NAB Cup, Round 1: Go you Roo boys!

by Josh Barnstable

What a great way to start the NAB Cup for North Melbourne with a first round match against Geelong, just terrific, thanks a lot AFL. Despite the fact that I knew we would get absolutely flogged, Dad and I planned to go to the game, and soon enough we had all planned to meet up with fellow Almanackers Steve Healy, Damian Watson, Michael Allan and newcomer Adam Bulman and his Dad.

I’d been counting down the days until the match, excited to see my friends, excited to be back at the footy, and excited to see North Melbourne in their first match under new coach Brad Scott. On the train from Seymour, I read the rest of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and look out the window at the interesting sights the suburbs of Melbourne have to offer. I arrive in Melbourne at about 3:37, a couple of minutes later than the designated time of meet on the bridge connecting Etihad Stadium to Southern Cross Station. I spot Michael first, and notice Steve is next to him. Damo and Adam are also standing nearby, so I make my way over towards them, a bit more settled than I was at the Almanac launch last year. We greet, and it’s not long before Michael mocks me about being from the country, yes I know what a building is! We make our way over to the gates and get our tickets before making our way through the gates. We go down the elevator and go towards the gate that separate us from the North Melbourne rooms. The guy at the gate says Scott won’t let anyone in before the game, and its unlikely we’ll get in at half time or after the match. Bah, great coach he is! I want Dean Laidley back.

We go back up the elevator and find some seats in the forward pocket with some good shade. Quality seats in my opinion. Dad sits next to me, I sit next to Michael, Michael sits next to Damo and Damo sits next to Steve, while Adam and his Dad sit in the row in front of us. I also notice Aaron Edwards, Nathan Grima, Daniel Wells and Lindsay Thomas sitting in the row ahead of us. I can hear them talking. I stand up and go to the edge of the row and see the Roos run out on the field, minus youngsters Marcus White and Ben Speight. Robbie Tarrant will be the only inexperienced player wearing royal blue and white today. The Cats run out in their clash strip, Mitch Duncan one of the debutants for them today. The game starts and one of my favourite players Ben Warren bobs up to kick the first goal, before Cam Mooney and Tom Hawkins reply for the Cats, the latter being a super goal. Hawkins kicks a normal 6-pointer before Warren replies for the Roos, sending me into a loud cheer and sending the Roos into quarter time just eight points down. I decide to go get a drink while the rest of them stand up and have a stretch. I return and decide to sit next to Adam in the row in front of Steve, Damo and Michael. We talk about many things, and share a few laughs, especially when Michael innocently asks, “Who is number 14 for Geelong?” We also laugh at the fact that Danni is missing out on a great game. The Roos burst out of the blocks with goals to Leigh Harding, Andrew Swallow, Corey Jones and Leigh Adams, with a super goal to Warren taking the margin out to five goals. I look back at Steve. “So, you still think the Cats by 75 points?” He says he does. What a stupid Melbourne supporter. The Cats mount a challenge late with goals through Mitch Duncan and Mooney, cutting the margin back to 18 points at half time, 1.4.2 to 1.6.8.

We go for a quick walk to the changerooms again, and luckily we are allowed in, but only two at a time. I let Adam go in first with my Dad, seeing as he has to leave early to go to a basketball match. Soon enough though, we are all allowed in. We pile in and get some good photos of the players having a rest and getting a rubdown, while I hear Adam do his best impersonation of a little girl who he encountered recently. As we file back out, we wait for the players to run past. I go to put my hand out to pat them on the back but I decide not too. Gavin Urquhart walks past clutching a bag of ice up to his eye; he is off for the rest of the game.

We bid farewell to Adam and his Dad, and are back in our seats to watch the second half. The Roos continue with their good form, getting out to a very comfortable 46-point lead with goals to Warren, Petrie and a super goal to Matthew Campbell. The Cats flick the switch though, and kick goal after goal after goal. Joel Selwood kicks a nine pointer, Mooney goals, Steve Johnson and Jimmy Bartel get amongst the goalkickers, James Podsiadly finally converts his first in AFL football, and Duncan kicks a classy goal from a tight angle to get the Cats within eight points at three quarter time, 2.9.2 to 2.9.10. I look back at Steve again. He is smiling smugly at me. I’ve had enough of it.

As the final quarter starts, I start contemplating the positives out of the game. We didn’t have our best side out on the park, still missing Lindsay Thomas, Nathan Grima, Ben Cunnington and Daniel Wells, who Michael doesn’t agree is in our best 22. I threaten to tell Wells that, seeing as he’s only a few seats away from us. A Travis Varcoe goal to put the Cats within just a point, and the inevitable is nearing. Podsiadly and Mooney both miss shots to put the Cats in front. The Roos start lifting, stopping the flow of Geelong attacks. Harding kicks a team-lifting goal, and the Roos are able to keep a hold of it as the time ticks away. Todd Goldstein gets free in the forward pocket and receives the ball. No one at Geelong seems to rate him as no player goes to him. Goldy is able to gather some composure and slot a magnificent goal on the run from a tight angle, sealing the game with not long left to go. Despite the previous quarter running into the 29th minute, which is very unusual for a NAB Cup game, the final quarter ends just into the 21st minute as David Hale lines up for goal. The North Melbourne crowd erupts, including Dad and I. Hale misses, the Roos have defeated the reigning premiers by 14 points. I don’t care if it’s a NAB Cup game; we beat the reigning premiers!

We quickly leave to get back into the changerooms, but we are told only two can go in at a time on this occasion. Dad goes in, I’m not quite sure why I didn’t go as well, but Steve, Michael, Damo and I start kicking the footy in the carpark. I grimace at the fact that Michael is attempting a banana kick, as he may hit a player’s car, not a good way to end a great afternoon. It comes off well though, nice to see he’s been practicing. Once again, we all get called over and are allowed all into the rooms. As I walk in, the Roos are just starting their team song. The first time I have heard it sung in front of me by the players. I take out my phone and start recording it. As they finish, I make my way over to the guys and start talking to them as the day wraps up. Dad announces that we have to leave, so we file out and start making our way to the exit of the stadium. As we walk out, we agree that we have to meet up again soon. Steve says that Damo, Michael and himself are going to get some dinner. I say goodbye to them, before realizing they said they were going to get dinner! I look back to see if I was in shouting distance but I could only just see them. Oh well, I’ll get them next time.

Its hard not to get excited about the effort the Roos put in against the Cats. They tackled hard, chased hard, kicked the ball long, handballed smartly and ran the lines. Brad Scott has got them going in a new direction. The highlight of the game was when Gay Ablett gathered the ball right in front of us in the forward pocket, ducked, dodged, weaved his way around a couple of opponents but was then slammed in a tackle, kicking it out on the full in the process. But just like the recent ACDC concerts that have wrecked the Coventry side of Etihad Stadium, It’s A Long Way To The Top if the Roos want a fifth premiership.

Geelong 1.2.1—1.4.2—2.9.2—

North Melbourne 0.2.2—1.6.8—2.9.10—


Supergoals: Selwood, Hawkins, Campbell, Warren

Geelong-Mooney 3, Duncan 2, Hawkins, Bartel, Podsiadly, Varcoe, Johnson

North Melbourne-Warren 3, Petrie 2, Harding 2, Jones, Swallow, Adams, Goldstein


North Melbourne-Anthony, Warren, Wright, Ziebell, Petrie, McIntosh, Greenwood

Geelong-Enright, Duncan, Selwood, Varcoe, Bartel


12,989 at Etihad Stadium (Should have been 12,990, Danni!)


3: Liam Anthony (NM)

2: Ben Warren (NM)

1: Sam Wright (NM)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Steve Healy says

    Well done Josh, oh and I agree with that crowd thing.

    Loved the last line, but im not a stupid Melbourne suppporter mate

  2. gotta go now, cya guys

  3. Thanks Steve, i didn’t think it was a very good article.

    Status – in food.

  4. Josh i think this is one of your best entries! how could you say it was bad?
    Good to see you fellas had a good time.
    i think North under Brad Scott, just pushed the red button and now everyone knows that to be very afraid.

    lol i want Laidley back too! :(

  5. Damian Watson says

    Great piece Josh,

    It was a good afternoon wasn’t it, it was a high-scoring third quarter which is probably responsible for the 29 minute finish.

    By the way Dean Bailey has secured his position as Demons coach for the next two seasons.

  6. Thanks guys.

    Fark i’m pissed off, i came home today, turned my laptop on and everything on it is gone. Completely gone. All my writing, all my music, all my files, everything. And the laptop is pretty much unuseable now, so i’m on the main computer for the time being, which means i can’t be on the computer while watching the footy anymore.

  7. shizen!! (pronounced SHYZEN)
    (that mean sh*t in German, not sure about the spelling though)
    well im gonna be off the net at 6:30 i have a sac 2mro so im break till then.

  8. Has anyone heard about Richmond and Collingwood putting forward a massive push to merge clubs by the end of 2011??

  9. Tomato?

  10. Tomato?

  11. No, no i don’t..

  12. Do you have a SOURCE?

  13. was just on the radio then..

    Apparantly the team name is gonna be Tiger Woods.

  14. hahahahahahah adam tomatosource!

    as much as i would love to say that business revsion is fun, ITS NOT!!! im so board, but i shouldnt complain cos atleast i was able to drop accounting

    speaking of business terms
    MERGING- when two or more businesses aagree to come together as one. this can be postive because they can own more marketshare.

    wheres…steve! :(
    i miss him

  15. Lol, i heard it on the radio this morning, pretty funny.

  16. Steve’s been texting me, he has no internet coz his sister was late to school or something.

    We were also talking about Round 2, i said i may be able to go down to Melbourne for Round 2 and watch all the games played in Melbourne that weekend on a footy marathon. Sounds exciting.

  17. Can anyone spot the mistake i made in this article in the last paragraph, second line? It was a mistake but it actually works out well.

  18. I spotted the error, and another one too in comment 19: the error was in the third line, not the second.

  19. On my computer its on the second line.

  20. nope, i dont go looking for mistakes when i read people’s work.
    i just like to read stuff, see what i can get out of it. :)

    status- business sac rev :(

  21. I made up a story today in English about a sewing machine and a cardboard box getting it on and making a baby toothbrush.

  22. 23-
    thats an interesting imagination you have Joshy….

    naaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww baby toothbrush!!
    *squeals* :)

  23. Has anyone seen page 9 of the Herald Sun?

  24. page NINE?

    nope, i havnt :(

    so Steves not gonna be on tonight?

  25. Hey guys, well what an eventful day I had today.
    Art was fun hey josh :/

  26. ello Jeff, art eyy?
    those were the days…

  27. Damian Watson says

    Just got back from cricket training.

    Shouldn’t you be studying Danni? lol

    Yeah Round 2 is pencilled down in my calender.

  28. 29- i am, but its killing me!! i cant sit here for hours looking at stuff about marketshare, Lare scale organisations, key performance indicators without wanting to fall asleep!

  29. Hey Damo, yeah art was very eventful Danni, tell yas soon gotta go eat tea lol cyas

  30. Melbourne v Collingwood, St Kilda v North, Richmond v Bulldogs and Hawthorn v Geelong in Round 2 possibly for me, sounds good :)

    Art was shit.

  31. 32- yeah well double lit was a drainer

  32. This class wasn’t a drainer, all we did was just sit there and talk while the teacher stood there and waited 20 minutes for the class to dye down, then we had to write an apology to the teacher, and i said he doesn’t know how to teach.

  33. 34- I blamed it all on a certain big headed person. . Lol

  34. 34- omg Josh!! wow thats to mean!
    even if its true you dont say it!

  35. Another teacher was meaner too him lol

  36. He doesn’t though. And he said he wants honest answers..

    But seriously, if the class is talking a bit, do you:

    a, Tell them to shut up and get on with the work
    b, Stand there with your eyes shut not saying a word and after 20 minutes giving us all a detention?

    We even tried to get our art books out to start work but he wouldn’t let us, then he just walks out, comes back and finds we all have our books out and working, and grabs them all and puts them in the backroom.

  37. nawww poor joshyy, see if i was at your school this wouldnt have happ.

