macca was reported after an altercation with Stuie Dew in the Preliminary Final and subsequently suspended and missed the Grand Final, there were rumours of Norwood hierarchy wishing to take a court order out to enable Garry to play. As always Macca put the team and club before individual and quickly squashed that he did not want to be responsible for any disruption and the ‘legs duly saluted, winning the grand final easily (geez it was good fun waving Port supporters goodbye in the last quarter and reminding them they never left early).


Macca retired and left Norwood at the end of ’98 and moved to Tasmania, coaching North Launceston including a lost Grand Final. In 2000 he returned to the Parade and coached Norwood from 2002-2004 with a best placed finish of 3rd in 2002. In 2004 Norwood were struggling and the decision was made to part ways, Macca again put the club before himself and finished out the year. Macca accompanied the Norwood players on a trip to the Gold Coast where Scott Direen ran into Barry Mitchell who was there on a Carlton trip, they were mates from their Sydney days.Sponge and Macca then caught up with Craig Bradley and Steve Kernahan where Scott said the respect and virtual awe Macca was held in by these super stars from there state of origin days playing together was palpably obvious. Mitchell, then took Macca over to catch up with Greg Williams whose face apparently went very very white on seeing Macca, after all Williams had knocked out Garry’s two front teeth they had a conversation and Macca returned back to the Norwood guys. Several minutes later, Williams sought Macca out to make sure there were no hard feelings, as always Macca very firm in the old fashioned ideals that what happens on the field stays on the field, no problems and they had a beer together.


The next part of Garry’s footy journey continues to this very day as coach of Payneham Norwood Union, where Garry’s influence has been profound not only Coaching Premiership sides in 2005,2006,2013 and 2014 but coaching junior sides and the whole McIntosh family involved from helping run the canteen,raffles,cook the barbecue basically a gold mine of volunteers which are desperately needed so a community club survives.I went and watched the 2006 grand final vs Pembroke. Macca, in his early forties, was a vital part of this win as a player where his direction and instructions were outstanding.


While it seems incredible to talk about a playing coach at the top level, I wish that had been his role at Norwood as he was seemingly born for the role. The previous years Grand Final may have escalated into an all in with probably not only players involved. Maccas discipline and self control was remarkable, it is underestimated the role Garry played in helping SAAFL out that day, Garry now as non playing coach won flags in 13,14 nearly completed a historic 3rd Premiership in a row in 2015 narrowly losing the Grand Final, remembering that in Amateur league you go up a grade each year in making the Grand Final, so it was Div 3,Div 2 and so nearly the holy grail of Div 1 Premiers.


Garry has been a club coach throughout this whole time, (there aren’t that many people who are life members of 2 separate footy clubs) where he has influenced so many young men and will continue to do so. Jack Paynter, coach of Adelaide University FC, makes the point that coaching against Payneham, no matter the result or anything that has happened during the game, Garry is always the 1st person to shake hands and have a drink after the game (Scotty the Ashwood-Darrington cup is the most important trophy in world sport isn’t it ?).


Summing up, Garry is the most loyal person ever in the history of football IMO, he has mellowed over the years both as a player from the beginning, and as a person. Geez he was way too good for me drinking wise!! While I always knew Garry at Norwood it is more during his time at Payneham I have got to know Macca more, he is a no bullshit genuine quality person, with the naming of the Garry McIntosh bar at the redeveloped Adelaide Oval the perfect recognition!!


Thank you for your impact on Norwood, South Australian and Australian footy,that it has been immense is putting it mildly.


As always Mike Coward sums Macca up perfectly, “McIntosh is an anachronism, given that he was a product of the avaricious and uncaring 1980s. While his unremittingly hard and distinctive style of play is well suited to the 1990s, his football philosophy belongs to another time. He is not driven by the prospect of fame and fortune but by a deep and abiding love for his club. He is a loyalist who will not be compromised; cannot be bought, as Neil Craig once observed. As the man who led Norwood into the 1990s he symbolised solidarity; the unshakeable cornerstone of the playing staff at an uncertain time in the evolution of the game in South Australia.”


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The great man deserves it!!!


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  1. Jeff Sibbick says

    Loved sitting on the boundary with my boys telling them that voice is the most underrated but also important skill in the game. Loved his do as I do leadership.

  2. Zia McIntosh says

    Malcom, that is written with sincere honesty & superbly outlined, it’s a credit to you.. marvelous column ?? x

  3. Great article as usual Rulebook.
    Garry McIntosh is a champion bloke and footballer. I remember in high school we had to do a project on some one and I picked Macca. I still remember getting a phone call from him when in year 12 saying hey mate,so when we gonna catch up for an interview, I said come to mine if you like and when he rocked up I thought this guy is a legend and so down to earth it was unbelievable . the nicest guy you would meet. I couldn’t wait to watch him play week in week out. McIntosh is the greatest footballer I have seen in Norwood colours. ??

  4. I have had many great mentors in Football. I can’t thank them enough for their inspiration and love for the sport that’s inspired me to do a fraction of what they do. I’m talking Messrs Darrington, Direen, D’Antiochia, Fragomeni, Hunt, Smith, Javor, Roocke, Roberts, Kernahan, Carter and onwards.

    Garry has taught me more about football in so many senses. Most importantly he’s a clear, articulate vision about how it should be played for success.

    However, he is the clearest, least encumbered voice in South Australia as to what’s good for the game as a whole.

    He is arguably one of the few people in the country more concerned with the sport itself then his individual position within it.

    He should replace Mike Fitzpatrick in the AFL commission Chair role.

  5. Such a pity he never went to VFL just so more people could appreciate what an awesome player he was.

  6. Robbie Neilp says

    Ripper Mal – an ornament to the game. What a great support Zia has been too.

  7. Rulebook you outdo yourself mate. What a corker piece. I hope Macca reads it!!

  8. Gary was mine & probably most of the faithful Red & Blue faithful’s 1980’s favorite player. My old an was a Sturt follower & Macca was his favorite player too. He used to say “this guy puts his head where I won’t put my photograph!” & he was right. Played the game at 100% & just as loyal to the “Legs”. 99.9% of players today whether at SANFL or AFL level should take note of the way he conducted himself on & off the field. Loyalty included. These days of playing for a club for ex amount of years then coming out saying I want to play somewhere else just wouldn’t happen with Macca. Loved reading this story & it brings back so many memories of when I would watch him play.

    Cheers for this great article.

  9. Lorraine Monday says

    I remember Garry Mcintosh very well , he was the most courageous player I’ve seen , I also remember that he had many suitors from Victoria and that he slammed the door on them all , he loved Norwood and that was where he wanted to be , he could have made a lot of money had he gone over the border , but I for one am glad he did not .

  10. Great article Malcolm . Loved my time playing with Macca. That unique voice could be heard from everywhere. The only query is I think those long handballs were right handed not so much left. Great bloke and respected everywhere .?

