More on the Victoria Park installation

Duke Albada is the artist who put together the installation at Victoria Park. As Vin Maskell pointed out recently it features many writers and fans some of whom are part of The Footy Almanac crew. Here are some further words from Duke:


MANY THANKS to all contributors!

This link leads to a short video documentation of the work in situ including some audio samples.

‘For the Love of It’ captures the excitement and joy connected with sport, play and social interaction and the impact of play and sport on our society.

It offers two distinct different sound zones. ‘Social’ plays continuously softly floating and filling the space with sounds of people at sport and play, spectators, training, behind the scenes and so on. ‘Personal’ is activated by the presence of people. A myriad of voices tell stories, recite poetry or lyrics, give motivate speeches, celebrate, contemplate topics relating to all kinds of matters big or small regarding the importance of play and sport in our lives.

Vin is right, the work needs a bit of patience. ‘For the Love of It’ is specifically designed for repeat visitors who might listen for a few minutes and move on. However you will get a good impression of the work in one visit as long as you move around a bit in order to find the ‘sweet spot’ where you will hear the voices clearly. The diagram found at the below link explains the setup.

The soundscape is permanently installed in one of the pedestrian access passages under the Sherrin Stand, Victoria Park, Abbotsford. It is commissioned by Yarra City Council.
It is ‘on’ from 7am to 7pm daily.

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