  38. Lol Barn in our case 2 detentions lol

  39. 39: Were you talking about comment 37? If so, Jeff meant another teacher was meaner to the teacher who was mean to us..

  40. well cnt say it doesnt happen, some teachers do take option B which is not the way to go cos then First of all its normally one group who wont shut-up and not the whole class which is being disruptive. That’s when I get angry just tell them to shut-it and get on with the lesson I recond.

  41. 40: I ain’t showin up

  42. 41- ohh i thought anothe teacher was being ‘meaner’ lol to you.

  43. 43- :/ I have too got him 3-4 and 5-6 :@ GAH!!!

  44. 44: Yeah our P.E teacher was drunk down the street and made some pretty hurtful comments about our Art teacher. Very funny.

    We were hardly talking though, Jeff and I and our group were just talking amongst ourselves quietly and laughing at other people, but we weren’t overly loud.

    I was the first to get 2 detentions for talking too much, what do you think of that Danni? Told you i’m normaly loud lol. But i didn’t even deserve them, i did nothing!

  45. lmaoo what is it with you guys only being shy around me then?? ( minus mikey)
    im deff not intimadating especially with my height! lmaoo
    i dont think i have ever had a detention…

  46. 47: Teachers pet..

  47. 48- darn right! :)

    lol i do however get told off for uniform and makeup…only in scarce occassions.

  48. Damian Watson says

    Just been watching the Chasers.

    What is the biggest punishment you guys have ever recieved at school? lol

  49. 49- I think im like the only kid that hasnt been told off for wearing shoelaces a different colour then black. There Green :)

  50. I always get told off for uniform. Coz i got paint marks all over my school shirt and i don’t wear a plain white undershirt.

  51. Lol this one time my history teacher for some reason thought I was leaving the school (turned out to be another chick leaving) and she went to the coordinator and begged her to call my parents so that I wouldn’t leave! Lmaoo true story.

  52. 50: Well, all the boys got called into the Gym in Year 8 i think for a very serious discussion of something that happened in the boys toilets. You can probably guess what happened..

  53. 50- ummm probably along the lines of this Damo:

    ‘Danielle get that necklace off before i confiscate it!’


    ‘Would it be possible for you to wear a little less makeup, im not saying dont wear any but just wear less’

    lmaoo thats about it really.

  54. 53: Lol in Careers today there was some hot chick who had been at our school (coz of the beauty course we have every Wednesday) and she was wearing a singlet top and all the boys in the class went to the window and were looking at her, she noticed and “dropped” her book and bent her to pick it up and looked back at us and walked off. Lol it was funny

  55. 56: Sorry, she was leaving the school so we all crowded around the window to get a good look of her.

  56. 56- lmaoo ohh geez, guys and thier wierdo perving habits!

    although that did help me know what to wear when i met Jack, lmaoo SINGLET TIME! lol

  57. Damian Watson says

    Our school is fairly strict on make-up for girls, as soon as your caught you stay an hour after school.

    I always hate it when our principal gives the year level lectures if something is wrong.

  58. What’s the biggest thing you’ve done Damo?

    Girls at our school seem like they dip their face in makeup, it’s actually quite ugly. Feel like saying to them “would you like some face with that makeup”?

  59. 59- gee wow thats strict alright. we get told and made to take it off, but i dont wear face makeup, just eyemakeup so i have never been told to take it off.

  60. Damian Watson says

    Hmmm I’ve never had a detention although teachers particularly if they’re old constantly tell me to stop talking in class, I know it sounds like I’m a goody-goody but thats about it.

  61. 60- well if they wear that much in the country imagine here in the city, ill tell ya they look orange.

  62. 62- lol i got told off in business clas today, my friend said something to me that was funny as and i just couldnt help myself…lol

  63. I’ve never had a direct detention, only ones that have been given out to the class.

  64. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s the same with me.

    Danni how do I look like I’m going to play tennis in that photo? lol

    Craig Bird is out for a few months with a leg or foot injury.

  65. 66: You sorta do Damo, the runners and white socks with the tennis-looking shirt lol.

  66. lmaoo you seriously do Damo!
    the shorts and the top look like a tennis outfit! i was like NAWW tennis playing Damo!! :)

  67. Damian Watson says

    I love my polo shirts lol.

    By the way good to hear that you’re confident of your oral performance.

    status- listening to Alanis

  68. So, who is everyones tip for the weekend? Mine:

    Hawks by 27 points
    West Coast by 12 points
    St Kilda by 32 points
    North Melbourne by 23 points

  69. Damian Watson says

    I was referring to Danni in that last comment lol.

  70. 69- you rock those polo shirts damo! Lol

    naww thanks, i think i did well, i hope lol nothing i can do now anyways!

    STATUS- annoyed at business teacher..he said we need to know ethics but ite like 6 pages of info and we didnt do any of it class…

  71. …i hope the Saints lose!!
    stupid fake tan Princess Riewoldt!!

  72. I hope they lose too, so the Roos will play Sydney instead of the Saints in the third round. That’s if we beat Freo.

    Alanis? never heard of her.

  73. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I hope the Saints lose as well, the Hawks-Bulldogs match should be a cracker.

  74. West Coast v Port Adelaide is a very tight match too.

    Should be good to see Hall play, as well as the traitor down at the Hawks.

  75. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it will be intresting to see how Gibson gels with his younger defensive teammates.

  76. 77: Break a leg Josh Gibson, seriously.

    I want to see a North Melbourne draftee get a game this weekend, Ryan Bastinac, Ayden Kennedy or Norris. Even Majak Daw.

  77. Damian Watson says

    I think Ayden Kennedy was actually recruited from Wantirna South so I hope he has an admirable start to his career.

    It was good to see your dad shake Majak’s hand.

  78. I bet Daw has shook hands with at least 500,000 people since he was drafted.

  79. Damian Watson says

    Every high profile player has shaken hands with thousands of fans lol.

  80. 78- rofl soo meann!!

    yeah who cares about shaking hands! lets get some hugging action please!! :)

  81. I wonder if Brock McLean gives the same treatment to fans who try to shake his hand.

  82. ..i shoulda hugged JACK…im so stupid!!

    status -regretful and annoyed at self..


    For anyone who wants to relive that awesome second half..

  84. status- looking like a gangster! :)

  85. Did ya but the tatto on ya shoulder ? lol

  86. 87- lol nah ill do that 2mro morning! :)
    yayyyyyyyyyy!! JACK tattoo!! :)

    lmao my friend and i have this one move in the dance where its just us two and so we are each gonna wear a knee-high sock ill wear the right one and shes gonna wear one on her left foot! lmaoo

  87. Steve Healy says

    thats how you do it

  88. do what Steve?
    where were u yesterday! :(

  89. Steve Healy says

    My sister was late for school, so my Dad decided to turn the internet off for the night. For the whole afternoon, I was walking around my house, oh yeah and it was also my sisters birthday. But in the end, i learnt a lesson, the internet is good, but one day without it doesn’t dampen the spirits of one self.

  90. Has anyone heard this? It’s the Gold Coast theme song, at least it claims to be, and it’s absolutely horrible.

  91. Steve Healy says

    Adam get with the times, that video was ages ago

  92. 91- lmaoo
    you guys shoulda seen my teachers reaction when we did the whole dance and showed him what he had to do lmaoo
    he was laughing so hard, especially at the part where me and my friend go in the middle and do our thing! lmaooo
    2mro is going to be a fun bludge.

    hmmmm i dont know if i should listen to it..i dont want my ears to bleed.

  93. Damian Watson says

    91- The last part of that comment is actually a good quote.

    Yeah the Gold Coast song is a little ordinary, has anyone heard the Brisbane Bears song? I found it intresting.

  94. 95- is it diff from the Bris Lions current song? cos my teacher goes on and on about how its really the French National anthem. lol

  95. Steve Healy says

    I loved that song.

    Whats so funny about comment 91? It wasn’t a joke

  96. Never heard the Bears song.

    I get to bludge a bit tomorrow with the primary school swimming sports, so effectively my week ended today.

    Nice to see Ryan Bastinac is in the squad for North Melbourne’s match on Sunday.

  97. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the Brisbane Lions song is to the exact same tune of the French national anthem, the Gold Coast theme is completely different.

  98. Steve Healy says

    You haven’t heard the BEARS THEMEE SONG?

  99. lol Steve its just funny…

    ps- im such a cool gangster…i should adopt this fashion for my everyday :)

  100. 100: No, i have not.

  101. Just listened to the Brisbane Bears song then. It’s not dissimilar to the West Coast and Freo songs.

  102. Steve Healy says


  103. Steve Healy says

    103- Well your kind of right they are slow and repetitive

  104. Steve Healy says

    Yes Gysberts is in the Dees squad. I cant wait till saturday

  105. yes STEVE? :)

  106. Best theme song: Adelaide
    Best theme song sung live: North Melbourne

  107. Steve Healy says

    Nothing just admiring your name

  108. Best theme song: Richmond
    Best theme song sung live: Richmond

  109. Steve Healy says



  110. 109- REALLY???

  111. Damian Watson says

    Speaking of theme songs have you guys heard any of the makeshift club songs?

    I think Mike Brady altered the version of the Collingwood song in the 1980’s and from memory for a couple of seasons the Swans theme song was to the tune of Up There Cazaly.

    Apparently there was a fight after school too bad I didn’t see it lol.

  112. 109: Ha
    110: Haha
    111: HAHA!

  113. 110- freo!!

  114. I really like the way Stevey Milne gets into the theme song only thing i like about him though

  115. Damian Watson says

    108- You’re kidding!

  116. 117: Why?

  117. Steve Healy says

    yes it changed to “up there for Sydney” in 2001-2002

  118. Damian Watson says

    Adelaide? best theme song?

    I know I have agrudge against South Australia but still it’s not like the theme song sends shivers down the spines of supporters.

    Richmond would arguably have the best club song.

  119. status- painting nails blue

  120. 120: Arguably? WHAT?

  121. 120- FREO FREO FREO!!!

  122. 120- I think we have a great theme song, I think that Melbournes is the best though it just has something about it.

  123. Damian Watson says

    121- Carn the Blues!

    122- As a Carlton supporter it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t use the word ‘arguably’ lol.

  124. Well, to be fair, my favourite’s are Adelaide, the Bulldogs and the Swans.

  125. Steve Healy says

    124- Thanks Jeff.

    Yeah, it just has something about it

  126. 127: I haven’t heard it in a looooooooong time

  127. Comment 19 – I loaded this review to read and the first thing I saw was “Gay Ablett”.. My stupid sense of humor means I zero in on stuff like that.

    Also Josh, how the hell are you online? Did you get it working or are you using that dialup connection I gave you?

  128. YOU KNOW the collingwood song really hit it when you do the booty-shake to it! ;)

  129. Steve Healy says

    Thats not true, they won in Round 20 last year, and you could’ve heard it easily by listening to it via internet.

  130. And I forgot to add, let me know when you can bring your laptop down so I can fix the damn thing. AGAIN! Too much porn, I think ;)

    just kidding!

  131. 127- Yeah its my favourite, then goes tiges then the blues DA, DA, DA, DA, DA.

  132. hey hayley! :)
    do ya think id make a good gangsta?

  133. 65 – thats cos you’re a suck up, josh.

  134. Damian Watson says

    Ziebell will probably be a Roo for life Josh.

    Didn’t that match in Round 20 bring the lowest Melbourne crowd for the year?

  135. 132: 8)

    129: I put the broadband in the main computer.

  136. Steve Healy says

    I really can’t put theme songs in an order, the Dees theme song is just the most amazing to listen to.

  137. Damian Watson says

    Good to hear Jeff, the Blues song is classy isn’t it?

  138. 136: Yeah good on Jack, shows his fully commited to North instead of the dollars the GC would have offered him.

  139. Steve Healy says

    yep Damo, 13,004 people, the final score was 20.7 127 to 9.10 64 and I sat in row K seat 11

  140. Steve Healy says

    132- On ya Josh

  141. 140- he probably got a look at the GC jumper and ran for the hills more like!

  142. Hey Steve are you like the smartest in your year level?

  143. 139- It is, it also just has something about it lol, the start is the best start of any theme song goin’ round. Although I think Richmond have the best bit, that being of course the YELLOW AND BLACK bit lol.