  11. In 85 macca came down to foxfield oval to do presentatio ns for athelstone primary school. He kicked the footy witj us for an hour or two. My dad continually asking me to get macca to go and have a beer with him and other parents.when he eventually went over dad asked”where have you been macca “”his answer was I’m here for the kids mate,not the parents”.he was my football hero,allways will be.the best player i have ever seen because i saw him do what he did week in week out for 15 years.i

  12. Love the read Malcom’s true champion of the game and a dead set legend of our great club Norwood thanks for the momories

  13. Brilliant piece of writing on a man THAT IS NORWOOD.

    The great man always had time for everyone, a true gentleman.

  14. Shaun O'Shea says

    Garry McIntosh never pulled on a Norwood gurnsey.. that red and blue was actually his skin and what a thick hide it was! He was the hardest ball getter and the toughest pack buster I’ve ever seen play the game. I’d like to say that he was the hardest footballer to tackle but I never actually saw him get tackled.. when he got the ball the train was leaving the station and there was no way you Could catch it! ?

  15. Great article Book.

  16. Mark Munday says

    Great article, my idle growing up in goolwa. I was the only norwood supporter at goolwa primary school surrounded by port supporters and to this day i get great satisfaction from 84….. I was 11 Years old…… Macca used to visit a friend in goolwa but I wasnt lucky enough to see him when in town but heard stories of them always walking the streets in goolwa bare foot…… Lol… Legend….

  17. Roger Murdoch says

    A fierce competitor, tough, uncompromising, super skilled, a leader of men. A captain who just said follow me boys, and his actions would inspire.
    One of SA’s football legends. So bloody lucky and proud to say I played along side him.
    Loyal on field to Norwood, even more loyal to his family and close friends. Great man.

  18. Excellent article malcolm. I would always hear him, talking on the ground, to the players. His loyalty to the norwood football club, showed what a true champion he is. Loved watching him play.

  19. Macca is and will always be my favourite player. His strength and sheer never give up attitude to getting the ball was unrivalled. I remember one day at the parade Macca smothered a kick from about 20cm off the boot with his head and the sound of that ball smashing into him could be heard from the other side of the ground! He didn’t even flinch. Just picked up the ball and disposed of it with a stunning long hand ball and the redlegs converted. I was nine and remember thinking he was the toughest person in the world!

  20. Have recalled my favorite Macca anecdote and unfortunately don’t remember who I heard it from.

    After a BOG game at the Parade a supporter approaches Macca in the bar after the game.

    “Garry, you played a great game today, let me buy you a beer”

    Macca, looks the bloke in the eye and says:

    “Did you pay to get in today?”


    “Well I got paid to play today, let me buy you a drink”.

    A generous spirit not losing sight of what is important is the measure of the man

  21. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Jeff,Zia greatly appreciated ( thanks for all your help you are a star) thanks Malcolm,James superbly put I couldn’t agree more,Budge yes and no added to the mystic tho,not the real,Bob Neil that is a understatement.thsnks,Old dog yes he has I will call him today.thanks,Stu yes a lot of players could learn from,Macca in more ways than one.thanks Lorraine greatly appreciated,Swanny you are correct dumb on my part I will get fixed.Tim love your emotion greatly appreciated re face book as well.thanks,Rob and KRAZY.Shaun well put thanks,TC.thanks,Mark yes I can picture that.Thanks Froggy superbly put ( this is a cats site so your word is revered) Sonia couldn’t agree more and Sarah yes as tough as any player who has ever graced a Oval thanks folks the response re the article has been truly remarkable !

  22. Chris Kendall says

    Great work as always Malcolm. Brings back so many fantastic memories of a player I grew up watching from when he debuted at the club and remains my favorite Norwood player to this day. His loyalty to our club would seem astonishing nowadays to those brought up on a sanitised AFL diet, but was testament to the man.

  23. I have vivid memories of GM from my youth, slicing through the middle of the ground, finding space and then hitting a target in front of goal.

    Of all the SANFL talent to not head to Melbourne, I reckon he was the one they most wanted.

    Good tribute Malcolm.

  24. Jill Tathra says

    Well being a West Torrens supporter since `56 you won`t hear it from me how brilliant a player he was! Because he was so good of course I “hated” him!

    They were the good old days of brilliant footy and club rivalry where everyone stated true to their club, not just the supporters. Good players were “hated” by other teams purely because of their brilliance.

    Great piece again mate even if its about Norwood!!!

  25. Great article Rulebook, no doubt GM was an inspiration to so many Legs players and supporters. Loved his fearless attack on the ball and contest, and his hand and foot skills were sensational. Played in a great era of SANFL footy and his loyalty to Norwood and Payneham Norwood Union is unfaltering. IMO Macca and Pickles Aish were the best two SANFL players of the 80’s and 90’s not to play in the AFL.

  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Chris yes he is a good life teacher so many players could learn from him thanks,Mickey yep you are correct.Jill yep it was a great era and we so called hated opposition players but by geez we respected them.Jags yep in total agreeance thanks folks

  27. Jeff Milton says

    Book your article could go on forever. So many Macca stories. I remember at one stage the SANFL running a campaign in the early 80s trying to raise funds to keep the then stars of the SANFL (Kernahan, Motley, Bradley etc) in SA and the face they put on the ads was Macca. Total loyalty and total courage combined with exceptional skills. Any footy club in Australia would have loved to have him. Just so glad that Norwood was his club.

  28. Good stuff, Rulebook. It’s amazing when you do a google image search of Macca (or leaf through Budgets of the time) for the most part you see two Maccas. First off, the young fresh of face Macca contorting his body into all sorts of interesting shapes as he runs in one direction, twists to another and looks in a third direction all at once. A portrait of cognisant movement.

    People talk about players that seem to have that game sense about where their teammates are on the field – Caleb Daniel being the most recent example. Macca had that and was the finest attacking handballer I have ever seen.

    The photos then change to a bigger, bearded Macca, busting through a pack with four guys hanging off him. Again, every shot the personification of footballing grit. Norwood people love Macca with every fibre of our footballing being.

    As you know, my lad plays his footy at Hope Valley where Macca’s framed photo to this day sits most recognisably amongst other players that went onto bigger things and premierships teams of years gone by. I can’t think of a better person to have on the wall.

    One final observation, Macca unknowingly one night won me a bundle of money. As a poor uni student, was out for a mate’s birthday at the casino. We pooled our meagre resources and put $10 each in to get the minimum amount of gambling chips. We went to the roulette table and both being Redlegs fans played 14, which subsequently saluted three times in a row (something like a one in 50,000 chance of happening). Suffice to say Macca effectively bought a few Norwood fans drinks that night too.

