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The Cricinfo website has just undergone an extensive process to pick their all-time World Eleven. This is the team they arrived at.

ESPNcricinfo All-Time World XI- these blokes can play a bit.

1st XI
Jack Hobbs
Len Hutton
Don Bradman
Sachin Tendulkar
Viv Richards
Garry Sobers
Adam Gilchrist
Malcolm Marshall
Shane Warne
Wasim Akram
Dennis Lillee

The 2nd XI isn’t exactly shabby either.

Sunil Gavaskar
Barry Richards
George Headley
Brian Lara
Wally Hammond
Imran Khan
Alan Knott
Bill O’Reilly
Fred Trueman
Muttiah Muralitharan
SF Barnes

As always with these exercises, debate will rage long and passionately. Cricinfo were concerned with the best. But we at the Almanac realise excellence isn’t compulsory, just a bonus. Sport isn’t always about the best, but may also be about the mediocre, or the hopeless.

We invite you to submit an XI of your choosing. They may be your best, they may just be your favourites. Perhaps they were the best Victorian country cricketers, or the best district cricketers to never represent the state. You might want to pick eleven whose names rhyme (Gigs, we’re thinking of you here). Or a side of the best lefties. A rock ‘n’ roll XI?

Anyway, you get the picture. Pick whatever side takes your fancy. No prizes are offered, just the admiration of your peers.

Let your imaginations run free folks.

You may also want to comment on Cricinfo’s efforts.


  1. John Butler says

    I was rather tickled by Peter Roebuck’s Stodgy XI:

    Glenn Turner
    Geoff Boycott
    Herbert Sutcliffe
    Bill Woodfull
    Douglas Jardine
    Ken Mackay
    Jack Russell
    Trevor Goddard
    Bapu Nadkarni
    Charlie “Terror” Turner
    Glenn McGrath
    Trevor Bailey (12th man)

    Chris Tavare (coach)
    Mike Brearley (manager)

  2. Peter Flynn says

    The most famous stone-waller Alec Bannerman for Turner.

  3. I love Roebuck’s team, but why even list below 3…on a flat track, they’d bat and that’s that!

  4. Peter Flynn says

    Roebuck is being unkind to Sutcliffe who’d be my first pick to bat on a ‘sticky dog’.

    How many times did Sutcliffe bat at three? I’ll say never.

    He batted at six once in Adelaide. He opened the rest of the time.

  5. John Butler says

    PF, I agree re Bannerman.

    Sutcliffe would qualify just on grounds of being a Yorkshireman.

  6. 1st XI
    Clive Loyd
    Len Hutton
    Don Bradman
    Sachin Tendulkar
    Viv Richards
    Garry Sobers
    Adam Gilchrist
    Micheal Holding
    Joel Garner
    Shane Warne
    Dennis Lillee/Richard Hadlee

    12 man Ray Bright as he made it an art form for Australia

  7. Andrew Fithall says

    B: Nick Maxwell, Nathan Brown, Alan Toovey
    HB: Harry O’Brien, Ben Reid, Heath Shaw
    C: Sharrod Wellingham, Dane Swan, Ben Johnson
    HF: Alan Didak, Travis Cloke, Luke Ball
    F: Dayne Beams, Chris Dawes, Steele Sidebottom
    Foll: Darren Jolly, Scott Pendlebury, Dale Thomas
    I/C: Tyson Goldsack, Leigh Brown, Brent Macaffer, Jarryd Blair

  8. Andrew,
    Fitting given how much time they spend going to the boundary. Swan and Beams wouldnt be able to bowl as the batsmen would have grounds for appeal based on not being able to see the ball out the hand because the tats. Shaw and Maxwell to deep leg and 3rd man so they dont have to defend an opponent and can play unaccountable cricket.

  9. John Butler says


    Hopefully your team doesn’t become as one-dimensional as some of the supporters.

    Sooooo 2010 that team.

  10. John Butler says

    Mike Selvey named a team of lefties.

    C.Lloyd (c)
    A.Gilchrist (wk)

  11. John Butler says

    VFL players to have played test cricket:

    Warwick Armstrong (c)
    Keith Miller
    Jack Worrall
    Graeme Watson
    Sam Loxton
    Simon O’Donnell
    Ted McDonald
    Gil Langley (wk)
    Laurie Nash
    Max Walker
    George Tribe
    Roy Park (12th man)

  12. David Downer says

    The theme of my XI may become apparent reading down the batting order…

    Trevor Barker
    Danny Frawley
    Nathan Burke
    Darrel Baldock
    Ian Stewart
    David Grant
    Lenny Hayes
    Max Hudghton
    Fraser Gehrig
    Steven Baker
    Leigh Montagna
    Nick Riewoldt (12th man)

  13. Peter Flynn says

    Dr Roy Park was leading goalkicker for University after the home-and-away rounds of 1913. Pretty fair effort.