  144. Steve Healy says

    144- No, no, no, im a very average student

  145. Damian Watson says

    Alright Steve it sounds like you know the MCG inside and out, her is a quick question:

    What is the odd white seat in the Great Southern Stand dedicated to?

  146. LOL!!! have you guys heard about my indian/iraqi/pakistani teacher that i can’t understand? This is a video that a kid at our school made of him:

  147. Really? You have an amazing memory for scores, I would’ve thought it would translate into being very smart at school.

  148. 148- HAAA so seen that today bloody crack up.

  149. 149- according to steve footy is more important than school lol

  150. Steve Healy says

    wrong, its cream coloured.

    Its where the biggest 6 was ever hit to, it was hit from the Memebers side.

    I think its in P17

  151. I can’t even remember what colour the seats are at Etihad. I think they are a pale green..

  152. Damian Watson says

    It’s white!

    Who was the player who hit the six? lol

    That’s a funny video, I once had a Chinese Science teacher that nobody could understand, I found it amusing when she tried to explain sex ed.

  153. 151- Footy is more important then school Danni.8)

  154. Steve Healy says

    In the words of Mike Brady

    “Me, I like football
    And there’s a lot of things around
    But when you line ’em up together
    Footy wins hands down”

  155. 151 and 155: It is. Even some of our teachers would say that.

  156. The ranga and who else ?

  157. guys, we run around the pool as a year level b4 we jump into the pool, should i take my collingwood flag? lmaoo

  158. 158- greg? lol

  159. I had a substitute English teacher once called Mr Emanuel. He had deep, black african skin, a completely bald head, and he came to school wearing a black suit and tie, as if dressed for a funeral.

    For 15 minutes after he walked in, he wrote on the whiteboard, without even acknowledging us. He seemed to be drawing up a table with a list of words in one column, and a blank space for their past tense in the next column. He did this all over the whiteboard.

    Eventually, he turned around and barked to the class in an almost indecipherable African accent “Wad id da parse ten sov do?” The few people who did understand mumbled “Done”. “NO!” he said. “Da parse ten sov do is DID! Avanyu lern enifin? Then he said “OK, Wad id da parse ten sov go?” A few people muttered “Gone.” “NO! he yelled, even more agitated “Id swent!” (It’s went)

    Then he went into a rant of which I didn’t understand much of, the general gist of that we were all stupid and should be back in kindergarten.

  160. Steve Healy says


  161. 160-Nah a teacher lol

  162. 162- im not its pretty a year 12 even show so im in a lot of stuff and i wanna have the bestest time ever without falling off the stairs during my moment! lol

  163. 161- rofl Adam i can so see you doing an impersonation! lmao

  164. Steve Healy says

    You’ve never even seen Adam before danni! how can you imagine him doing impersonations!

  165. On Sunday I did an impersonation of a small American-sounding girl (like 5 or 6) yelling “Show me your muscles, wildcat!” at me, which happened the day before when I went into Eltham Leisure Centre. I almost pissed myself laughing.

  166. Steve Healy says

    167- Yeah you told me that Adam that was funny

  167. Steve Healy says

    156- If anyone dares to suggest something is more important than footy- then I’ll Mike Brady you

  168. Yeah that was mainly for Danni’s benefit.

    169 – A number that has some sort of significance, but I have no idea what it is.

  169. 165- ive seen photos and i know what scott pendlebury looks like!! lol

    167- LMFAO she said that to you…naww she likes you!! or shes watched High School musical way too many times LMAO WILDCATS! lmao

  170. 169- Steve..i dont know you like that.

  171. Danni, I play for the Eltham Wildcats, she saw my basketball singlet.

  172. Steve Healy says

    172- I dont get it

  173. Steve Healy says

    169 is completely different to 69

  174. 167: fourth paragraph, i made reference to that Adam lol.

  175. 176 – The amount of games in the home and away season

  176. 173- OMG SEE im right she thought you were Troy Bolton! (zac efron)

    oh come on Steve its funny!!

  177. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I know, 69 is a great number

  178. Who’s Troy Bolton? Is he related to Mark Bolton?

  179. 179: Lol

  180. 180- Here ADAM


  181. Steve Healy says

    I love you Almanac

  182. i love you Jack Anthony

  183. Danni, Unfortunately I wear number 11.

    And this is what my basketball singlet looks like, the photo’s just a random one I found through google, its actually taken at my school.

  184. I love you Football

  185. the red one?
    scarey how u and pendles both have basketball talent….

  186. Steve Healy says

    184 and 186- I knew the sheep would follow me

  187. 188: Baaahh

  188. 189- nawwwwwwwwwwww sheepy!! :)

  189. Steve Healy says


  190. i love bob

  191. Well, detention was fun today. Only 4 people showed up (me and Jeff were 2 of them) so we got let out after 5 minutes while the rest of the class is gonna be given “special punishment” or something.

  192. Steve Healy says

    was that detention for ripping up the age Josh?

  193. 193- lol

    ohh guess what! i have a new nick name!!
    its JACK!
    and no im not joking.. :)

  194. Put it on the back of your Year 12 hoodie.

  195. Steve Healy says

    Jack, why would your nick name be that? Which Jack are you named after: Jack Trengove, Jack Watts or Jack Grimes

  196. 196- true that…only in another 20 years when i look back at it…its not gonna make sense! lol

  197. Well can you think of anything else other than Jack? Because Jonas will mean even less.

  198. 197: You mean Jack Ziebell

  199. Steve Healy says

    198- Are you saying you wont like footy in 20 years:

    “Me, I like football
    And there’s a lot of things around
    But when you line ’em up together
    The footy wins hands down”

  200. 197- :(

  201. well Adam, i think ill get PRETTY on the back lol

    status- sad face at steve :(

  202. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Danni, I can’t think of a Jack who plays for Collingwood

  203. How about Die? Because that’s your surname backwards.

  204. 204- :( :( :(

  205. Steve Healy says

    hahahah, your not pretty!

  206. 205- lol nah thats kinda creepy

    my nick names have be Danni, Jonas and not most recently Jack

  207. Steve Healy says

    207- your beautiful

  208. 207- excuse me!! well Jack obviously thought i was, staring at me when i was waiting in line!

  209. Just go for Danni, as long as there’s no other Danni’s in the year it should be fine.
    How about Stalker Jack? :P

  210. 209- …..stevee……..nawwwwwww

  211. 205: Haha i’ve never noticed that before.

  212. Steve Healy says

    Danni, the name on your back: FAB (Federer, Anthony, Brown)

  213. 211- lmaooo yeah then me and candy would match
    with Stalker bob and stalker jack

  214. 214- only problem is that i dont wanna have to explain to everyone who asks!

  215. Steve Healy says

    explain it tomorrow at school, ill help you explain it tomorrow to everyone, ill come with you. Pretend im a substitute teacher.

  216. 217 – WHAT?

  217. Steve Healy says


  218. You as a substitute teacher…what would you do, give all the girls a quiz?
    Question 1, In 2007, When Essendon played the Western Bulldogs at the then Telstra Dome, what was the final score?

    Danni might be interested to know I had a shave this morning.

  219. 220: I had a shave last night.

  220. lmaoo ADAM i told you not to shave!!

    lol nah steve just chooses the day where we are all in swimming attire to want to come to my school lmaoo

  221. Steve Healy says

    14.14 98 to 20.11 131

  222. Damian Watson says

    lol Steve it took you 4 minutes.

    Ever fancied yourself as a swimmer Danni?

  223. Steve Healy says

    Now I really wanna go, your friends better have attractive bodies

  224. 222: I’ll come lol. Also the score Geelong kicked against Richmond in round 6, 2007.

  225. It’s ok Danni, I shaved my lip only. I still have a side-beard.

  226. Steve Healy says

    224- I swear I knew it

  227. Steve Healy says

    9.11 65 to 35.12 222

  228. 224- nope ill drown!

    i love wearing the bathers though.
    lol yes steve, plenty of pretty girls, hahaha Josh

    227- hmmm okayy

  229. Damian Watson says

    Here is one to test your brains: Who kicked the last goal in an AFL match at Waverley Park?

  230. 231: Ezra Poyas haha.

  231. Steve Healy says

    Yes, I love pretty girls.

    Not sure Damo, this is the sort of thing you know.

    I’ll guess: Dale Lewis?

  232. Dylan Smith?

  233. Damian Watson says

    Daryn Cresswell and I think the first player to kick a goal in a senior match was Doug Wade.

  234. Damian Watson says

    This is an easy one: Who was the last team to post a goalless score throughout the course of the match? and who were they playing?

  235. Steve Healy says

    Was it St.Kilda?

  236. Damian Watson says

    Nope, think of a team that is popular with many of the Almanackers.

  237. 233- thats the first time u hav said u loved something that isnt footy related.

  238. Steve Healy says

    status- tossing around my mcdonalds soft footy which I found in a hard rubbish collection- I use it so much that all of the cover has gone off it, but I still love it.

    note- my old soft footy was a Demons one, I had to stop using it because my brother once kicked it into a pot of oil, used after we had home made fish and chips that night

  239. Steve Healy says

    I said I love you Danni- are you somthing that isnt footy related?

  240. 240: I dropped my mum’s phone in a glass of creaming soda last year.

    239: Richmond?

  241. Damian Watson says

    lol if you guys want me to shut up about the questions you can tell me.

    Yeah the cover has come off my soft footy, I think I’ve had it for about five years.

  242. 241- lmaoo u got me there steve!

  243. Damian Watson says

    242- Correct

  244. 243: Questions are good. I suck at the ones from the 20th century though

  245. Steve Healy says

    Who kicked Carlton’s only goal in 1990 against the Bulldogs at Whitten Oval? You should know this Damo

  246. Steve Healy says

    Damo, I love footy quizzes. Don’t stop, please.

  247. Damian Watson says

    Mark Arceri?

  248. status- pianting toe nails red

    happy with me steve ive got blue fingernails and red toe nails! lol

  249. Steve Healy says

    249- CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. Steve Healy says

    250- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Damian Watson says

    Why did you attach the red Danni, you should’ve added white lol.

  252. Did you guys like the photo i sent use before?

  253. 253- lol next time Damo lol

  254. Damian Watson says

    Which team is WUN? lol

  255. Steve Healy says

    yes, why do you have to use use you sound like one of those wogs

  256. Damian Watson says

    257- lol phrases like these Steve What’s wrong with use? Shuddup a your face!

    Where’s da money?

    Who won Mark of the Year in 2000?

  257. 256: Wunghnu, biggest hole ever. The seniors finished on bottom, the reserves finished on bottom, the U/17’s finished on bottom and the U/14’s finished on bottom. It’s been that way since the 1990’s. They wear black and white stripes too so beating them feels extra special.

  258. 257- ohh i HATE THAT my brother always says ‘YOUSE’ AND IM LIKE
    “you, YOU!!!”

  259. Steve Healy says


  260. 259- HMMPHHH i think i need to talk to this Wunghnu team..

  261. 259: Billy Brownless and the Footy Show did the Wheel at Wunghnu last year.

  262. Damian Watson says

    Is Billy’s Wheel back this year?

    Why did your dad wear a SA Redbacks shirt Josh? lol He’s supposed to be a Victorian lol.

  263. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Damo, phrases like those Damo.

    what school does your brother go to danni?

  264. Steve Healy says

    why did I say Damo twice?

  265. 264: Took you a while to bring that up Damo lol. He owns a lot of Cricket shirts, a few from South Africa i think.

    The week has gone so fast, it seems like a couple of days ago we went to the footy but it was 4 days ago.

  266. Steve Healy says

    All these weeks are going fast. Is anyone up to going to the footy together before round 2?

  267. Damian Watson says

    Yeah definitely. I don’t care which game it is.

  268. Steve Healy says

    do you wanna go on sunday?

  269. Damian Watson says

    I’ll probably have to check first but I’m up for it if it’s alright with you.

  270. Steve Healy says

    K, its absolutely fine with me.

    dinner time

  271. Damn. I’d love to go to that match with you guys but i can’t. But i suggested to Steve that i stay with him over Easter weekend and attend a few matches that Round so if that happens then we’ll have to meet up again.