  29. Norwood icon. Would have walked into any VFL and in the 90s AFL team. The ultimate gladiator whose pristine skills were often overlooked for his tenacity and hardness.
    You could never claim you beat Norwood if McIntosh wasn’t playing, it was always a hollow victory. Pleased but not suprised he is putting something back into the game at Amateur level.

  30. Moikal Wheelson says

    As a bays supporter, my memories aren’t as fond haha. Will always remember the international series and him taking to the local Irish cult hero. It may have been the start of MMA with macca sitting on his chest pounding away at him. My biggest memory of him was as a bloke. My old man managed the SANFL side in 84 and 85, turned out Macca couldnt tie a tie for when they wore their suits. My old man had to do this for him. While it may not have been a big deal to Dad, each time the bays played Norwood Macca came over to him every time they played to say hi to Dad and the tie tying topic came up each time. Obviously a very genuine bloke.

  31. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Very in depth article Book, loved the Gaelic footage and background also.

  32. Once again a well written story on Macca , Malcom he plyed at NFC well after I was finished in 70’s 80’s
    Wynn 28 first told me of his guts & determination …john & I went to watch him early days his attack on the Ball tough strong you could tell then Macca was special ….
    my next meet was with Nipper @ the Murray Bridge Races he had shares in horse running that day /
    Then when he coached Paynham A’s my son Alex Pinches was coached by Gary and being an in and under player liked his coaching Style … also later my other son Adam Pinches played @ Paynham
    Recruited by Nipper Williams ….Gary”s father always watched his moves a very interesting man …
    We still chat at Past players functions and yes a very Loyal person could have gone to VFL but
    Loved the Norwood family forever as we all do ….Aloha Roger # 18 NFC

  33. craig dodson says

    Rulebook, how come Garry was not part of the inaugural Adelaide Crows list? Did he choose to bypass it?

  34. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Yet again you’ve managed to get me to see the other side of a bloke from another club who I only cheered for at State games. Keep ’em coming ‘Book, hope Ugo Colasante is next up.

  35. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Milts spot on.Dave thank you very good bservation re the photos and Macca laughed re the casino.
    Thanks Lachlan and Moikal yes I can picture,Macca doing that every time we played the bays it is a testament to Macca how many opposition fans are commenting on here and on the fans of SANFL face book page.Thanks Ben,Roger greatly appreciated every one at the parade was pretty excited about,Macca from a young age and I will speak to Nipper about that.Craig yep,Macca wasn’t interested despite the Crows having a huge crack at him.Swish thank you I have a couple of ideas for next up I must admit,Ugo is pretty unlikely thanks folks and please feel free to share the article by what ever social media means you choose

  36. Another great article, Rulebook! Macca was the one player every other SANFL club wished they had during the 80’s and 90’s. His devotion to Norwood and one club mentality shone through in his selfless acts upon the field. No doubt there are countless stories about this SANFL legend. A couple of memories spring to mind – Macca standing toe-to-toe with Sticks Kernahan in 1983….both got rubbed out for three games, and Kernahan lost the Magarey Medal that year. Macca’s return to Norwood after a serious knee injury in 1989 coincided with Norwood’s immediate change of fortunes. In his first game back, at Norwood Oval, you could see the amazing impact he generated in the playing group. Stirring stuff! I felt certain we would make the GF that year, but again knocked off in the preliminary final.
    Loved the stories surrounding the 1984 Australian tour to Ireland…just legendary.

    Macca was my Mum’s favourite player. I recall we had dinner for Mum’s birthday at the Redlegs Club one year. Being March, there were pre-season games on, and Norwood players returned from playing at Football Park (I think we beat South). Anyway, my Dad disappeared briefly and returned with Macca, beer in hand. He wished my Mum a ‘Happy Birthday’, and kissed her on the cheek! She was stunned and a little embarrassed (which didn’t happen too often)! A great memory for me.

    I used to see him at Adelaide Oval quite a bit. Shorts, thongs, t-shirt…in the middle of winter. And a beer of course!

  37. Another great article Malcolm! Would’ve been great to see him play!

  38. Rob Crompton says

    This is a great article – it illuminates aspects of Macca’s character I was not aware of, painting him with all the well known colours of team loyalty, hardness and skill but also some of the subtler shades of humanity (man management, family love, loyalty and softness).
    My own memories of Macca from the eastern side of the Parade oval were less detailed, being blurred by the mud that Macca wore as a uniform, and hidden from view by the packs that Macca inhabited the bottom of. Nonetheless he was my hero and that of my young sons who were introduced to Norwood football during the end of Macca’s era, standing in a mass of screaming supporters on those concrete steps. And we could always rely on him to get the ball to good advantage out of those muddy battlegrounds.
    Viva Macca.

  39. Mark Clarke says

    The gutsiest, most fearless Player I saw, whether for Norwood, South Australia and Australia in the internationals against Ireland! I would love to see another player of Maccas’ character and calibre at the Parade again!
    Macca was the epitome of LOYALTY to the Redlegs, and it would be wonderful to see such loyalty, despite huge sums offered, again in a SANFL PLAYER, but I think it would be a cold day in hell if that ever happens again!
    Would love to hear from former VFL players thoughts !
    There should be a Medal or Trophy named in his honor for the Gutsiest, gritty and most fearless player in the Grand Final or a State Game IMHO, Something a player can be proud to win!

  40. Great article Malcolm! I never missed a game and I just loved watching Macca! My all time favourite player he was tough ,uncompromising and a loyal Norwood man through and through! I remember meeting him for the first time a few years back at the Payneham footy club and I was like a little kid meeting my hero for the first time. I was so nervous and stuttering! Thanks for the great memories Macca and being a true Norwood and my football hero!

  41. Barry Solomon says

    Jeez, what do u say bout the great 1. For me, his deeds on the field and his within the club are legendary, but I guess it was some of the moments involving his family and the strength n courage he displayed at that time which in my eyes showed just what sort of bloke he is. Outstanding in every sense and Zia, luv ya mate, ur a beautiful woman. Thanks mal for putting the pen to work on this one.

  42. As a Mad Port Magpies fan I loved Macca! That whole era of S.A.N.F.L !! Getting 15,000 at a normal round game was unreal and then ahem the crows ruined everything lol.. Just kidding.. Macca was that good that when he left the game we were robbed of one of the greatest ever footballers in Austarlian history!
    Well done mate keep it up..

  43. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Nice one Book. One of my fave SA players. Gave and took in liberal doses. You really ought to get on ‘Twitter’ mate. It suits the cut of your jib.

  44. It’s a great story Malcom! Macca has such a great success. I see only AFL players, but remind myself there are some blokes with successes in the lower level. We all have good talents and strengths. Life is short so we should use them to fulfil rather than being stuck with something we don’t want just to live. I wish all the best to you, him and his family.