    He played one Test under The Big Ship’s captaincy in 1920/21 and made a golden duck in his only venture to the crease.

    The story goes that he was being a doctor all night prior to his innings.

    His wife missed his entire Test career as a batsman.

    She dropped her knitting and as she was picking up her knitting, 1-116 became 2-116.

  14. David Downer says

    In similar vein, my team of “Suspect Draft choices” in correct batting/draft pick order.

    1.Richard Lounder
    2.Andrew Walker
    3.Aaron Fiora
    4.Richard Tambling
    5.Brock McLean
    6.Murray Vance
    7.Danny Roach
    8.Jarrod Oakley-Nicholls
    9.Caydn Beetham
    10.Chris Egan
    11.Richard Cole
    12th man – Paul Koulouriotis

  15. #13. I always said you could miss out on a lot of important things in life by just doing the knitting.

  16. WTF??


    Have I got a keeper?

  17. John Butler says


    What about John Maclean or Tim Zoehrer?

  18. John Butler says

    You could pick a political XI.

    The problem would be today’s lot would all be stodgy openers or military medium pacers.

  19. #12 What? No room for Harvey?

  20. Far be it for me to even moderately tread on Crio’s ground, but anyone see the theme for this XII?

    Sam Trimble
    Matty Hayden
    Greg Chappell
    Allan Border
    Ian Botham
    Andrew Symonds
    Ian Healy
    Trevor Hohns
    Jeff Thomson
    Carl Rackemann
    Geoff Dymock
    12th man: Me!

  21. John Butler says

    All played for Queensland?

  22. Peter Flynn says


    Kevin Wright

  23. Team name: Australia B

    1. Charles Bannerman
    2. Bill Brown
    3. Don Bradman
    4. David Boon
    5. Allan Border (c)
    6. Michael Bevan
    7. Richie Benaud
    8. Jack Blackham (wk)
    9. Andy Bichel
    10. Nathan Bracken
    11. Doug Bollinger

    Coach: John Buchanan

  24. Correct JB. Excepting me. Did play in the Bali Geckos CC first ever Premiership tho. In one of the great debut performances of all time. Bowling figures: 0.1 overs, 0 runs, 1 wicket. Batting: 4 runs not out. Took the last wicket of their innings, was there with the Captain, who made it clear under no circumstances was I to score the winning runs…)

    Also, on the tenuously connected line of cricket sledging.

    I was fishing with my uncle and a couple of cousin one time in Northern NSW. One cousin said to Uncle:
    “We should call you Andrew Symonds”.
    “All you do is pass us the drinks, while we do all the work…”

    Uncle wasn’t catching any fish, while we were and, at the time, Simmo was on a fair run of 12th mans in Test Matches, so it was perhaps funnier at the time…

  25. As a traditionalist, it pains me to say it, but this team put Australian cricket back on the map. It was not long before the 89 Ashes; I will leave you to decipher the why/when/how:
    S Waugh
    Truly a win against all odds.

  26. Here’s one to try and guess……

    S.Law (C)
    P.Emery (WK)

  27. John Butler says

    Superb #26 Stmookeyj

    One test wonders.

  28. John Butler says

    Rock and Roll XI

    Elvis Presley- the Memphis flash is used to being first out of the sheds. Not afraid of the spotlight.

    Buddy Holly- another good ol’ country boy. Should have a good understanding with Elvis

    James Brown- need versatility and the ability to carry the show? Look no further than Soul Brother Number 1

    Mick Jagger- calculating, quick runner between wickets. Will always want to be captain.

    Johnny Cash- a weighty middle order presence, needed to separate Jagger and Richards.

    Keith Richards- swashbuckling batsman. Will argue frequently with Jagger about who’s captain

    Keith Moon- will lay down a back beat no ball shall pass. Inclined to play up at after-match drinks.

    Jerry Lee Lewis- tearaway quick. Bowls at furious pace. inclined to be erratic.

    Chuck Berry- insistent, consistent fast medium. Knows all the tricks.

    Little Richard- another tearaway. Occasional patches of divine inspiration.

    Roy Orbison- the Big O flights his offies with loop and drama. Can’t bat.

  29. John Butler says

    Smokie88 #25

    Isn’t that the team that won the World Cup in ’87?

  30. Peter Flynn says


    The second word gave it away.