  272. Lol i heard a great joke today:

    What do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever.

  273. status- nutella jar

  274. Damian Watson says

    I suppose we take the fact that we live close to the city for granted some of the time.

    That’s a good Josh does this mean you are attending 4 or 5 games?

  275. 274- rofl wait till i see candy 2mro

  276. Damian Watson says

    Have you heard this one Josh?

    What is the difference between a ranga and a brick?

    Bricks get laid!

  277. 278- you might be surprised Damo..

  278. Well, i talked to Mum and Dad about it and if i do get the nod i’ll be looking to go to Collingwood v Melbourne, St Kilda v North Melbourne, Essendon v Fremantle/Richmond v Western Bulldogs and Hawthorn v Geelong. It may work out like that, but i’m not gonna get myself excited just yet.

    278: Lol that’s a good one, i’ll have to tell Greg that one tomorrow.

  279. Steve Healy says

    Josh, im not sure if ya can stay with me. You might, but the thing is on easter sunday I might go to my grandma’s house or something

  280. Yeah i understand that, i’m just saying that’s the best outcome for me is cmment 280, but if you guys are planning on going to Collingwood v Melbourne i’ll still come.

  281. Steve Healy says

    you could stay at my house for the whole round 1 weekend.

  282. …… i miss my number nine!! :(

  283. 283: We’ll see.

  284. Steve Healy says

    maybe you should stay in melbourne from March 25 to September 25

  285. 286: I wish.

    I was talking to Mum this morning and she said its about time I attended a Grand Final, this year maybe.

  286. Damian Watson says

    lol I still haven’t attended any final yet, I would’ve last year had we defeated Brisbane.

  287. I wish Carlton had of beaten the Lions, Western Bulldogs v Carlton would have been a great Semi-Final.

  288. Damian Watson says

    Yeah and it definitely would have provided more of a contest than the result indicated when the Lions played them.

  289. Sadly though Damo, i can’t see the Blues making the finals this year. But Robbie Warnock and Chris Yarran were very impressive last Saturday night.

  290. i wish i had be at the Collingwood v Adeliade semi…i probably would have run onto the ground. lol

  291. Damian Watson says

    Yeah unfortunately I have to agree.

    lol I can imagine Danni at that semi-final, I think she would have literally passed out.

  292. 293- i agree completly! i mean i watched it at home and i was on my knee crying my eyes out.

  293. Steve Healy says

    Danni, if you love Collingwood so much wouldnt you wanna see them play live regularly?

    Just played a bit of BYC then, we played two 1-over games, I won both easily.

    Im surprised you havent been to a final Damo. I went to 5 finals in 2008, both prelims, both semis and Hawthorn V Bulldogs.

    My last one before that was the Melbourne V Adelaide semi in 2002, and I didnt go to any last year of course

  294. Damian Watson says

    Like I said my parents aren’t strong football supporters.

    Melbournev Adelaide 2002 final was a classic, I think that game is underrated, it was amazing how the lead fluctuated.

  295. What sort of seats did you get at those finals in 2008 Steve?

  296. 295- i dont like going to the footy without my daddy, its kinda special time we get to spend together, and hes always working and im always studying.

  297. Steve Healy says

    It was an incredible game. I still remember seeing it being there.

    I watched it recently on line, it was truly brilliant.

    Yze and Vardy kicked 2 incredible goals from the pocket.

    You know another good Melbourne V Adelaide game Damo? The 1998 Qualifying final, Neitz and Farmer 6 each, Lyon kicked a couple, Dees win 17.13 115 to 9.13 67. Brilliant game

  298. Damian Watson says

    Don’t push it Steve! lol, by the way who were the commentators for that game?

    Probably the most enduring memory of that game would be Clint Bizzell’s two blinding tackles on the old members wing which led to a Demons goal.

  299. Steve Healy says

    297- all great seats Josh. We sat right at the top of Q49 for Hawthorn V Bulldogs, we sat in about N32 for Bulldogs V Sydney, for St.Kilda Collingwood we sat in M5 (behind the goals punt Rd end), for Geelong V Bulldogs we sat in M28 or 29, and for Hawthorn V St.Kilda we sat in M55

  300. Steve Healy says

    cant remember Damo. But I remember the quarter by quarter scores: 6.6 42 to 2.2 14, 9.8 62 to 4.4 28, 16.9 105 to 8.8 56 at three quarter time

    Yeah I remember those tackles

  301. Damian Watson says

    I know that one of them was Kevin Bartlett but that’s about it.

    Anyway off to watch 20 to 1.

  302. Steve Healy says

    20 to 1? Is that an excuse to get off the almanac? lol

  303. status- framing pic of Jack and I

    JACK AND I!! ohh thats sounds soo nice!! :)

  304. 20 to 1 tonight sounded pretty good.

  305. I’ve got a little framed picture of Shannon Grant that sits on my bedroom table beside me.

  306. I’m a bit peeved at the moment, I submitted my entry on the Roos-Cats match two days ago and it’s still “pending review”. Doubtless Daff and Harms are busy with other things, but still.

  307. lol thats cute.
    ive got my pic with jack on my school diary, on my phone wallpaper, comp wall paper, now in a frame on my desk and i need to print one for my locker and wallet.

  308. 308- lol ive had my stuff pend for almost a week, its busy on the Almanac, poor Gigs!

  309. Steve Healy says

    adam, your meant to email pieces, not send them via the website.

    Danni, im sure we would be happy to accompany you at collingwood games

  310. Josh Barnstable says

    308: Adam, do you send your articles to Gigs and John Butler as well?

  311. Is it Gigs who reads out stuff before it goes on the site always, or is it him, Daff and Harms, or what?

    And will Daff, Harms, Gigs, etc get so snowed under that they ban all of us for “excessive writing”?

  312. I didn’t know there was a “meant to” on this site, I thought it didn’t matter.

  313. Steve Healy says

    well, its reccomended that you email them

  314. Josh Barnstable says

    I thought emailing them was the only way of doing it?

    And i send mine to Gigs, JTH, Daff and JB, and mine seem to go up within a couple of days, but Daff usually emails me telling me that it’s up.

  315. Steve Healy says

    I just found a picture with me in it in someone else’s facebook profile lol

  316. I’ll bear that in mind from now on.

    I’ve got a double spare periods 1+2 tomorrow morning, YES!

  317. 317: I found somebody else’s photo with me in it too, at the school swimming carnival, I’m in the background and I have my shirt off…

  318. Steve Healy says

    well mines someone I dont know, and im im in the background

  319. Josh Barnstable says

    319: I don’t think i’ll ask for who’s profile it was..

    Crap, just got a text, i’m not playing Tennis this weekend.

    Oh and we start footy training next wednesday. Adam, you have probably already said before, but do you play footy?

  320. 319- oh really?? lol

  321. No I play basketball, I actually never played footy, except Auskick, and when I did that I was almost the worst there, but I should mention that I knew the most about the game.

  322. Steve Healy says

    I was the best at auskick

  323. Josh Barnstable says

    323: So your like Michael then lol

    322: Danni, i’ll admit the last photo of Jack Anthony in that last batch of pics, i can sorta see how you think he’s so hawt..

  324. Josh Barnstable says

    324: Auskick was the best

  325. Steve Healy says

    check your emails guys, and youll see the pic im talking about

  326. 325- *SQUEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    HES farkin gorgoeus in real life Joshy i swear it!!!!

    status- adoring Jack’s photo

  327. Steve Healy says

    I disagree. I dont think John anthony is even remotely good looking

  328. Josh Barnstable says

    329: He isn’t, he has that weird look that Alan Toovey and John McCarthy own as well, but in that last picture it’s not as noticeable.

  329. The Laugh Out Loud scoreboard for this discussion:

    Danni – 32 (previous thread 18, thats Danni’s half century!)
    Damo – 16 (total 23 now)
    Josh – 14 (24)
    Jeff – 9 (11)
    Steve – 2 (14)
    (Dom 2, Susie 1, Adam and Michael 0 :)

  330. 329- well duh steve UR NOT GAY!!!
    Josh that cos that photo was taken randomly frm the CFC twitter.
    i saw it and died…….
    ooohhhhhhhhhhh i farkin love him so much!

  331. Josh Barnstable says

    Are you trying not to say ‘lol’ Adam?

  332. Josh Barnstable says

    332: Hey i’m not gay either..

    Oh i thought you took that photo yourself..

  333. Danni also as 23 Laugh My Ass Offs and 1 with an Effin thrown in (comment 171)

    333: Yes. I won’t count that one Josh.

  334. omg…im so stupid! i should asked him for his shirt!!!! arghhhhhh!!!

  335. Steve Healy says

    yea but judging by his facial features I dont think he looks handsome at all- just my opinion

  336. 331- Nice to see I’m up there (lol)

  337. I haven’t been trying not to for this discussion, I just don’t use it on an internet forum, unless I am actually laughing out loud.

  338. 334- if had taken that photo i wouldnt be alive

  339. Josh Barnstable says

    Lol thanks Adam.

  340. Steve Healy says

    It seems like your obsessed with stats as I am Adam- but I know your not

  341. Josh Barnstable says

    339: I’ve actually laughed quite a bit at these comments, when i say ‘lol’ i probably am actually laughing.

  342. 337- i understand that you are jealous Steve but when i invite you to the wedding you will be fine.
    lmaoo :P

  343. Adam are we going to see the shirtless photo or what???

    steve- ROFL at u in the background!

  344. Steve Healy says

    when do you plan to marry him?

    I dont say laugh out loud that much, im more of a hahaha person

  345. Steve Healy says

    345- Yeah how funny is it? Did you see it Adam?

  346. Yep steve, I saw it, my first reaction was “why did Steve send me a photo of some random guy?” and then I noticed you in the background haha

  347. 346- when he proposes…. :)


  348. Steve Healy says

    Hey Danni, why did you email those photos as “danni” when your not actually in any of them?

    I cant believe I found that, i found that guy cos Jack grimes’ wall on facebook had a tag of him and that guy in the photo, and I looked through the guys photos of the intra club game, and… there I am

  349. Jack Anthony is ‘bodaycious!’
    :) <3

  350. Wow Steve, that is an amazing coincidence when you put it that way, you should tag yourself.

  351. 270-280 if you want barn your kind self and I could stay at my brothers for a few weeks during the holidays if you wanna go to some footy matches he wont mind. I think. lol

  352. 350- cos..i dunno lol havnt u got enough pics of me?

  353. John Thomas is overrated. Can we stop talking about John Anthony, I’d even rather have discussions about dinner vs Tea, Herald Sun vs Age, Dreamteam vs Supercoach, etc. Or we could go to trivia.

  354. Steve Healy says

    Danni what do you think about 311?

  355. 355-… :( but hes bodaycious!! :(

    gee jealousy all around!!!

  356. Steve Healy says

    QUIZ TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

  357. Josh Barnstable says

    353: That’s mighty kind of JAYSON..

    Oh by the way guys, do you think i have a big nose? Someone here thinks i do..honest answer please..

  358. 311- oh lol thanks for pointing that out, most of the time i miss comments and find them when im scrolling 20 mins later!

    yeah i know that silly billy! Its just that going to the footy is the only time i get with my daddy alone, so i really cherish it.

  359. Josh Barnstable says

    You get to go to the footy with your Dad all the time (well, not all the time but you know), wouldn’t you cherish going to a game with us? Or are you scared of us?

  360. 359: To quote Monty Python: “AW STOP THINKIN ABOUT SEX!”


  361. Steve Healy says

    not noticibly big, I never notice noses anyway unless they’re a really obsceure shape

  362. 259- No josh u loser ofcourse you dont!

  363. Steve Healy says

    Danni, we won’t hurt you!

  364. Josh Barnstable says

    362: Haha

    363: Thank you Stephen!

  365. Josh Barnstable says

    364: Thanks i think..

  366. 361- yeah im terrified

  367. Steve Healy says

    Adam, would you like to do the honours of starting the quiz? 5 questions each

  368. 359- Yeah it is pretty big :P
    Yeah im sure he wont mind should do it we should.