  45. Great read rule book! Will have to watch him coach one day.

  46. Sam McEwen says

    It was a three quarter time tradition to try and tap Gary on the arse in the huddle in the nineties!

  47. Thanks Book. A excellent tribute to a champion footballer and bloke who unlike elite players of today
    turned his back on the big bucks of the then VFL and just wanted to play for the red and blue. Watching
    Macca play was like getting a footy clinic in how the game should be played. As a amateur league field
    umpire when as coach of Payneham/Norwood Union he always makes a point of saying hello and says
    good luck. Garry McIntosh- legend !

  48. Great once again Malcom

  49. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Hardman,Macca was always sensational in that type of situation and had time for every body.
    Thanks Campbell yep more dvds time,Mark we will never see another,Macca and yes a trophy with his name on some where is appropriate.Angelo yes meeting ones heroes for the first time is nerve racking.
    Barry superb yes well and truly that is the real,Macca and Zia is a star.thanks,Con greatly appreciated yep he is unique.Thanks Phil yes JTH constantly tells me I have to learn twitter hopefully some lessons from,Dave soon.Yoshi thank soon yes there have been some great players and stories from other leagues.thanks,Hughsuperk,Smacko( pun intended ) BHW yep,Macca gets grass roots footy and the game in general unlike so many players thanks folks

  50. Caz Phillips says

    Macca was my favourite footy player growing up he always put his body on the line and was so courageous and such a great team man as well .Number 14 is his number and to this day its my favourite number because of Macca .
    My poppa has a figurine of Macca with the Redlegs guernsey and number 14 on his back .I idiolosed Gary and the way he played and Ill never forget going to footy park in Westlakes for the history making grand final what a win that was .
    Great article to read brought back many memories about a great player ,we need someone in the midfield like him now

  51. Brett Zorzi says

    Great read Rulebook.
    As a young kid growing up in Melb, my mates and I didn’t know too much about Norwood or even the SANFL. But we did know one thing……that there was gun, bearded, hard nut player named McIntosh who stayed in SA.

  52. Great read rulebook. 9am sunday mornings at Payneham for kids footy and Macca’s there looking like he still eats bags of concrete for breakfast.

  53. Louise Di Virgilio says

    As a PNU SAAFL parent, I have seen the dedication from Macca and his family to this great game first hand. He is truly a great guy and I will forever remember him holding the cup high with my son after winning the U18 grand final in 2014. He’s a champion on and off the field.

  54. Great read Book! When I stroll into the Parade during footy season, my father is always there with me even though he passed away 20 years ago. Macca, was the man my father had requested to spread his ashes on the hallowed turf, south eastern pocket, where my family and friends always congregate to watch our beloved red and blue. Macca, without doubt , in my mind @ least is the best Norwood footballer I have seen. Fearless, ferocious and highly skilled, I still recall his attack on the player and ball. Scary good! Maybe I’m a bit perocial….

  55. Rulebook, this is a great yarn. Thanks. And yes, it’s broken all the records. It’s a Hall of Famer smashing the previous record for most reads in a day.

    I remember the early days of G. McIntosh.

    Although I lived in Queensland I was often in SA visiting Mum and Dad at Eudunda or having a beer with David and the boys at the Welly. The first year I got to know SA footy was 1982. The footy had a distinctive style. Very skillful and yet occasionally brutal.

    I did Dip Ed at Flinders in 1985. That year I remember SANFL games were ridiculously high-scoring at times. Players could show what they had. No wonder so many got pilfered. The returning Malcolm Blight was booting them from everywhere.

    I remember seeing a pre-season match at Angaston. Gilbert McAdam was insanely good – and would have weighed in light on the top weight at an Oakbank steeplechase.

    Of course G. McIntosh was a rock already then. I recall the handpasses, punched like a bop through extra cover. Tony McGuiness too.

    You guys have a great sports culture/footy culture. It’s like the SANFL was an extension of SAPSASA and Grade 12 footy. You all know each other so well – or maybe you just know everyone Rulebook.

    Anyway it seems Rulebook you know people all over the world because we get stats of where this is being read. Five minutes ago it included Jamaica, Cambodia, Malaysia and the US. Oh, and Adelaide.

    Great stuff.

    Garry, no doubt I’ll bump into you some time in Adelaide. If you like lunch the Almanac is your home.


  56. Thanks for this great piece, Rulebook.

    Every year I hoped that McIntosh would make the journey over to North Melbourne, but to no avail.
    He would have looked wonderful in the blue and white stripes of the Kangaroos!!

  57. Yeah Harmsy it’s not a case of everyone knowing everyone else – instead there is a common thread known as Rulebook. Fantastic piece Malcolm. Have enjoyed watching Macca from a distance for over 30 years now in all the manifestations you mention + several additional off-field cameos including one memorable night at the Institute bar in the mid-80’s. Actually Macca was present for the part of my buck’s night that took place at the Venue in 89. Loved the way he played the game, as you note. Exquisitely skilled and so hard. Nobody could handball like Macca – 40 metres in a flash and suddenly there was space. Brilliant.

  58. Probably your finest Mal. Sitting here in Marrakech and having been away for nearly three months that read was the slice of Australia and south Australia I needed

  59. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Caz thank you yep great memories and yes any one remotely close to Macca would be sensational.
    Thanks Zorza and Raf bought a smile to my face.Louise love the emotion and indeed he is..Chris a lovely heart filled and superb comment ( I admit I thought of Pete as well) JTH thank you I have been blown away by the response I thought it would be popular but it has been mind boggling I was at that game in
    Angaston and glad to see the article got hits and comments world wide I reckon I no a few people.
    Smokie I thought of you and Watto re the Roos and Macca he would have dominated the vfl especially when there were so many muddy ovals back then.Daddsy ( good photos of Barcelona) thank you at least I might help provide a talking point ahh the Venue and Institute bar that’s probably a article in itself.Thanks Rookie I look forward to catching up and hearing about your journey and encourage you to write a article about it thank you folks greatly appreciated

  60. Love the idea of the parish in Adelaide. Hence that Advertiser piece a few years ago. I might dig that out.

    Rulebook,, those countries were just in one glance. Whenever I looked there was always two or three countries – UK, US most common but France, Norway, Japan, India etc

    I’ve just dug this out. It got picked up by the Advertiser somewhere along the way from memory. Rulebook maybe you could send this to the world with your Facebook skills

  61. Ben Footner says

    The Garry McIntosh bar is possibly the most appropriately named feature of the whole redevelopment. I bet he’s bloody chuffed about that one!

    Boy does it cop a flogging too! Even stays open for post game beers unlike all the other beer outlets. Haha.

