NAB Cup, Round 2: Dogs deserve to be pre-season favourites

Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs

Gee, this week has gone quick. After surviving Monday and Tuesday, the final few days flew. Soon enough, I’m sitting in my chair, with the TV on, footy on, and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is playing? Right, weird choice Seven.

Barry Hall runs out for the tri-colours in his first match for the Doggies after a successful stint at the Sydney Swans, while Josh Gibson is wearing the brown, gold and white tonight for Hawthorn. Traitor. Both recruits will play on each other; it looks to be an interesting match-up. After picking Hawthorn earlier in the week, I change my tip to the Bulldogs, as they have a far more experienced side in.

The first quarter begins and the Dogs make a quick impact, with Hall grabbing the ball, running around Gibson and snapping the first of the match, the dream start for Barry. It gets even better after he takes a great mark and boots his second, before Josh Hill, almost Hall’s namesake, goals to give the Bulldogs the best start. Well, not as best as the Round 14 match between these two sides last year. Jarryd Roughead takes a good mark and kicks a ripper, but Hall quickly replies with a great snap goal from a pack and a mark and goal to reinstate his status as one of the most dangerous forwards in the AFL, four goals in the first quarter. The Dogs lead by 22 points at quarter-time, to

The second quarter starts and Brodie Moles kicks a great goal on the run from half-forward. He has been impressive, this kid, he was one of the Dogs’ best players last week against Brisbane, and the former Cat has brought that form back home. Jarryd Morton kicks a goal before Luke Breust receives from Lance Franklin and grubbers one through, cutting the margin to 18 points. Daniel Giansiracusa gets a free kick and capitalizes, but Roughead replies from the goalsquare. Hall is the man to have the last laugh though, snapping a good goal after a clever tap-on from Jarrad Grant, giving the Dogs a 24 point lead at half time, to

The second half begins and Hill kicks his second, extending the lead out to five goals. Luke Hodge kicks a goal, but Daniel Cross and Robert Murphy reply to get the margin out to 35 points. Morton kicks his second from a scramble in the goalsquare, but the Dogs run out the quarter with a flurry of goals coming from Adam Cooney, Murphy, Shaun Higgins and Hall, his sixth of the match. The Bulldogs lead by 55 points at the last break, to Attractive looking scoreline that.

The last term starts and the Dogs kick the only super goal of the match through Matthew Boyd after a 50m penalty, but its still a fair shot as it was from just on 50m. Franklin replies late in the quarter with a terrible kick that floats through, and the rest of the quarter is played at half-rate, the siren finally ending the Hawks’ dream for redemption by winning the NAB Cup, succumbing to the more superior Dogs by 57 points, to

What happened to the Hawthorn outfit that easily murdered Richmond a couple of weeks ago? And what happened to the Bulldogs team that finally got going late in the third quarter against the Lions? Are the Hawks really premiership contenders or was everyone getting hyped up over nothing? Time will tell, but for now the Doggies surely must be NAB Cup favourites, especially with a new dog down in the goalsquare: Barry Hall.

Hawthorn 0.1.5—0.4.7—0.6.8—

Western Bulldogs 0.5.3—0.8.7—0.15.9—


Supergoals: Boyd

Hawthorn-Roughead 2, Morton 2, Breust, Franklin, Hodge

Western Bulldogs-Hall 6, Hill 2, Murphy 2, Higgins, Cross, Giansiracusa, Moles, Cooney


Hawthorn-Kayler-Thomson, Mitchell, Hodge, Moss, Sewell

Western Bulldogs-Boyd, Hall, Moles, Murphy, Giansiracusa, Griffen, Lake




3: Matthew Boyd

2: Barry Hall

1: Brodie Moles/Jarrod Kayler-Thomson (Couldn’t split them)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Getting rid of Brodie Moles was one of the stupidest things Geelong’ve ever done. That being said, I have no idea who we’d drop to fit him in the side. He deserved to be in our team last year, but no one deserved to be dropped for him. A regrettable conundrum. In the end, it was best for Molesy to get a chance elsewhere. Just like Timmy Callan (who also went to the Doggies :-s We’ve gotta stop helping them out, it might just come back to bite us in the butt). I wish him all the best at the Bulldogs. He is a superstar.

    And yes, Channel Seven have never exactly been reknowned for choosing the most appropriate music for the footy. That’s Ten’s domain ;-)

  2. Just a couple of other thoughts:

    1. Hawthorn was practically full-strength in the first week, with fire in their bellies to atone for last year. Not hard to dominate Richmond so completely playing the way the Tigers were.

    2. Bulldogs might have a bit of competition being favourites – Port have been playing superbly. But as was shown with Hawthorn, you’re only as good as your opposition (is poor). St Kilda beating Sydney by one point (darn you Seaby!!) spoke volumes more than Hawthorn thrashing a deplorable Richmond outfit. Sydney are playing much prettier footy this year, so I actually look forward to seeing their matches. Likewise, how can we decide how good the Bulldogs are? I didn’t see much of this game, but it looked like Hawthorn more-or-less lay down and let the Dogs walk all over them.