  369. 365- lmao ill have to keep Steve away with a stick of something lmao

  370. Steve Healy says

    are you danni?

  371. Steve Healy says

    371- I don’t get it

  372. Josh Barnstable says

    I wouldn’t blame you for being scared of us, i wouldn’t wanna go to the footy with 5-6 teenage boys who you have only met for an hour

  373. 372- yep

    373- lol dont worry


    QUESTION 1: In the 2009 Brownlow medal, Andrew Demetriou caused chuckles in the crowd by his overexcited pronounciation of the name “R.Nahas” After Nahas, who was the next name Demetriou called out?

  375. 374- exactly not to mention that ur all towers that might eat me! lol

  376. Josh Barnstable says

    Kurt Tippett?

  377. Steve Healy says

    Danni, in all honesty, we’re your friends.

  378. Steve Healy says

    378- Damn josh got it

  379. Josh Barnstable says

    377: But look at us. Michael’s too nice to hurt you, Steve would be too busy watching and talking to us about footy to hurt you, Adam would be too nice to hurt you, Damo wouldn’t hurt a fly and i’m too dopey to hurt anything.

  380. Van Berlo

  381. Good work Josh, that was my favourite moment of the Brownlow.

    Question 2: How many behinds did North Melbourne score in the 2nd quarter of the 1998 Grand Final against Adelaide?

  382. Steve Healy says

    so your saying im not nice?

  383. Steve Healy says


  384. Steve Healy says

    dont bother, I got it

  385. Josh Barnstable says

    384: Of course you are.

  386. 381- :| to dopey you never. . 8)

  387. Steve Healy says

    im really nice

  388. Correct Steve.

    Which Geelong player recieved loud cheers after getting dacked and playing for a while in his underpants?

  389. Steve Healy says

    corey enright

  390. Steve Healy says

    Steve 2
    Josh 1
    Adam 0
    Danni 0
    Jeff 0
    Damo? 0

  391. i didnt say u werent nice
    but i wouldnt feel confortable being the only chick.

  392. Josh Barnstable says

    Where the fruitin heck is Michael?

  393. That was too easy.

    Last year, Matthew Richardson and Liam Shiels were the oldest and youngest players in the AFL. How many years, months and days separated the two?

  394. Josh Barnstable says

    393: Invite Candy then :P :P :)

  395. Josh Barnstable says

    395: I have no bloody idea Adam.

  396. 396- firstly she cant last 15minutes
    secondly she couldnt even come to my bday at the footy last year cos her parents recon that all fights and stuff happen.

  397. 393- Danni if it makes you feel more comfortable i have long hair !

  398. Josh Barnstable says

    399: Your asian friend then?

  399. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m off now, i think Steve is gone too. Bye

  400. 16 years 1 month and 10 days.

  401. lmaoo i always sing that to her!
    i want candy
    shes so dandy
    her hair is sandy….

  402. 400- lmaooo Jeff

  403. Hey Danni, you should get on msn, you definitely use chat acronyms enough.

  404. 406- :) i’m thinking bout getting it cut soon though

  405. Next question: Which Collingwood player kicked the winning goal in the Second Semi final between Collingwood and Adelaide? (Formal name only will be accepted)

  406. ‘JOHN’ ANTHONY!!

  407. Jack Anthony

  408. Formal enough for ya Adam? lol

  409. Ahhh didnt read the whole question anyway lol

  410. 413- lol Jeff they love doing that to me
    “hes name is JOHN not jack,blah blah!”
    well the main thing is that HE PREFERS TO be called JACK and you know, whatever turns him on…
    LMAOO :p

  411. Dan Anthony is correct, Johnielle.

  412. 414- HAAHAAHAAA lol as. Anyway guys i better go read some more of Mockingbird :| cyas :)

  413. JOHNIELLE!!!!!!
    or even better JOHNNI (danni)
    lmaoo :)
    why is he so BODAYCIOUS!!!

  414. Josh Barnstable says

    Early finish for me, got home half an hour ago.

  415. Steve Healy says

    status- home all day

  416. A large parcel came in the mail today.

  417. Steve Healy says


    Im actually sick by the way

  418. Steve Healy says

    22- You should, cos you might be reading BS if you don’t.

  419. Ouch that’s not good.

    Well, it contained the 2007 and 2009 Almanacs, anyway. That’s double what I was anticipating. If Daff reads this (unlikely but possible), massive thanks.

  420. Steve Healy says

    yeah, im better now though

  421. Steve Healy says

    nice, Adam

  422. Steve Healy says

    Michael Tuck

  423. Yeah, the funny thing is, even though I love footy and the Footy Almanac is my favourite footy book, I had absolutely no idea where to start. I began by looking for all of you in the back of the book where the photos are.

  424. Steve Healy says

    youve gotta go from start to finish, I reckon

  425. Yeah that makes sense, you get an sense of linearity in terms of time then.

    Status – listening to Iron Maiden, by Iron Maiden, off the album Iron Maiden.

  426. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, and you also feel more accomplishment. It is the custom thing you do in a book, start on page 1, finish on page 534 ( I think the 2009 Almanac is about that many pages)

  427. Yeah when I got the 2008 one for the first time I just read the Richmond ones in order, before randomly reading sections in between. I suspect there’s bits of the 2008 I haven’t read yet. But by reading from start to finish I can make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  428. Steve Healy says

    Fair enough.

    Does everyone know that Channel 10/1 are showing St.Kilda V Sydney live tomorrow night? How good as that, please take note Josh

  429. Confucius once said “What could be better than live footy on a Saturday night?” Actually, it probably wasn’t Confucius.

  430. Josh Barnstable says

    432: Thanks Steve, don’t wanna make that same mistake again.

    Adam, i sent an email to JTH when he sent me 2007 editions of the Almanac saying thanks, maybe you should too.

  431. Damian Watson says

    Yeah a good initaitive by Channel 10 or One. I reckon AFL matches should be shown live on the digital channel and a short delay for the normal channel, it is a great marketing idea for Digital TV.

    Does this mean you won’t be heading to the footy on Sunday, if we are going?

  432. Steve Healy says

    no Damo, im almost completely better now I think,

    we can definitely go mate.

    No problem Josh

  433. Josh Barnstable says

    I got told off by an old man today:

    I was at the Numurkah Pool helping with the primary school swimming sports and, as the teachers told us, it doesn’t really matter who came first or second or whatever, just to give the kids plenty of encouragement, which is what we did. Anyway, i was in charge of handing out ribbons to the kids who came first, and a little girl came first but she did the wrong style of swim so we gave her second place, anyway this old guy comes up to me and gets right in my face and says “I’ve been watching you all morning and you haven’t done a thing right, this judging is totally rigged by you blokes, i’m gonna make a complaint now” and he walked off and told the teacher in charge, then later the teacher comes up to me and says “Don’t worry about that old bloke, you guys did a terrific job today” and we got plenty of thanks from other parents and staff members. So yeah dunno what was wrong with that old man.

    Does anyone know anything from the Carlton v Brisbane game? Or hasn’t it started yet?

  434. Steve Healy says

    I was about to ask the same thing Josh, I definitely know it started at 4

    Gee, that old man was tough lol, did you know who he was? why he was at your swimming carnvial?

  435. Damian Watson says

    I’m pissed off that the match was a on a school today, I’m trying to find the scores now.

    Yeah I think I can go with you Steve, I’ll let you know otherwise.

    I think we have our Swimming Carnival on Tuesday and I’ll probably interview.

  436. Steve Healy says

    Awesome, hopefully its a good game.

    Brisbane by 14 points late in the second term. Fevola has kicked 2 behinds, Charman looks to be injured- this is from SEN

  437. Josh Barnstable says

    He must have been a grandparent of the child i didn’t give a 1st-ribbon too for swimming the wrong style. He left not long after that though, but after that he was giving us dirty looks the whole time, even as we left the pool to get lunch. But when we came back he was gone.

    Steve, Round 1 looks the goods, seeing as i’ll most likely be in Melbourne for the Almanac lunch on the Friday.

  438. heyy heyyyy hey heyy!!!

    how you all doinnn??

  439. Josh Barnstable says

    440: North v Fremantle? Ha, good luck getting a good game out of that.

  440. Josh Barnstable says

    442: Good

    How was your day of being a gangsta?

  441. Damian Watson says

    Yeah how was your routine?

  442. Steve Healy says

    441- Yes!, itll be awesome. Geelong V Essendon, Melbourne V Hawthorn and Bulldogs V Collingwood maybe

  443. 444- omg it was GREAT!! :D
    lmaoo when we did our dance we sent out our homeroom teacher who was also dressed ganster b4 we ran out so he was wlaking all ganster and then we runn out screaming and formed a semi circle around him and we are all doing these gansta moves, the audience was going crazy and i was have the best time then we did the yearlevel dance ran around teh pool screming our lungs out with water guns and stuff and then me and candy waited for everyone to jump into the pool so we went to the stairs of the pool with yellow feather bowas and broadway kicked oursleves down the stpes of the pool and into the water! lmaoo and the everyone went nuts, splashing eachother and chanting “CLASS OF 10, CLASS OF TEN!!!!”

    lmaoo it was sooo FUN!! :)

  444. Steve Healy says

    Wow, that seems a little over the top lol

  445. Class of 10? Is your class THAT small?

  446. Steve Healy says

    443- Don’t bag North Melbourne Josh ;)

    Do you want me to text you during the game?

  447. Steve Healy says

    449- hahaha

  448. Josh Barnstable says

    450: If you want too, although i understand if you don’t want too, i hate texting or calling people when i’m at the footy. Hey you can call me at half time that day if you want lol.

  449. 448- lmao that the point steve is the time for the year 12s to showcase infront of teh school.

    449- lol imagine chanting “class of 20-ten!”
    lmaoo thats too long.

    lmaoo and when we were doing our dance (gangster) in the sound theres the part that goes
    “BASE DROP BASE DROP!!!” AND were all chanting, “OH! OH OH OH!OH!” LMAOO
    it was the funniest thing!

  450. Steve Healy says

    yeah I meant texting you at the breaks or something. Ok, ill ring you, there will be something to talk about

  451. Class of 20 minus ten? Clever, 20 minus ten is ten! I thought you were bad at maths :P

    Sounds like a quality day, which song were you dancing to?

  452. ‘Put your hands up’ by Fatman Scoop

    :) damn good song to dance gangsta too LMAOO it was so funny with our homeroom teacher at the front dancing all gangsta! lmaoo :)

  453. Damian Watson says

    Sounds like you had fun Danni, I think I asked the question last night are you a decent swimmer?

    Looking forward to it Steve we’ll probably follow the same routine as last week.

  454. Should put it on my iPod. Or not…

    Your homeroom teacher sounds like a cool guy.

  455. Steve Healy says

    Didn’t you say ages ago that you cant swim Danni?

    Yeah, what time should we meet?

  456. Damian Watson says

    Maybe 3:45?

  457. Steve Healy says


    Half time- Carlton 4.7 31 Brisbane 7.2 44.

  458. Josh Barnstable says

    457: Do you guys reckon it’ll be night time by the time the game finishes? You know more about when its night time in Melbourne than me.

  459. 458- lmaoo yes you should and then imagine my homeroom class and teacher dancing to it! lmaoo
    Yeah hes cool, its cos he pretty young he about 26 or 27 max.

    457- nope that why me and candy took teh style i might add lol

  460. Steve Healy says

    460- Maybe, but remember the game starts at 5:10 not 4:40

  461. Josh Barnstable says

    460: 3:45? The game starts at 5:10, unless you guys wanna look around Etihad.

  462. Damian Watson says

    Thanks Steve, sounds like inaccuracy is hampering us again.

    I hope the youngsters are playing well.

  463. Steve Healy says

    Josh, its day light savings. Although it has been getting darker earlier, its still a bit light at 8:00-8:15

  464. Josh Barnstable says

    463: Saw a lot of old Primary School teachers today, and saw one of the new office ladies. Damn was she hawt, she looked in her early twenties. Why do things improve so dramatically when i leave??

  465. Steve Healy says

    Apparently McLean isnt playing well again, and Carlton are using a terrible game plan

  466. Damian Watson says

    Oh really? sorry guys I thought it was 4:40 lol

    In that case maybe 4:30?