  62. Eric Weitzner says

    From a Port supporter, Macca is certainly a legend of SA footy! I was lucky enough to interview him on a couple of occasions during my days of reporting on games for Messenger Newspapers, one of those was his 2nd last game as coach of Norwood vs Port Adelaide at The Parade. Even though he already knew he was going at the end of the season, he was still doing his best to try and improve the Norwood Footy Club. Although the ‘Legs finished bottom that season with just 4 wins, this particular game they has just defeated Port for the 2nd time that season. I was lucky enough to be within earshot of the inner sanctum when he asked his players a question along the lines of “why is it that you can get up for Port but not for other clubs?”. One of the players piped up “because we hate the c…s”. Macca then shot back “but ALL other clubs are c…s, you have to have the mentality that ALL opposition are c…s”. Even though his club had already sacked him, he was still trying to instill a hard edge (which he most certainly had as a player!) into the troops of his beloved club.

  63. Geoff Wilson says

    A great article Malcolm on a great player and a true legend of the game. The amount of interest in your article, shows you how popular and how many people Macca has touched during his magnificent playing and coaching career, which of course continues on at Payneham. There is nothing else to be said really, we’ll done.

  64. Mark Ducker says

    Thanks again RB. Grew up a few years younger in the same district of Athelstone. Mellowed a lot since then! Macca was a true leader of men no matter what part of town you were from. He found a way to connect with all types often with humour or a wink and never judgemental. When you ran out on the ground with Macca leading us on, you grew another inch taller as you knew he’d watch your back and be there for you. But what immense talent he had. His accuracy and penetration by right hand and left foot was unique. His superb vision as well as his consistent ability to lift and find something when the game was in the balance. He had just crazy courage without any care ever for his physical welfare. His loyalty to the NFC and likewise what the NFC did for him was special. But when I think of Macca’s, I think of his voice – on the field it was powerful, constant, clear and intimidating to the opposition. He always made sure everybody was correctly positioned in stoppages and would let rip if you weren’t. Likewise he’d be the first to encourage especially if you did the one-percenters that many missed. He’d always gently give the ball back to the ump from the bottom of the pack in a ball up with a smile or quip. They loved him. When you think of Macca you can only smile and laugh what a champion player and bloke he was and still is.

  65. My favourite Macca story …

    Macca: I got a call from some bloke called Doug Dale.
    Miller: What did he want?
    Macca: He wanted me to play in the VFL or something like that.
    Miller: What did you say?
    Macca: Don’t know ya, don’t wanna know ya. F@#k off.

  66. What a great read RB. He must have been quite some player. Didn’t realise the heights he reached.

  67. Patricia Horne says

    The footballers of that era were real men as he is. They held down jobs and even though the training didnt seem so brutal they had a lot to cope with. They were great days and so many champions!

  68. Always remember him knocking back a Vfl invitation by saying “we play a good enough brand of footy here. Thanks for posting on Auz Footy Inquest where the contoversy and gags continue…..

  69. Michael Sexton says

    Rulebook can you confirm Garry played bass in a band called “Unregistered Dogs”?

  70. Barry Solomon says

    It. Is true Michael, the unregistered dogs were unlucky not to break it on the world stage, the more ya drunk …the better they sounded.. Had a few lineup changes over the years from memory but I reckon the great g was fairly constant throughout. Aaah the memories??

  71. Superbly written Mal, the man is a legend. My favourite Norwood player who was the toughest player I have seen,yet still so skilled. To stay so loyal to Norwood made me feel proud to support the Redlegs ,even after the Crows entered the AFL.I remember him at high school wearing his Norwood beanie and will never forget the tackle he delivered on me on the oval after trying to evade him with a footy. I landed 5 metres away with a torn collar and bruised ego !
    Norwood for AFL.

  72. Bernhard Sayer says

    Not my club by a million miles, but always had enormous respect for McIntosh’s incredibly loyalty.

  73. great post,macca could handball longer than some players could kick

  74. Great article,McIntosh played in a strong era for Norwood & the SANFL. The tough & fearless midfielder also had great skills. His handballing in traffic was his trademark. He also had great vision to handball 10 – 20 metres to a player in space.
    Something missing in the modern game. A true champion who was committed & loyal to his footy club & state of origin.
    Well done Rulebook….

  75. Malcolm Ashwood says

    JTH the countries side of it is amazing,Ben yep the bar is v appropriate,Eric great insight in to the character of the man..Geoff superbly put.Ducks as always succinct and brilliant love hearing fellow players thoughts.Danny yes it is a legendary and factual story.Dips he was a fantastic player and ironically with you being a cats man the closest player comparable out of today is IMO,Selwood.thanks,Patricia and
    Damo.Michael Bazz has answered brilliantly( Zia laughed) Robedog I laughed I can well and truly picture,Macca doing that.Bernard well and truly the feelings of the majority of SANFL followers.Andrew definitely.JK yes as Ducks explains his vision and awareness was remarkable thanks folks absolutely loving the response to the article

  76. Luke Reynolds says

    Superb piece Malcolm, thrilled for you (and Garry) that it has attracted such a large audience.
    Was aware of him as a SA superstar but have learnt so much more from reading this.
    Keep the Norwood profiles coming. Maybe, longterm, there’s a book on the characters of the Redlegs written by M.Ashwood??

  77. Mark Strange says

    What can you say about Macca that hasn’t been said before. A true legend of the Redlegs and SANFL. I pretty well saw all of Maccas games for the Legs. A ferocious and hard player. Always looking after his team mates. A true and loyal player both for the Legs and SA against the big V. MACCA YOU ARE A TRUE LEGEND OF THE LEGS AND OF THE SANFL. A PLEASURE TO HAVE WATCHED YOUR BRAND OF FOOTBALL SKILLS. THANKYOU

  78. Mark stokes says

    Probably thei best player I have seen. If you looked up the word loyal in the dictionary it would have to say refer to Gary mcintosh.
    Fearless brave puthis body on the line week in week out I applaud you macca on an outstanding career and involvement with football

  79. Stan the Man says

    Rulebook love your work. I am currently on the greek island of Rhodes and reading your tribute on GM. It makes me think of the great statue that in ancient times stradled the harbour – the Collosus of Rhodes. He certainly was a Collosus at the Parade. They should erect a statue or name a bar at out new complex after him when they build it. The BEST player that has ever pulled the navy and red jumper on. Thanks.

  80. David Hossen says

    Malcolm, brilliant story loved it. Growing up a Port supporter living in Norwood I had mixed emotions of Macca but realiae as I got older it was respect for a brilliant footballer and teacher of men. One of a kind is Macca

  81. Great article Rulebook. Macca was incredibly tough and dominated the midfield. He was a key reason why Norwood were such a competitive side in the 80’s and 90’s- gotta respect his loyalty.