  3. Yeah good article Josh, but I cant agree with your 1 vote to 2 players, it just goes against the traditions of the game.

    theres a festival on in Ashburton today

  4. Damian Watson says

    Good report Josh,

    Yeah the music for the promo at the start of the coverage was unusual wasn’t it, although I am a Monty Python fan.

  5. Nice report Josh,

    What did everyone think about what Seaby did last night ?

  6. Steve Healy says

    I dunno Jeff,

    I suppose Seaby felt more confident running in, he saw the opportunity and took it, he’s not the best kick so a shot from 20 metres out on a toughish angle is never a certainty

  7. Yeah exactly what I was thinking Steve, but I thought that was a easy kick its not like the angle was real tough. I think he should’ve went back and got the 9 pointer but meh.

  8. Steve Healy says

    Well, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. I think they made too much of a fuss about it on TV

  9. obviously the Doggies should have just rested their big names…wasnt exactly a close match ey???


  10. Steve Healy says

    Yay comment Cale Morton!

    THat reminds me, did anyone notice the Dogs quarter by quarter scores 33-55-99-111

  11. Steve Healy says

    Are you coming to the footy today, Danni? lol

  12. 11- i have a heap of Lit hw to do thats due 2mro and revision, does that answer ur question?

  13. Steve Healy says

    Actually, no it doesn’t lol. Nah its all right, oh well, at least Damo is coming

  14. Steve Healy says

    wlel im off now cya.

  15. lol you have fun!

    ohh according to the Roger Federer website (im a member lol)
    Adam has a new video, please explain

    4 POINTS!! damnnnn that sucks
    it always hurts more when its closer…

  17. And what’s worse, Ryan Murphy kicked the winning goal. Ouch!

  18. Steve Healy says

    Hahahah im home guys,

    what a game.

    Sorry Josh, it was a good effort by the Roos in the last quarter to almost steal victory, but, wow, that was the cleanest play from Freo to win the game at the end.

    I had a great time at the game with Damo. We gave Michael Johnson a pat on the back at the end, we sat in the front row in the forward pocket at the coventry end

  19. Steve Healy says

    yeah it was so ironic that Murphy, Josh’s most hated player kicked the goal. lol

  20. Damian Watson says

    Ryan Murphy! you have to admire his composure at the end Josh lol.

    Yeah Steve and I had a great time, sensational seats too.

  21. status- utube watching Jack Anthony how to kick a goal correctly!!!

    the sound of his voice is so manlyyyyyy!! brings back momories of “HELLLLLLOOO!”

  22. 19- 20
    lmaoo nawwwwww did u wear ur matching raincoats??

  23. Steve Healy says

    I think I’ve watched that video Danni, he makes some good points does Jack.

    Murphy and Mayne are hard to split in appearence now that Murphy has let his hair go crazy

  24. Steve Healy says

    Nah Danni, but we needed to early in the last quarter when a bit of rain started falling with the roof open

  25. Lmao I was sitting there supposed to be doing my lit hw but all I can think of is JACK! LOL do I go on utube and watched the vid and squealed heaps, lol and then I wnet on google and printed off photos of Jack for my school diary. Lol
    Cos he makes some good points, hes bloody seksee he is!!

  26. 21: …Frank Walker from National Tiles.

    Although that’s more of a HULLOOOOOOOOOOO…

    Hell, I can’t wait till the actual season starts.

  27. 24- what was the highlight?

  28. 26- lmaoo no its wasnt like FRANK WALKER!!
    it was sinister, flirtyish “Hulllooooooowww!”

  29. Here’s a quiz question for you Danni:

    Who wore the number 9 for Collingwood before Jack Anthony?

    Steve, Damo, etc, give Danni a chance to answer first before you jump in.

  30. Steve Healy says

    Same, but the 7,877 sounded more like 40,000 at the end of the game today. It was bloody thrilling for a nab cup game.

    Michael Barlow picked up another 27, that guy’s a star

  31. Barlow’s set the bar high for 2010.

  32. 26- Me either, thinking about asking work if i can get mondays off until actual footy training starts :/

  33. …..hhhhhmmmmm for a second i was going to say Malloy but then i realsied taht his nick name was ‘D9’ not his number he was 7….ummmmm was it Freeborn??

  34. Steve Healy says

    29- ok

    27- I dunno, there were quite a few, but nothing better than the set up of Ryan Murphy’s goal , the kick in was long, and Sandilands tapped it behind instead of going for the mark and that just opened the forward line up.

  35. hahaha steve got comment toovey lol
    :P go toovs

  36. I got comment Dustin Martin!

    Steve can answer now.

  37. Coincidentally, Steve got comment Stefan Martin.

  38. 36- You got a good comment number there Adam.

  39. 36- damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i love TIN-TIN!!

    didnt i get it right?? :(

  40. i seriouly thought Malloy and then i was like NO WAIT ITS FREEBORN…im pretty sure

  41. Steve Healy says

    Julian Rowe

  42. 41- WHO? WHO IS JULIAN ROWE????

  43. Steve Healy says

    yeah its comment Martin not TOovey.

    Comment Spencer!

