NAB Challenge | Geelong v Collingwood: A lot to like for both teams

From Cam Hooke.


NAB Challenge, but a win is a win and is always better than the alternative.  As was addressed last year, winning is habit-forming.

Yes, there was a lot to like in both teams. Match Report at Best Steele, Cox, De Goey, Fas and Swanny, but in reality it was a true team effort; everyone produced.  And I’d probably add Witts to the list, anyway.

A couple of additional points that you may wish to ponder:

  • Dangerfield had 28 disposals at 87.5% efficiency (great start – some interesting comments regarding his acceptance into the team are also doing the rounds). Go to FULL-TIME STATS / ADVANCED STATS at The Match Report site to have a look at the numbers for both teams. Steele had the same disposals but at 64.3% efficiency; Swanny, up Forward, ran a very respectable 90% efficiency and Fas (yes, currently under investigation for something else, of course) 78.9% efficiency. Crisp had 18 at 88.9% efficiency – indicative (usually) of higher Backline numbers. Without a clip-board showing how long players were on for, the specific role they were playing, their direct opponent’s numbers, etc, it is difficult to assess too accurately. Regardless, it is something we need to work on. Of course it’s not one-sided: Motlop had 17 disposals at 35.3% efficiency.
  • Did Caff go onto Dangerfield to tag him in the later stages of the game? Why not earlier?  Regardless of a  bit of talk about this role lessening, I think it is still important.  And Dangerfield’s numbers show why.
  • Listening (not watching) the game it seemed to me that Witts was ‘on-fire’ at the bounces / ball-ups; though I did note the starting ball-up being commented on: “beautiful tap by Witts; sharked by Dangerfield“. “Uh oh”, I thought.

Okay, a practice match, but a lot to like.

Eddie’s view of the coming seasons?

And, thanks Rob for your observations at the GWS game at Manuka (noting that a number of us are also GWS members, seeking to encourage AFL entry to the ACT):

  • I went to the match. Manuka was looking great and there was a decent crowd there given the heat and the fact it was a Thursday night.
  • In terms of the game, it wasn’t up to much. The Western Bulldogs were much better for the first three quarters but that doesn’t mean that they were playing quality footy. GWS were lacking any kind of shape or direction with plenty of clumsy handling errors and so many players that couldn’t kick to save themselves.
  • After considering going home at 3/4 time we hung around and were rewarded with an exciting fourth quarter from both teams. There was actually something to cheer about.
  • It’s hard really to take much out of the NAB Cup given the conditions and the number of players not being used. 
  • Bulldogs #16, Toby McLean was a target up front at 72kg and 180cm will need to fill out before he can achieve better. The skills are definitely there though. He was really the only standout player of the whole match.

Remember, particularly for Canberra based people – the game in Wagga on Saturday, 5 March. Bounce: 4.40pm.

Go Pies.

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