  82. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Luke greatly appreciated and the articles only go on site due to editing of good people such as yourself ( a grammar sledge is fine JTH ) and yep more to come,thanks,Mark love the passion,thanks,Stan
    sorry your roughing it and seriously love your comment thanks,David yes we all realise that as we get older we’ll put.Thanks Ryan again love the passion ( Macca a tad overwhelmed by it all) thanks,Paul yes it was a v easy title to think of,thanks every one for continuing to share the article as well greatly appreciated

  83. Your article is brilliant and the response from all is remarkable. Taking nothing away from you Malcolm, but it clearly shows the immense respect and love that so many had for the one and only G. McIntosh.

    My favourite number since a kid is 14, I have 14 in my email address, I have a poster of Macca in my garage (the Macca is Back at Norwood ‘election’ poster!) and Brenton’s amazing hand drawn sketch of Garry too. He was a childhood hero and will forever be a hero of mine.

    There will NEVER be a player like Macca again. Thanks Macca and thanks Malcolm. A very enjoyable read

  84. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Chris Rees (@4boat) had a crack at including Macca in his series of SANFL Footy Enigmas, joining such luminaries as Grenville, Sonny, Buff, Bucky and Jumbo (since deleted). Dave Brown, Mike Hugo and I tracked down some of our finest examples of Garry at work and a pretty good likeness was put to the great man.

    His humility got the better of him and he declined the opportunity to be on the most popular t-shirt/coffee mug/phone cover in world history (if the response to this article is any guide).

  85. Barry Solomon says

    Hey Ryan, the election poster was the lovechild of toddy davey, they were meant to be double sided with 1 side reading FRONT UP and the other side MACCAS BACK but cause they were strung up on stobie poles around the eastern suburbs , it woulda been hard to display both sides. I reckon the tshirts woulda been a massive hit but alas, (crying emoji) ….. The corflutes poster is a classic n great stuff 4 keeping it. Onwards to you rulebook, ur a treasure mate, to see so many comments and memories is amazing. Send you to the world on twitter later.

  86. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Swish and Bazz I am seeing,Macca toimight at Klaebe’s 50 th I will stir him up over a few things
    Bazz loving your comments v useful extra information and yes,Swish response to the article has been amazing ! ( any social media promotion of the article is greatly appreciated

  87. A great piece of writing Mal.
    Macca is a legend of both Norwood and the SANFL. He epitomized the true meaning of hard but fair, (mostly), and his loyalty to the Redlegs is unquestionable. I remember driving down west lakes boulevard with you and Wilson in the car, a great day!

  88. Michael Rehn says

    Thankyou Malcolm Ashwood…who is the player who I regard in my 52 years as a Norwood supporter as our greatest ? Gary McIntosh. I’m not at all surprised at the number of hits really, he is a man who is so highly regarded in football circles, by both friend and foe. We talk a lot of his physical power, his tackling pressure and his leadership and so we should, but let’s not forget also, he was a bloody good footballer. His ability to find the ball, and to use it by hand or foot was superb, and his ability to spoil blokes a foot taller than him in the air was uncanny. In my own terms “he could play a bit”, and I reckon it was a real honour to have been able to watch his entire career. Macca was loved by all at Norwood not only because he was a great player and a great leader, he was a great bloke as well, and will forever be a Norwood legend !!!! Another of his great strengths is that he so freely gave himself to the supporters and I, among many others frequently bailed him up in the members bar after games, and he would always speak, and as I worked on the Parade would often see him away from the club environment too. I won’t hear a bad word about him !!!

  89. John Green says

    As always with your stories Malcolm, entertaining and chock full of detail. I like to read your work slowly so I can take it all in! I remember being amazed back in ’84 that a player I had never heard of was chosen to be goalkeeper for the Aussies in the International Rules series against Ireland. McIntosh was impressive and I assumed that he would eventually cross to Victoria. Wrong!

  90. Martin Rumsby says

    A well researched article with interesting personal connections and insights. Thank you Malcolm. I greatly admired and respected Macca as a Norwood footballer and from all I hear and read he should be equally respected for his personal qualities. You’re a legend Macca!

  91. Cracking read mate

  92. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Steve yes the eye of the tiger trip great memories.Michael good point re Macca freely giving his time to supporters as well.John thank you greatly appreciated and I think most,Vics thought that us redlegs followers new differently.Martin yes a fair bit of work went into this one and very much so.thanks,MS
    thanks every one the interest in the article has been sensational

  93. Malcolm Ashwood says

    On Saturday night I received a firm hand shake ( obviously) and looking me straight in the eye a thank you,Malcolm from Macca and I was reliably informed he had spent over a hour reading the above that is the biggest compliment I have received as a so called author

  94. Troy Hancox says

    Awesome player!
    Every opposing club and their fans would’ve given a right arm to have Macca in their side.
    Well written Rile Book

  95. Rick Neagle says

    Well researched and written Rulebook. It was an honour to play with such a great champion of the game. He is revered by all sundry not just in SA but also in Vic despite never playing a game there. I bumped into Dermie in the snow a few years ago and he couldn’t stop talking about him. He was loyal to the NFC, bled for the guernsey and considered to be the captain of captains in the SANFL.

  96. A champion on and off the field.

  97. Great article mate about one of the greats. Would be interesting to see what he thinks about the way managers shop their players around these days.

  98. I’m not a Norwood supporter but how could you not like Macca. Out and out champion.

  99. Willow Wilson says

    Another brilliant read Book. Loved it as a Legs supporter but also loved the fact that so many fans of rival clubs and even Victorians appreciated Macca. Tough, straight ahead, uncomplicated, loyal, brilliant team man, but also highly skilled. The epitome of a “one club player”.
    As someone earlier mentioned, surely there is a book to come from you Book on the NFC and its legends (playing and non-playing).

  100. Oscar Leonard says

    Great read book! Macca is beyond my knowledge for my generation plus being a Glenelg supporter as a youngster I have a lack of notable figures in the SANFL. Keep up the good work

  101. As a member of Norwood junior supporters club and living in the country, I didn’t see him play enough but still had his picture and those from the Norwood calendar all over my bedroom wall. My favourite was a caricature of Macca with a brick in his hand and a dead magpie at his feet, with the runner saying “Balmey says to put the brick down and go for the ball”. I was inspired to tackle like Macca (I wasn’t aware at the time but later learnt it’s called a “punch tackle”!) which seemed a fairly effective way of doing it.
    Also thanks for the note about Fieldy. I did a few subjects with him at uni, and knew he played for Sturt and was incredibly intelligent. Lost track over the years now been living in London for 18years, but happy to read he made such a mark and sad to hear he’s gone.
    Thanks Book

  102. Great article.

    A legend of SA footy and the Norwood Football Club. Games holder at Norwood unlikely to be broken.

