Neil Young. Markus Zusak. Stereo Story.

Markus Zusak is the author of the The Book Thief, the 2005 novel that sold millions and was made into a film starring  Sophie Nelisse and Geoffrey Rush. That doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to write the next novel.

Which Neil Young song has helped Zusak get words on the page for his next book, a book that has been nearly a dozen years in the making?

See, in the beginning, writes Zusak, I’d started writing this book called Bridge of Clay, and I knew it would be hard; I thought it would take three years. At last count it’s hit eleven. I’ve been married to it, divorced it, slapped it, killed it, went to a self-imposed jail for it – only for it to be my cellmate, mocking me from the top bunk – with all its filthy habits.

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