  31. We’d have to knock ’em over cheaply as there ain’t too much ability with the stick, but here goes

    Joslin L


  32. #31…..
    Great stuff, Mic.
    And any game that team played would definitely be played at the Western Oval.
    A good mate of mine played at Footscray for many years through the late 80’s and early 90’s.
    I once asked him who were the best cricketers he had seen at that level. He named three:
    Peter Young, an Essendon batsman who played some shield games; Simon Davis (who ended up
    playing Test and one-day cricket for Australia: but towering above them all was A.I.C. Dodemaide. He reckoned “Dodders” was far and away Victoria’s best cricketer in that era.

    Correct again, JB.
    That was back when one-day cricket had (a little more) meaning and interest.

  33. Graeme WOOD
    Frank WORRALL (c)
    Mark WAUGH
    Doug WALTERS
    Steve WAUGH
    Clyde WALCOTT (wk)
    Shane WARNE
    Max WALKER
    Bob WILLIS
    Courtney WALSH

    12th man: Everton WEEKES

    Ignore the first names and just read the side out loud as quickly as you can.

  34. #32 – Smokie


    What’s was your mates name from the Dogs ?

    Peter Young – Was he originaly from the Geelong area ? Very handy bat. Simon Davis & Andrew Scott formed a marvellous opening attack for Prahran in the early 80’s, at the same time we were able to call on the services of Dodemaide, Miller & Hughes. That attack would be quite a handful on the WO – New venue (Hughes Oval)is a bit more placid.

    Have to keep it tight as I failed to nominate a keeper


  35. Mic
    as keeper, the one and only Rainer Reber would not be out of place in that line-up.
    Mate’s name is Paul Burns, opened the batting for many years.

  36. John Butler says


    Elmer Fudd would be in heaven.

  37. Peter Flynn says

    F Martin
    T Richardson
    AE Hall
    CV Grimmett
    CS Marriott
    K Farnes
    AV Bedser
    Mohammad Zahid
    AL Valentine
    JK Lever
    ND Hirwani

    4 or so others could have made this side. Who are they?

  38. #35 – Smokie

    Very handy bat Paul Burns. Would’ve opened the batting, at some stage, with Patrick Smith’s good mate Tony Paone.

    Lindsay James ahead of RR for the gloveman position


  39. David Downer says

    Guess the theme here….

    R.Ponting (shhh, don’t tell anyone)
    M.Greatbatch (wk – er, I think he kept once)
    D.Lillee …eventually
    M.Vaughan (12th)

    Extended squad: Jayasuriya, Azharuddin, Sehwag

  40. Tony Roberts says

    37. Flynn’s team: all took 10+ wickets in their first Test. (This side might require a bench of designated batsmen.)

    39. Downer’s team: all were dropped at some time in their Test careers (mostly early) but came back. Dennis Amiss might also be worth considering… or is it something to do with hair replacement?

  41. Peter Flynn says

    Cheers Tony,

    Good get and appreciate the dearth in batting.

    I deliberately omitted 2 Aussies.


  42. 1. Mike Atherton
    2. Justin Langer
    3. Rod Marsh (wk)
    4. Jimmy Adams
    5. Mudassar Nazar
    6. Mohammad Azharuddin
    7. Chris Cairns
    8. Anil Kumble
    9. Fidel Edwards
    10. Andy Roberts
    11. Dale Steyn

    Clue: Look at the surnames

  43. David Downer says

    40. Tony, nicely played – it was a “follicularly challenged” ensemble.

    42. Tidy work Adam. A-L-M-A-N-A-C-K-E-R-S

  44. Steve Fahey says

    Dips #16

    May I respectfully nominate Roger Woolley ?

  45. Steve Fahey says

    Actually, I can put Roger Wolley in hos own team

    Roger Binny
    Chris Rogers
    Roger Harper
    Roger Woolley (c)(wk)
    Roger Federer
    Roger Milla
    Mat Rogers
    Roger Merrett
    Roger Dean
    Roger Hayden
    Roger Bannerman (to be used as a runner in the event of an earlier batsman being injured and requiring one)
    12th man Roger Voudouris (OK he’s a muso, but I loved Get Used To It)

    Coach/Trainer : Graeme Rogerson

  46. Steve – It’s lucky they’re not a group of Air Force pilots otherwise communication would be very confusing!

  47. Steve Fahey says

    #45 Whoops no.11 is Roger Bannister not Roger Bannerman (the early 60s rock star who liked a drop or two of acid)

  48. Mick Jeffrey says

    I was hoping Roger Ramjet would get in as 12th man.

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