  103. Brenton Klaebe says

    Macca is simply a NFC and SANFL legend.. No one can argue that.. Mac’s a humble bloke but I think it’s brilliant that as he’s grown older he is starting to embrace the fact that he has positively influenced so many people and I think that makes him very proud.. The fact Macca is a great bloke is no fluke as his late mum Thelma was a beautiful kind lady and his dad Denis is just one of the greatest characters you’d ever want to meet,.. Mr and Mrs Mac created 4 great kids and Garry came from an environment where being humble and generous was the norm.. He’s had a great playing career, has had a massive impact on so many local junior footballers and he’s absolutely loved by his mates.. You’d have to be pretty happy with that.. One of the greatest blokes you’d ever wish to know..
    Nice words Malcolm.. FORTIS IN PROCELLA

  104. I used to bump into Macca at the Colonist Tavern on The Parade on a Friday night during the early 90’s having a few beers and a punt. Just a great bloke who was so easy to talk to. And I couldn’t admire him more as a footballer. Only wish he played for Sturt!!

  105. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Troy,Neags Dermie rates both Aishy and Macca extremely highly and superbly put indeed the
    Captain of Captains.thanks,Wes,Raj while has mellowed he still doesn’t accept bullshit.thanks,Ryan.
    Willow very much the epitome of a one club player and as I have said I would need a lot of editing help.
    Thanks Oscar greatly appreciated.Arfur yes I remember that caricature it was gold glad I could fill you in re Scott Field RIP.Thanks Cameron,Klaebe’s absolutely superb and thank you for the insight.Donovan yep down to earth as any one like Grenville Dietrich ability to mix with every body thanks folks

  106. Bryce Campbell says

    Fantastic article Malcolm on such a great player and person.i still remember vividly my 1st day in Adelaide out to lunch with Macca when John Platten literally kissed maccas feet when he walked past. Coming from WaggaI didn’t know much about Macca but obviously knew John Platten and was blown away by the respect he had shown Garry. Macca was a big inspiration and mentor to myself and plenty of other team mates ,being my first coach. It would have been fantastic to play along side of him.It is great to continue to stay in contact with Macca and was fantastic to get to know Dennis back in 2004 and would quite frequently run into him at the Tab. Fantastic person , legend player and a man that calls a spade a spade. Great work rulebook.

  107. Robert Bryson says

    A great tribute to Macca & his family. Dennis & Thelma we’re proud of all their children & particularly Garry. The entire family were keen on sport & Garry had a wonderful career with Norwood & we will be forever in his debt for his courage, loyalty & leadership. He was a mentor to all young men & a great captain.

  108. Richard Smith says

    this man would have been a SENSATION in the vfl. I understand his love for his club but all of the rest of australia were denied the chance to see him in action. they would have loved his style and attack on the ball as much if not more than us south australians ( as we saw him cut up our sanfl clubs week after week and year after year. We hated him for it but still admired the champion in action )

  109. Always remember as a west adelaide official standing in the race at norwood oval watching the reserves when there was loud call of support and encouragement to a westies kids that did a courageous interseption and play — looked around to see who and it was the norwood captain one gary mc with his arm in a sling — he loved the game and supported all young men who played the right way, the garry way — great guy and always willing to talk to fans of all clubs — right up there in class with robram , ebert and carey

  110. Chris Smelt says

    Loyal, honest, inspirational & humble a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Garry McIntosh. A player that was always ahead of the game & saw the game better than anyone I know. A man of great character & values, like Froggy Murdoch I feel very lucky to have played alongside of him. Thanks Malcolm for the memories well done

  111. Mal A true champion anyone who played against or with this legend or even got to no or meet Garry has the same opinion. So lucky to have done all of that. He’s a champion.

  112. Great work Malcolm. Growing up loving Norwood and then getting to play for the Legs was a dream come true. His ability to make you feel at ease the moment you met him was one of his great talents. To have people you looked up to like Macca, Lester Ross, Aishy, Keith Thomas, Klaebs, Craig Balme and Jerry D’Antiochia (to name a few) as senior players when I was starting to get a game made the club a great place to be. To have Macca’s voice around you on and off the field was amazing. He had pretty good form in backyard cricket too.

  113. G Mac was the guitarist in The Unregistered Dogs and owned the stage. He would slam grappa backstage and then make men and women sweat with his riffs. Renowned for demanding total commitment to the cause from fellow band members and could have gone global if it wasn’t for his commitment to the Kensi-Legs games.

  114. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bryce the comradeship and respect that group who played together for sa is special and a huge part of our success in state footy during that era no surprise that,Macca was the ring leader.Robert couldn’t agree more.Richard Macca would have absolutely dominated the vfl especially re the wet and muddy grounds back then just to show other footy followers how good he was I no Tony Francis regards,Macca as a better player than,Greg Williams.Tom that is Macca all over always thinking and helping doing the best thing possible for the game overall ohh how so many people could learn off Garry McIntosh.
    Smelty v well put about Both Macca and Froggy.Obba well said.Benny remember you are father( Dennis ) and son combination to play for the legs a significant achievement in itself also glad you mention some of the senior players who had a significant influence on yourself and others from that era.Rac absolutely loved it and great to hear from you ( I admit some comments I had forgotten about apologies)
    The article came up re a comment on Facebook yesterday and sparked some fresh interest thank you

  115. If he came to the VFL, he would have been compared to the diesel. even seen as better. arguably the best ever on muddy grounds. Loved him

  116. Lovely tribute, Rulebook…

  117. Peter krieg says

    I’m not sure how I have got this article but it brings back huge memories. Macca and I played six years together at hope valley from u9 to u 15 and we won six premierships in six years. Any one From tea tree gully will hate us as we beat them every year. Macca was the first person to come up to me at hope valley u9 training and say hello as I was new to adelaide and we immediately got ourselves together and always challenged each other at training to be the best we could be. We would have kicking and handball comps every night. He became the most respected person I have seen as in sanfl and I am very proud to have grew up with him. He was a sensational player and the first man you would ever pick in a team no matter what state you are from. Well done on a great career. Kriegy

  118. Well what a total legend. My God. Football had never seen anything like him. 30 metre handballs that hit guys in full stride smh. His under the pack work was unbelievable. Toughness never matched that I can think of. Saw him play in a SA vs VIC state game, not sure if it was his first, if it wasn’t it was early in his state career. Anyway the Vics had no answer for him. You could see them looking at one another going “ who the hell is this guy beating the shit out of us that we’ve never heard of!!”

  119. Brilliant piece “Book.” That wonderful wordsmith Mike Coward really summed up Gary McIntosh: A loyalist who belonged to a different generation. Had an unconditional love for the Norwood Football Club similar to the great Barrie Robran’s love for North Adelaide.
    Perhaps young Gary was indirectly influenced by Robran. Both could have made millions had they taken their talents interstate. McIntosh was exactly the player the Crows needed at the beginning of their inception.
    Sounds like he would be a good guy to have a pint with!