  44. ROWE…ROWE… I serioulsy cant’t remeber a number nine called Rowe, i remeber Freeborn in Nine but thats it..ROWE?? WHO the fudge is Rowe?

  45. Steve Healy says

    How can you not have heard of Julian Rowe! He played 26 games for the Pies between 2004-2006!

    Shame on you Danni

  46. dude..i seriously dont think of ROWE when i think past number nine. i think to Freeborn!!! ROWE???? ROWE?????
    argggghhh wateva. lol

  47. noone ahs ever looked as hot in a Collingwood number nine as Jack Anthony!! AND THAT IS A FACT HONEY!! :)

  48. Steve Healy says

    My internets slow again. Oh well, itll be fine in a few days.

    GO DEES!

  49. Steve is correct of course.

    “Yaboat”, coincidentally, started at number 36, like Dustin Martin.

  50. Steve Healy says

    hahaha it’d be funny if Jack changed numbers

  51. i wonder if Jack is getting more better…

  52. 50- GASPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I Dont think he would, hes a very proud guy so he’ll want to wear his number till d-day

  54. i swear Steve, i will never forget the look on his face when he saw his number on my jumper……

  55. Collingwood should have thought twice about drafting Julian Rowe, there were concerns about his durability, highlighted by the anagram “AWOL INJURE” which suggested he’d have trouble getting onto the park. However, it wasn’t lack of durability which proved his downfall, it was lack of ability.

  56. 55- ROWE, SHMOE!! Jack is number nine now! :)

  57. i still cnt believe was traded pick LeCras for CHAD MORRISON!!!!!
    kill me…just kill me!!

  58. Steve Healy says

    55- Gysberts + Healey

  59. Steve Healy says

    how the hell did I think 58 was 55? lol

    Nice work Adam.

    Chad Morrison had his moments Danni

  60. 59: Strauchanie!

    Yeah…he had his moments…at West Coast.

  61. 59- STEVE..LECRAS!!! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MARK LECRAS!!!!!!! you cant put him at Morrison level!!!!

    status- hugging collingwood jumper

  62. I think Chad particularly enjoyed going back to the rooms after a hard day’s footy, since his anagram is MARCH INDOORS.

  63. Steve Healy says

    So? I wouldnt go that over the top about LeCras, if your basing this on looks then thatds ridiculous

  64. 62- ahhhh GREAT!! argghhhhhhh!!

    *puts jumper over head*

  65. 63- whoaaa there steve. i didnt mention anything about looks. infact LeCras doesnt tickle my fancy, im basing this on talent and ball skills!! Hes one of Westcoast’s best players IMO.

  66. Richmond’s vsing Collingwood in the next week of the NAB Challenge at Visy Park, at an incredibly annoying time, Friday 4pm.

  67. 66- please lose boys, please lose!! who cares about the NAB cup, i want a premiership!

  68. Steve Healy says

    nab cup challenge and nab cup fixture announced:

    Bulldogs v Port IS at Etihad!

    Where the hell is Elizabeth?

    NAB Cup
    Friday March 5
    Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium, 7.40pm
    Saturday March 6
    St Kilda v Fremantle at Etihad Stadium, 7.10pm

    NAB Challenge
    Friday March 5
    Richmond v Collingwood at Visy Park, 4pm
    Brisbane Lions v Geelong Cats at Southport, time TBC

    Saturday March 6
    Hawthorn v North Melbourne at North Ballarat, 2pm
    West Coast v Carlton at Leederville, 3pm
    Adelaide v Melbourne at Elizabeth, 4.30pm
    Sydney Swans v Essendon at Blacktown, 7pm

  69. And where the hell is Leederville?

    Wonder if Heath Ryan will umpire again at Blacktown?

  70. Steve Healy says

    AMI Stadium was not considered as a semi-final venue due to the Adelaide Festival and the lack of travel / accommodation options for a travelling team in Adelaide.

    Isn’t that weird?

  71. hmmm aparently Elizabeth is in Northern Adelaide. Thats crap, I hope theres radio coverage of it.

  72. Morton :(

  73. Hey guys, internet hasn’t been working for the past couple of days.

    Steve, i rang you after the match but you didn’t answer!! I wrote a report on the match, even though i don’t even know if the roof was shut or not and if the Roos wore their clash strip. I didn’t listen to any coverage or watch it.

    Ryan Murphy? What a dickhead.

    Status – in Art, got told off by the teacher for being on a chatsite haha. It’s the Almanac idiot!

  74. Steve Healy says

    sorry mate, I didnt get that. You shouldve rung at half time though.

    I thought that it was ironic that Ryan Murphy kicked the winner, but you’ve gotta admit it was a good piece of play.

    Im sorry the Roos lost, but its only the nab cup, and they did well to come back in the last.

    FREO HEAVE HO! The Roos wore home jumper and shorts and the Dockers wore home jumper with away shorts.

    How the hell are you doing a report then?

  75. Danielle says

    check ur emails!!!

  76. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Danni, I cant see the video cos my internets slow again, and my dad blocked youtube as well I think.

  77. Danielle says

    76- lol your loss!
    but u can get the idea lmaoo

  78. Steve Healy says

    ok, can we change the conversation to my piece?

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