  467. Josh Barnstable says

    469: Did he shake his opponents hand before the game?

  468. Steve Healy says

    yep, 4:30.

  469. Steve Healy says

    471- Dunno, this is just information from a guy who rang up on SEN

  470. Damian Watson says

    Doh! well we really have to lift over the next few weeks!

  471. Steve Healy says

    Look here guys- there’s pretty much a score by score analysis from the bigfooty posters-

  472. Steve Healy says

    Yarran, Robinson, O’hAilpin and Scotland are the goalkickers for the Blues.

  473. Damian Watson says

    well at least the defence appear to be playing well but the midfield certainly nedd to lift the tempo another notch.

    status- reading The game in Time of War by Martin Flanigan

  474. Josh Barnstable says

    Highlights of it will be on ch10 sports in 10 minutes, unless its on at a different time in Melbourne..

  475. Steve Healy says

    Sounds like a good book Damo.

  476. Steve Healy says

    478- I don’t think so

  477. status- reading RALPHY’s article on Sean Rusling in my HS! :)

  478. Damian Watson says

    Actually the book is mainly about the game between 9/11 and declaration of the Iraq war so it fools you a bit lol.

    Yeah I think the sports nesw starts at 5:40.

  479. Steve Healy says

    6.7 43 to 8.2 50 now

  480. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, I was hoping it was between 1914-1945

  481. Damian Watson says

    Carn the Herald Sun!

    Actually that’s a good trivia question: Who played in the first match after 9/11 and who were the first two teams to clash after the Iraq war started?

  482. Steve Healy says

    Richmond V Carlton semi final at the G was September 15, not sure about the iraq war one

  483. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m sorry HS friends, but i’m striving to get work experience at the friend said his uncle worked at the Age and said he would ask about it..gah i feel so disloyal.

  484. Damian Watson says

    Richmond v Collingwood Round 1 2003 was the other one. You’d probably know the scores lol.

  485. Damian Watson says

    Actually Josh apparently there are no places left at The Age.

    I thought you got a sport at Channel Nine?

  486. Josh Barnstable says

    488: 115-65?

  487. Damian Watson says

    sorry I meant spot.

  488. Steve Healy says

    was that the 24.11 155 to 17.10 118 game, or was that the Richmond V Collingwood the year before

  489. Damian Watson says

    94-66 a a Collingwood victory.

  490. Steve Healy says

    Of course there are none left at the Age, what do you think happened to me?

  491. Steve Healy says

    493- yeah I got the years mixed up, in 2002 Richmond beat collingwood by the 492 score

  492. Steve Healy says

    Betts just kicked a goal, Blues up 8.7 to 8.2

  493. Josh Barnstable says

    494: Oh well no harm trying.

    496: Charman has injured his ankle, looked pretty bad when he first did it.

  494. Damian Watson says

    Yeah just saw it on the news then, i’m impressed at the fact Fev is goalless so far.

  495. 487- been there TRIED that!

  496. Steve Healy says

    The Age is way better than the Herald Sun

  497. Steve Healy says

    Fevola just kicked a goal on the three quarter time siren!

    8.8 56 to 10.3 63 at TQT

  498. 500- dont get me started steve.

  499. Steve Healy says

    if you compared the sports sections of both papers you’d realise they’re exactly the same size

  500. Steve Healy says

    Matt Maguire has had 18 possessions.

    Judd and McLean have 24 possessions each- but the latter has missed the target quite a few times

  501. look im sorry but i dont agree!!!
    if the Age was better or even just as good then why dont i read or like it, besides teh size issue?

  502. Steve Healy says

    cos you’ve been brought up with the Herald Sun…I think

  503. not really, i only started full on reading the HS in year 10.

  504. Steve Healy says

    what did you read before then? Did you know how to read before then?

    We’ve had the age delieverd to our house almost every morning of my 17,674 days on earth

  505. lol i wonder if Adam is dancing his heart out to the fatman scoop song….

  506. Steve Healy says

    508- I dunno where I went wrong with that sum, I was trying to add it all up on a calculator lol, i’d have to be over 50 to have lived that many days

  507. 508- yes steve i knew how to read before then, but i didnt use to read any newspapers!!!

  508. Steve Healy says

    Blues in front, 10.9 69 to 10.3 63 in the last.

  509. Steve Healy says

    if you didn’t read newspapers then you didnt know how to read

  510. 513- read PLENTY of novels but not newspapers!!

  511. Steve Healy says

    footy books?

    Sounds like a really good game going on at the moment. I wish I was there. Blues winning 11.9 75 to 11.6 72. I think Fev has kicked 1.3 or 1.4

  512. Josh Barnstable says

    503: Oh yeah, Cameron LINK is just a good skipper for Geelong ay Steve.

    I’ve been reading the HS since Grade 4

  513. Steve Healy says

    I’ve been reading the age since I knew how to read, and before that, I looked at the pictures!

  514. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Josh.

    GAY Ablett is a great player for Geelong! lol

  515. 515- no not exactly, more like romance novels. lol

  516. Steve Healy says

    519- Well, that explains why your idea of footy knowledge is knowing players hair colours!

  517. Josh Barnstable says

    518: Gay Ablett actually suits him. Cameron Link is just stupid.

  518. Steve Healy says

    Blues up 12.9 87 to 11.7 73 with 22 mins gone. Looks like they’ve got it. Betts and Judd seem to be bests on ground

  519. Steve Healy says

    *13.9 87

  520. Josh Barnstable says

    12.9.87? That’s the sorta stuff you write when you read the Age. Lol

  521. 520- hey, that is VERY important knowledge!!!

    lol my fav teacher asked me if i wanted another collingwood poster, hes the best! lol i took a photo with him at the carni.

  522. Steve Healy says

    You have a favourite teacher, you have a favourite member of the fab 5? Remember the pizza analogy Danni.

    Shut up Josh, you cant even work out 49.12

  523. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ll be going to Cobram tomorrow night to help Mum babysit my cousins. The brats better behave. At least i’ll get to watch Saints v Sydney on a widescreen telly.

  524. Steve Healy says

    527- That’ll make a good match report.

    don’t forget to go to Maccas

  525. Josh Barnstable says

    Last time i watched a game of footy at their place Fraser Gehrig retired and Corey Enright lost his shorts.

  526. Josh Barnstable says

    And the year i was at their place, Mark LeCras kicked 5 against Richmond and Adelaide demolished Melbourne with Clint Bartram injuring his ankle quite badly.

  527. Steve Healy says

    Only to return.

    So you went to their house in Round 22, 2007? Geelong won 15.13 103 to 22.13 145

  528. Steve Healy says

    530- I dont get it

  529. Josh Barnstable says

    530: Sorry, *the year before Round 22, 2007, i went to their place*

  530. Damian Watson says

    530- Round 22 2006

    Just curious guys, what is the best footy book you have read?

    My favourite would proabably be The Draft by Emma Quayle.

  531. Steve Healy says

    oh ok

  532. Josh Barnstable says

    534: Side by Side, any of the Specky Magee books too. The 150 year Footy book was pretty good too

  533. 526- what, now u cnt hav a favourite teacher??? nope too bad, hes the best! lol
    i remeber at parent teacher interviews my mum told him she was like “yeah you are her favourite you know!”

  534. Damian Watson says

    I might point out that The Footy Almanac is clearly the best but aside from that lol.

  535. Steve Healy says

    Blues won- 14.9 93 to 12.8 80- great victory for them.

    I’ve never read that Damo but i’ve heard its really good.

    My favourite is one I read recently- A National Game, its basicly a history of the game, its brilliant, I also like the one im reading at the moment- The Champions, which has interviews of 24 greats of the game.

    I remember that loss against Adelaide, it really hurt us going into the finals

  536. hmmm ill say the Footy Almanac 2009 lol

  537. Steve Healy says

    538- Yeah I know, im saying aside from that as well

  538. Steve Healy says

    540- I liked the 2008 Almanac the best out of the 3 of them

  539. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’ve read both of those books, A national Game has plenthy of detail and I liked reading the chapter about the TV rights.

    The Champions is probably Ben Collins best book (although The Red Fox might be up there) loved reading those interviews a few years ago.

  540. i wish Ralphy would write a Book… :)

  541. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I’ve had the book for a few years, well it was actually my brothers, I bought it for him for $10, and recently he gave it to me to read

  542. Steve Healy says

    I need to read the red fox

  543. Damian Watson says

    I need to read Side by Side!

  544. Steve Healy says

    I’m not a very good reader.

    What do you think about Carlton’s win Damo?

  545. Josh Barnstable says

    548: Your not a good reader?

    My favourite books, other than sport, would be the Tomorrow Series.

  546. Steve Healy says

    549- No, im not that good at interpreting words. I really struggle to understand the jist of non-footy related books

  547. Steve Healy says

    And I’m also a slow reader, I have to re-read things to understand them alot of the time

  548. Josh Barnstable says

    Does anyone reckon Gigs has Dislexia? How else does he come up with those ridiculous anagrams lol.

    550: If i can’t understand a word, i ask Mum or Dad.

  549. Damian Watson says

    Well it’s good to see they willed their way back into the match and were able to have the composure to hold on by the final bell.

    It sounds like Henderson wasn’t too bad, the midfielders lifted in the second half and Fev only booted the one goal.

    The only worry sounds like Brock McLean, needs to have a bit more efficiency with his disposal.

  550. fev= fail

  551. Josh Barnstable says

    I reckon i read too fast, but i hate being in class when we are reading a book aloud and a kid reads it so slowly. Surely you can pronounce most words by Year 9 or 10.

  552. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, thats what he was bagged for at the Dees. But you cant question his effort in contests.

    I hate it when im reading something, and there are so many words I don’t understand that I cant even understand the context.

    Apparently Henderson kicked a massive goal from outside 50 late in the game.

    I dunno Josh, I just use free or something to find ones

  553. Steve Healy says

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a radio show?

  554. 550- lol sometimes my business teacher (who happens to be my gangster homeroom teacher as well lol) explains stuff to me using footy realted stuff to get me to understand..ths one time he tried to explain the environments of a business by using a waterbottle, MAJOR FAIL lmaoo

  555. Josh Barnstable says

    557: You just gave me an idea..

  556. Steve Healy says

    Reading fast is much better than reading slowly, as long as you understand everything that your reading either way

  557. Steve Healy says

    559- Really?

  558. Josh Barnstable says

    559: I’ll ask about it..

  559. Steve Healy says

    Ask who?

    I really reckon we could do a show well

  560. Josh Barnstable says

    The guy who runs the sports radio shows at the radio station i work at in Shepp. I won’t ask straightaway though, that’ll be a bit cocky.

  561. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s a great idea, even if it is a one-off.

  562. Steve Healy says

    Will that mean we have to go to Shepparton to go on?

  563. Josh Barnstable says

    I would say you could just ring up the station

  564. Steve Healy says

    oh, all right

  565. Steve Healy says

    whos looking forward to the game tonight. Sometimes delayed footy is all right, since I can have dinner with my family lol

  566. i think im happy with Micks/Bucks’ decision not to play Jack
    ohh btw i totally rocked my JACK tattoo everyone was like
    lmao :)

  567. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’ll probably write a report on tonight’s game.

    Is it a fake tatoo Danni or real?

  568. 569- might have a look at the score everynow and then, ive got heaps of weekened hw to keep me annoying

  569. 571- ur kidding right Damo? LMAOO ROFL

  570. Josh Barnstable says

    569: Really looking forward to it, i just hope it doesn’t end up like the last time these two sides played.

  571. 575 – Simon Madden’s goals (IIRC)

  572. Josh Barnstable says

    571: Still think you should have wrote a report on last week’s game between Geelong and North.

  573. Steve Healy says

    Just watch the footy Danni! how can someone not watch the footy

    I really wanna see Hall and Gibson

  574. Damian Watson says

    I’m just saying that heps of people from this generation are getting tatoos but yes I know it’s fake.

  575. Did anyone else notice that in the 2009 Almanac in Gigs’ stats section at the back, he said “Mark Zaharakis”?

  576. Damian Watson says

    576- You were the only one who wrote a report on that game Josh, plus I had a couple of SAC’s that wekk so I probably diodn’t have the time.