  120. V entertaining featuring a youthful
    G McIntosh

  121. Paul Harradine says

    Malcolm Ashwood I think he was one of Norwoods all time greats and this is why I think that. He was totally committed to the red and blue, probably passed up a small fortune not going to victoria,an absolute stand out State player for many years never played a bad game for SA,courageous hard at the ball always,fearless and one of the best when it came to opening the game up with handball.A credit to himself,the club and the game.Would be an automatic selection in any of Norwoods best ever sides.And by all reports a great bloke as well. A lot of respect.

  122. I well remember the very first time I saw Macca in action. It was in a trial game under lights at Norwood in ’82. What an impression he made on me. I remember telling my fishing mate Dennis about a champion in the making we had coming through. I’ll never forget those brilliant long handballs to players out in the open – way better than those of Greg Williams. Pity he missed out on a third Magarey for that minor whack (some fans nicknamed him “Smacka”). Who could forget Macca’s three hundredth when the Legs walloped the Eagles at Woodville? Once again RB – love your work.

  123. Malcolm there was only one McIntosh,what a clubman, what a footballer, what a top person, every club would have loved to have one. We are all unique, in that there is only one of us ever, in all lifetimes. In my opinion, Mc Intosh has left that same type of uniqueness in the SANFL and Norwood F.C. being the person and the player he was in his dedication to the game of football. Cheers JK.

  124. Paul McCormack says

    I was fortunate enough to play with Greg Williams and Gary McIntosh.
    The only thing that separates them was the foot they kicked with really.
    GAZZA was more of a team person and true captain while Greg was more of a pure champion ( selfish for the ball)
    GAZZA made others better as did Williams and they excelled on the big stage both winning State Medals etc.
    Off the field Greg was very quite and a good fella. GAZZA was a awesome bloke in a rock band , getting around all the young blokes , inclusive and a great story teller.
    Best to leave it there I reckon but before I do ( both were as hard at the ball as was possible repeated in and at the ball ) Greg got more disposals GAZZA heaps of touches too with more tackles !
    Hard to split 1 2 Brownlow s 1 3 Margery’s.
    Merry Christmas ?

  125. Great to read Paul McCormack’s comments about Macca and Greg Williams – most enjoyable. Anyway, a short while ago Rulebook gave his top Norwood side since he was following the Legs. I couldn’t really fault his selections but felt it was a pity he couldn’t find spots for Rod Seekamp (a fantastic centreman) and PAUL McCORMACK (a great team man, always hard at the ball and a real delight to watch)
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and keep safe..

  126. Not wrong a bloody great champion, tuff as and the only man I have ever seen constantly hitting team mates on the chest thirty mtrs away on the bottom of a pack under enormous pressure very strong and brilliant. The great 28 gentleman John being one of his main mentors.

  127. Perry Kingston-Lee says

    A mate and I went to ACT v SA, think in his retirement year. I Turned to my Canberran friend and said keep an eye on him, Garry McIntosh. Hes a gun. He along with Robran are the two best croweaters never to have played VFL/AFL.
    Then right in front of us Macca was standing the mark. The Canberra fella with the ball had nothing forward so he kicked to a teammate in the centre. No sooner had the guy marked it and Macca was there to standing his mark!. This guy in the centre couldn’t find an option forward either and chipped the ball toward a teammate on the opposite wing. Macca must of seen this in slow motion as he sprinted off and was standing the mark again. 3 times in a row… I could believe what I was seeing..
    Also remember game at parade mid 80s Macca turned and belted a Bulldog.. A bloke sitting in front lept to his feet and yelled gleefully and in a Canadian accent: ” F_ _ _! are you allowed to do that”!!!

  128. Well put together Malcolm . Garry was a product of the very successfull junior programme at Norwood instigated by wally miller. John wynne coached the boys on Sunday mornings . Glen McCallum was part of the successfull team who co,ordinated local junior coaches to inform them of boys showing talent on the field .garry Macintosh even at 12 years showed outstanding ability at all aspects of football mainly kicking hand balling , marking most of all his ability to read the game and put himself in a position to gain posession..his courage at the contest was unquestionable . He had excellent pace and good hands . When he did gain posession it went to a teammate . I am so proud of Garry the way he has passed his skills on to junior footballers. He has made an enormous contribution to the Payneham Norwood Union football club..both clubs may not have existed without his input Keep up the good work Garry .

  129. Peter Nanotti says

    There is only ‘One Garry McIntosh !!’ (and will always be..)
    The on field memories are many..Tough as nails..A team man through and through..His undying loyalty !???
    The ‘special’ memories off field… the toughest of times one can face in life… are ones that made this man..a man !…my eyes..!
    Behind the scenes is Zia.. a beautiful woman who has stuck by his matter what !
    Having worked in many areas in our club..nobody is talked about (fondly)…as much as ‘Macca !!!’
    ‘Macca’ is a true legend of our Great Club !
    The Norwood Football Club ???

  130. Earlier this year there has been a lot of talk of the Crows’ Brad Crouch. One of the criticisms of him was his defensive handballs.I firmly believe the club should have sat him down to watch clips of GARRY MciINTOSH executing his marvelous long attacking handballs to a Norwood player in the clear. Macca was uncanny in his ability to invariably pick out a teammate in the clear either with foot or,especially with those brilliant handballs.
    Macca was an outstanding Redleg (and state player) all the years he played. A true champion of the Norwood Football Club.

  131. Philip Ginever says

    Excellent read, and very well written. Thank you. As a staunch Port supporter and being an older brother to 7 time premiership player, captain and later coach Tim Ginever, I have always held Macca in high regard, as does Tim, and such was my respect for him I’d have to say that he was by far, my favourite Norwood player. In fact, he was probably the only one I’ve ever liked , I always said “bloody hell, that Macca is a hard nut, never seen a Norwood player that tough,, he plays that hard you’d think he came from Port Adelaide!” LOL… Great article , congrats to Macca, fantastic footballer, true blue ( & red) loyal as a pet dog ( a dying breed , loyal players) and the toughest of adversaries. It was a pleasure to watch the man play throughout his great career, even though he was often a major thorn in our side, and although i despised Norwood as our arched rivals, it was always the most enjoyable of games ,Port v Norwood, always a highlight, with the best opposition crowd banter you would hear in any sport, sometimes a little heated but always a great laugh and fun rivalry. Sad to have seen those days pass.. Always evenly matched & hardest of battles to win any bloody game against them let alone grand finals ! Tim played for 14 years at Port, winning 7 premiership including 3 as captain, but at either end of his career there were Norwood premiership! The 1984 grand final was his first and the 1997 his last, bloody Norwood book ends! Yes I don’t particularly like Norwood but I do Respect the club , its supporters ( they know their football) and THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL, Gary Macintosh. ..Cheers and thanx again for the read, I will be looking into the finances to purchase a book or two.

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