  577. Josh Barnstable says

    575: stupid abbreviation

  578. 577- WELL STEVE do you wanna do all my hw so i can watch the footy????

    578- yeah it was a permanant marker tattoo.

  579. Steve Healy says

    579- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  580. Steve Healy says

    im never gonna sacrifice footy for homework.

  581. Josh Barnstable says

    579: LOL

  582. Running count:

    Danni 53 (71)
    Damo 23 (30)
    Josh 22 (32)
    Jeff 15 (17)
    Steve 7 (19)

    Hadn’t you guys noticed that?

  583. Steve Healy says

    579- Adam, I noticed this at the launch and went up to Gigs and bagged him. Me and Josh have been teasing him about it ever since lol

  584. Steve Healy says

    Its just funny that you mentioned it cos we’ve laughed about it so many times, you don’t understand lol

  585. oh come on Gigs is right though, MARK suits him better!!

  586. Steve Healy says

    gotta go for dinner, yay, Take away fish and chips!

  587. Yeah, I can imagine, I cracked up laughing too. I was even thinking of emailing Gigs about it.

  588. Danni’s weekend hw

    ENGLISH- read article and write an analysis of persausive tech in essay form.
    HISTORY- read all of chapter 6 in French Revolution text book and do all the review questions including paragraph answers and essay question
    LIT- Research about regency england, read passage from Emma and answer questions on close analysis.

    yeah i can totally not do this and watch footy.

  589. 591- nawwww leave poor Gigs alone! hes cool! :)

  590. Josh Barnstable says

    I had chicken parma and chips for tea. Delicious.

    Have you guys ever had chips and cheese? Its nice.

  591. Well, Gigs has a reputation for being a footy stats expert and an anagram genius, so for him to make a mistake that the average 7-year old Bombers fan wouldn’t have made is very amusing.

    Who says Humanities subjects are easier?

  592. Josh Barnstable says

    Adam, you should email me your report on last sunday’s match, i’ve been looking forward to reading it but doesn’t look like it’s gonna be put up anytime soon.

  593. 595- hell no, lol not easier at all!!
    and MEDIA as easy as you think its is..ITS NOT its REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY tough…

  594. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve changed my tip on tonight’s game, Bulldogs for me. Just saw the team and the Dogs have a more experienced line-up. But good to see the Hawks playing the youngsters, can’t wait to see Carl Peterson in action.

  595. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh and to Steve and Damo, the forecast for sunday’s game is 25 degrees and rain.

  596. 600 – I’m interested in seeing Peterson too, I want to see what this Richmond discard made of himself. Honestly I’d rather him on the list than Sloppy.

  597. 599- NAWWWWWWWWWWWWW stevey and Damo in little raincoats and boots!! nawwww lol

  598. Danni I did Media last year in year 11, I also understand how stressful creating a film can be, although I don’t do it now and I bet the theory’s a lot more arduous in year 12.

  599. Steve Healy says

    shouldn’t be a worry.

    chips and cheese are nice Josh

  600. Steve Healy says

    601- hahaha Im laughing out loud at that even though it makes no sense whatsoever lol

  601. Josh Barnstable says

    BARRY!! First goal of the night!! Sorry if i spoiled it..

    Adam, that’s a class article. One of the best i’ve read. I laughed at your Dad’s reaction to my name lol.

  602. Damian Watson says

    Yeah 25 degrees is still fairly warm, i’ll probably wear the t-shirt and shorts lol rather that=n the raincoat.

  603. Steve Healy says

    605- ah F*** you

  604. Steve Healy says

    nah I dont really care Josh, just dont give anything else away or i wont even bring my phone to the Roos game

  605. Josh Barnstable says

    607: Don’t worry Steve, your articles are good too. Lol, sorry i couldn’t resist it, Barry is back in form with one goal!

  606. Josh Barnstable says

    !! OMG!

    Alright i’ll shut up now

  607. Steve Healy says

    Adam can you send me your report as well!

  608. Thanks Josh, I thought it was a bit long though, but there was a lot to describe.

    I thought you meant Leo Barry for a second, then I remembered A – he’s not playing anymore, B – it’s Hawthorn-Dogs.

  609. Steve Healy says

    sorry I didnt mean to use that exclamation mark

  610. Just sent it to you Steve, as well as Michael and Danni, I don’t have Damo’s address.

    Am off now, dinner.

  611. Steve Healy says

    Adam, you sent the wrong report

  612. Steve Healy says


  613. Josh Barnstable says


  614. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ll forward it to you Steve

  615. Damian Watson says

    Damn I just missed Adam.

    Tips for tonight?- I predict a Bulldogs victory.

  616. Josh Barnstable says

    Dogs by 38 points.

  617. Steve Healy says

    Ok ill admit it- I had a peek at the score a few minutes ago. Have they really blown it out to 38 points? I saw they were up by 3 goals

  618. Josh Barnstable says

    No no i meant i predict the Dogs by 38 points.

  619. Steve Healy says

    anyway im off now guys. Forward it to me Josh

  620. Steve Healy says

    Oh I thought that was the margin cos you said you couldnt contain yourself lol.

    Well, either Hall’s on fire or something really big has happened

  621. Damian Watson says

    Yeah can I have look at his report as well?

  622. Steve Healy says

    ive gotta admit Adam, thats a brilliant report. you set the scene well. And Ive never seen a report with so many pro-Steve comments in it lol

  623. 626: Damnit, I sent it to you again.

    Well I sort of teased you about your overly thorough scoresheets too, and Michael about…yep we all know.

  624. 604- how does that not make sense? lol
    i can picture u guys in the rain at the footy in your little matching yellow raincoats and rainboots!! NAWWWWWWWWWWW
    lmaoo thats so cute!!

    Adam nice report lol, spot on about the shirtless part and the business hw.

  625. Steve Healy says

    Wow, good performance from the Doggies so far. And Hall!

    In Alice Springs, Pies are beating the Crows, 5.3 33 to 5.2 32 at Half time. Apparently its bucketing down with rain

  626. Steve Healy says

    628- Hahahaha. The thought of me wearing a yellow rain coat and gumboots just cracks me up

  627. Unusual for Alice Springs. Perfect timing by me to come on now.

  628. Josh Barnstable says

    What do you guys think of Jarrad Grant? He hasn’t quite lived up to his expectations and with Hall in the side it’s gonna be even harder.

  629. 630- lol whyy?? i can cleary see it in my head!! lmaoo


  630. Collingwood website live goal stream forum
    8:15- [Comment From MrsJackAnthony]
    is Jack still injured??
    Jonathon Bernard:
    He made it through the VFL match today so looks to be recovering from his shoulder.

  631. Jonathon Bernard: Collingwood 11.8 (74) to Adelaide 8.4 (52). Friday February 26, 2010 10:41 Jonathon Bernard

    “OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!!”

  632. Sorry to keep randomly hijacking threads and comments in here considering i’m so completely football illiterate, but Josh still hasn’t quite made the decision of what domain name/website address you guys wanted to register.

    His suggestions were:,, These domains were available last I checked, but I thought it would be good to maybe put it to a vote, or whether you wanted to include Adam and go Fab 6 maybe? I’m throwing it out there because my little brother is so indecisive! Let me know if you have any other ideas or variations you want me to check for availability and I can register it ASAP and pay for it as my gift to all of you to show i’m proud of how great what it is you’re doing.

  633. Comment on everything why don’t ya?

  634. What a game tonight.

  635. 638: The second half wasn’t that good.

    fab5 is good, and we can include Adam’s name in the website or something.

  636. yeah we have to keep with our fab 5 name. Adam is equally respected, but he is a newcomer.

  637. Thanks Hayley, its great that your showing appreciation for our efforts

  638. I don’t know about equally respected. I haven’t been in an Almanac yet. Keep it as Fab 5.

  639. Hey all :-)

    Just for anyone who’s interested, in case you didn’t already know:
    The Geelong vs. Richmond game is gonna be broadcast live on K-Rock tomorrow. 95.5FM
    If you can’t get the signal, I THINK, but am not sure, that you can stream it on the internet.
    And dang, the Doggies had a good one.

  640. Adam, were you aware that we call ourselves the fab 5?

  641. Nah you cant get K-Rock in Melbourne, Susie.

    Thanks, ill keep that in mind when I come home from the Dees game tomorrow. I was searching for a collingwood V Adelaide stream at half time of the game tonight.

    Geelong V Richmond has signs of an anhililating, it doesn’t matter that the Cats came off a loss to the Roos. My tip: Geelong by 75 points :)

  642. My tip: Richmond by 14 points. Note the significance of the number 14.

  643. In what way? The Roos won by that margin, or that Michael didn’t know who number 14 for Geelong was? or both?

  644. I just checked the website. They do have live streaming, 24/7.

    I knew you couldn’t get it in Melbourne, but I have no idea where any of you are from, LoL. I’m from Werribee, pretty much the outskirts of the broadcasting ring.

    I’m hoping for an annhiliation. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Geelong pulled a Geelong and struggled to win, if they win at all.

    At least this saves me a trip to Yea, coz I was doing anything BUT yaying at the thought of trying to get out there.

  645. Hahaha.

    Werribee’s probably the best place for a Geelong supporter to live- smack bang in the middle of Melbourne and Geelong, pretty much.

    I live in Ashburton, Josh lives in Waaia (in the country), Michael lives in Croydon, Adam lives in Eltham, Damo lives in Vermont South (I think), and Danni lives in Coburg

  646. You darn city kids..

  647. The Roos won by margin, and you tipped the Cats by 75 in that one too :P

  648. Steve, can you please predict that Fremantle will beat the Roos by 75 points? Cheers.

  649. fair enough.

    I think Yea will be coloured in yellow and black for the whole week if Richmond win, I know its only a challenge match, but that goes to show the Tigers supporter loyalty

  650. Sorry Josh, I think I said North would win by 21 to you yesterday, ill stand by that

  651. So that means…freo will win by 68 points, or North will win by 110 points, cos im always 89 points off

  652. Hopefully its the latter..

  653. 641 – Thanks Steve, you guys deserve it. The only other thing is then getting a website built with the functions you guys would want.

    I’m not a designer but i’ve got basic skills on the matter and have access to a few work colleagues who design sites. I also have access to webpage templates, where you just add in a logo or color scheme and then done. You guys would want a messageboard/forum I would imagine, to be able to speak to each other on it, which should be straight forward in itself. Plus if you get a back end CMS (content management system) which is a really basic website editor for those who aren’t confident in updating the site.

    Let me know what features you’d want and i’ll see what I can do there.

    Night guys!

  654. it’ll be a great display of youngsters on Sunday- Ziebell, Warren, Anthony, Wright and hopefully Bastinac for the Roos- and Ballantyne, Morabito, Ibbotson, perhaps Fyfe, Silvagni, Pearce and Barlow for the Dockers- it should be a good game to watch

  655. 658: Stop making me jealous.

    657: Goodnight, that sounds complicated..

  656. Sorry Josh.

    Do we really want to talk to each other on our site? I mean, wouldnt that mean our almanac conversations are over?

  657. I think on our potential site we should just run a footy competition, have some discussion points like on SFF (no idiot posters though) and stuff like that.

    An Almanac first: I’ve given 1 vote to two players tonight.

  658. Yeah.

    You can’t do that Josh

  659. Too late, i’ve already sent it.

  660. Hahaha the Collingwood team is trapped in Alice Springs, read Harry O’s latest status.

  661. 663- Thats mocking the voting system, thats against what footy’s all about

  662. But how could i split these two players?

    One is a rookie-listed player running amok in a midfield with not much experience in it, or a Geelong-discard who shone in a midfield full of class?

  663. Kayler Thomson and Moles?

    Neither of those warranted a vote.

    hahaha yeah thats funny, the gates probly locked on purpose

  664. WHAT? They played really well tonight.

    Lol, they are probably staying at the same hotel i stayed at on school camp last year. That place was rigged, you had to remember seperate codes for the bathrooms and showers to get in.

    Anyway i’m off, i’m buggered. Looking forward to a sleep-in. Night.

  665. ^666: The Number of the Beast

    Night all.

  666. Boyd, Cooney, Hall, Giansiracusa, Gilbee, Murphy, Lake and Hargrave all played better than Moles and Kayler-Thomson in my opinion. I know its a nab cup game, but I wouldn’t be handing out encouragement votes if you are.

    good night

  667. And I gave 3 votes to Boyd, 2 to Cooney and one to Hall

  668. Steve Healy says

    Good morning.

    Hey guys, ill be off to Melbourne V Essendon soon

  669. Stupid storms..

  670. There are no storms here!!!!!!!!!!!

  671. cya guys

  672. Status-Filling in my work experience paper for shepp news.
    I think Bazz showed if he can keep his head this year he’ll be a good includie for the doggies

  673. Jeff, if you want a lunch buddy if you get work experience, let me know. I work out there now.

  674. 676: That’s funny..

  675. 677- No worries Hayley :)

  676. Saints vs Swans, should be a very good game. Saints should be too strong though with a very strong team being fielded.

  677. Listening to KRock. Richmond 1.0.6 to 0.0.0, Troy Taylor got the first goal.

  678. 680- was talking to Troy earlier on facebook he was excited to play.
    He ended up deleting me as a friend though :/

  679. Dustin Martin did the same to me. That’s the risk with footy players.

  680. Im surprised he hasnt got rid of me yet, he hasnt even replyed to me on chat.

  681. Half time: Richmond 6.4.40 Geelong 2.4.16

  682. 684: WHAT!?

  683. Steve Healy says

    684- Your kidding!

    Just got home. For everyone who doesn’t know, the Dees lost to Essendon 11.14 80 to 18.12 120. It was a good game, Scully was about equal best for the Dees I reckon. Petterd kicked 4, Ryder kicked 3 for the Bombers, Lonergan kicked the first 2 for the game.

    And I had a great kick on the ground afterwards. The Bombers were their home attire, the Dees wore their white clash jumper and shorts

  684. Steve Healy says

    Hey Josh. Sorry I couldn’t reply to your text, I was on the train and I ran out of credit

  685. Yeah the Tigers got out to a 68 point lead in the last quarter, but the Cats are making a fightback, they’ve kicked the last 3 goals and Podsiadly is lining up for another one.

  686. Steve – How did the other Dees youngsters go?

  687. Steve Healy says

    Trengove was good early.

    Gysberts was quiet, Fitzpatrick was too. Sylvia, Jones, Grimes and Moloney were all stars. I was really impressed with Petterd though.

    Jeez Adam, how are Geelong like that? What’s the score? Are you going nuts?

  688. 690: Beating Geelong is no big deal really..

    Oh ok Steve, so does that mean you can’t ring me tomorrow?

  689. Final score: 15.12.102 to 7.9.51

  690. Steve Healy says

    um, ill try and get some credit on tonight Josh, if not you can ring me at about 6:15

  691. Oh yeah i could just ring you..

    I’ll send ya a dollar tonight or tomorrow though, i wanna know what sort of atmosphere there is before the match.

  692. Steve Healy says

    lol all right.

    I kicked some great goals to the legends stand end after the game

  693. One of the two ends of the ground in Yea is called the “General Store End”. That has got to me the least impressive name for an end of the ground I’ve ever heard, and it says a lot about Yea.

  694. hey guys, go tigers !, that makes north’s win no big deal josh

  695. Steve Healy says

    I wonder what Geelong will be like come season time.

    Thats interesting, Adam. Are you doing a report on the game?

  696. Steve Healy says

    Should be a good game tonight, its funny that last night’s story was Hall, and tonights story is Hall’s two former clubs. I’m predicting a high-scoring St.Kilda V Sydney match

  697. Gee, Jordie McMahon’s look alike has been impressive. And Dan Currie has been pretty good. CARN SWANS!!

  698. What a game.

  699. Damian Watson says

    Mark Seaby, what were you thinking? lol

  700. I don’t know, shame we lost though.

  701. I know!! Now the Roos will most likely have to play St Kilda..

  702. I’ve just discovered an interesting statistic, all on my own.

    8 of the last 9 premierships have had coaches with 8 letter surnames. (Matthewsx3, Williams, Worsfold, Thompson, Clarkson, Thompson) Roos is the odd one out.

  703. 705- dude…how did even begin to think of that? LMAOO

  704. I don’t know. It gave me extra confidence in Hardwick though.

  705. Steve Healy says

    Very well done Adam, I’ve gotta admit that you’re nearing third best almanacker at stats- behind Gigs and myself.

    They need to keep Kellie Underwood out of the commentary box, and no im not being sexist

  706. Steve Healy says

    The Dees are a very 6-lettered club. Coach Bailey, president Stynes, CEO Schwab

  707. 708- come on steve, she just needs more practise!!

  708. Steve Healy says

    maybe, but I really don’t think she has the voice of a commentator, or the knowledge, and she just makes too many little mistakes that commentators of any callibre should nail

  709. lol
    hey Steve, do ya miss me???

  710. Steve Healy says

    712- And may I point out, in 2007- Coach- Daniher President- Gardner, CEO- Mcnamee

    All 7 letters

  711. Steve Healy says

    wat do you mean? I talked to you yesterday. But yea, I always miss you when i’m not on the almanac :)

  712. Damian Watson says

    And the fact that Underwood’s stint in the commentary box is planned each year for a certain amount of games each season is annoying. If you are a professional in the caper, calling should be composed each week not 8 games a year.

  713. 714- lmaooo hahhahah
    ur a cute kid Steve.

  714. 8 games a year? Thats 8 games too many lol

  715. Damian Watson says

    1998- coach Daniher President- Gutnick CEO- who knows? lol

  716. 716- So are you, even though your 2 years older than me and bodering on an adult

  717. good old Joe Gutnick. Will there ever be a better jewish man?

  718. 720- lmaoooo ya think im cute? lmao
    nawwwww!! hahahhaha
    lol if u were anywhere ner me right now i would have messed up ur hair lmao

  719. Damian Watson says

    Krusty the Clown is the best Jewish man! lol.

    It was actually quite disheartning when Gutnick resigned from the cludb in 2001 leaving their off-field standards in a dire position.

    Although he basically saved the club from a merger.

  720. yeah of course you are.

  721. Did anyone see comment 704?

  722. 723- Yep, he stopped that merger, thank god.

    Ok, let me rephrase that- Gutnick is the best non-cartoon Jewish man lol

  723. Damian Watson says

    It’s blantantly obvious now Adam lol.

  724. hahaha nice one Adam (I think)

  725. 724- :P

    725- lmao

  726. Will the Saints and the Roos be playing on Saturday night or Friday night?

  727. Damian Watson says

    The Fonz is Jewish I think. If that’s the case he is the greatest Jewish man to live lol.

  728. anyone listening/watching West Coast V Port?

  729. Third quarters about to begin. WCE-48 Port 67. YES! I tipped Port in an upset

  730. 730- Its Saturday night

  731. Damian Watson says

    I’m trying to find it on the streaming website.

    I think the North-Saints match will be played on the Saturday Night.

  732. 732- nope i should be doing my hw but i want to sleep….
    btw i tried on the hottest pair of heels today, fit perfectly too.
    ill have to go back for em at the end of the year when i have an occasion to wear them to and a new dress to match.

  733. yeah it is.

    Im listening on SEN. Ebert just kicked his second for the Power to open the quarter. Cloke and Schulz have kicked 2 each

  734. I’m very sleepy now…I’m coming up to a busy period of time for school too.

  735. Do you have really small feet Danni?

  736. Damian Watson says

    Great result for the Power, they have been quite convincing in terms of their victories so far in the NB Cup.

    Choco might want to keep his job after all lol I probably doubt it.

  737. Damian Watson says

    That is if the Power win.

    Where do you usually shop Danni? I can’t think of many complexes around the northern suburbs.

  738. I don’t envy girls, buying clothes is so much more complicated, especially for special occasions.

  739. Choco cant seem to get rid of it lol, hell be port coach when there 70. Davenport just kicked another. In the first half, Sculz had 2 kicks, 2 marks and 2 goals

  740. 739- nope im a size 7 in ladies
    these are the shoes i tried on with out the pom-pom bit at the front…omggg I LOVE EM!!

  741. Steve – Have you heard of Northland?

  742. 741- Highpoint is my second home

    742- tell me about it!

  743. I told Josh that I thought Port would win by 46 lol.

    Its 1.5.9 48 to 1.12.5 86. Harding just kicked his second, everyone seems to be contributing for Port

  744. 475- i dont do Northland
    1. its too small, not enough shops
    2. more likely to run into farked dudes that i know.

  745. Damian Watson says

    745- I asked the question lol, and I’m sorry if I’m not a shopping expert but I haven’t heard of Northland.

  746. 745- No, is that some sort of below par shopping centre?

  747. The Northern suburbs really confuse me. I mean, who’d wanna live there? Isn’t that right Damo?

  748. 750- read comment 748

  749. Damian Watson says

    lol that’s right Steve, the Eastern suburban area is the demographic centre of Melbourne and we don’t gloat about our superiority.

  750. oh, I was right!

  751. What do you guys mean St Kilda v North? Freo still have a good chance, i’ve been thinking too far ahead of myself tonight.

    Preparations for my Deb at school are quickly fastening.

  752. I agree, there’s a lot of scummy suburbs out there. I’ve never been to Highpoint but I go to Greensy Plaza (average) or Westfield Doncaster (very good).

  753. 753- Exactly, ive heard that the actually demographic centre of melbourne is just around the corner from me

  754. Damian Watson says

    I think they have Eastland in Ringwood and Southland in Moorabin so they’re all owned by the same shopping chain.

  755. actual*

    Mitch Banner is a star, just kicked his second, 2 goals this week, 2 goals last round

  756. 755- Ohhhh joshy better get a tux!!

  757. im always at chadstone since its just a few minutes away from me, I only go to the dentist at Southland lol

  758. Damian Watson says

    We have a social in Year 10 and that isn’t until September.

    I think I’ve been to Westfield Doncaster, apparently they recently re-built the place.

    status- looking forward to the match tomorrow.

  759. 760: I knew Danni would pick up on it haha.

  760. 755- Sorry Josh, I am forgetting about Freo lol.

    Imagine if they dont win- two semis-

    Bulldogs V Port (Almost certain)

    St.Kilda V Freo

    Bulldogs V Port won’t exactly be a friday night blockbuster

  761. Debs look like about as much fun as having your groin whacked repeatedly with a baseball bat covered in thorns.

  762. Josh, remember when I told you that Port would win by 46 and you went WHAT??? There up by 44 at the moment

  763. well i think we have a year 12 formal and then a year 12 dinner….
    i think ill try and see if i can get Jack to come with me :)

  764. I had a social late last year, I texted Josh a few times throughout it lol.

    I’m looking forward to the game as well Damo.

  765. Damian Watson says

    765- thats a new phrase lol

  766. I’m looking forward to Bulldogs v Port, just because it’ll be unusual for a Power game at Etihad on a friday night. And we get our first look at Port Adelaide on free-to-air.

    I think if we beat Freo tomorrow, the St Kilda game will be very close. Even though i was barracking for Sydney tonight, i realized things would probably be worse if it was going to be Sydney v North.

  767. exactly, it would’ve been at Blacktown as well Josh.

    I’m excited about seeing the young and rejuevenated Port on free to air, but I just don’t think it’ll be a very good game.

    Hitchcock just kicked a ripper!

  768. 765- nahhh not true!! ill bet if had ur eye on one of the girls u would have a great time

    lmaoo Josh this is how it works:
    *Josh and his mom and Hayley go into tux shop*

    JOSH- “ohhhh cant i just wear my Argentina North jumper?”

    MOM & HAYLEY- “NO!”

    JOSH: “NAWWW!!!” :(


  769. Does Hitchcock have psycho skills?

  770. Can we change threads to my Freo V Melbourne one, or Adam’s or Josh’s?

  771. 773- Hahahaha, well yes actually

  772. Port by 59! Westhoff just kicked a super goal!

  773. 777: LOTTERY WIN

  774. 772 – spot on danni!

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