Almanac Launch Photos

The Good, the Bad, and the… well, we’ll leave that to your discretion. Ladies excepted of course.

On the 11th November, warring football clans called an Armistice, to meet together in the common purpose of launching this year’s Almanac.

Both father(s) and child are doing well, though we haven’t heard what the mother thinks just yet.

Here are a few photos to remember the occasion.

"Never in the history of sports journalism has so much been owed to so many"

Nice legs Daff. Shame about the team.

Insert own caption

The alternate view

The alternate view

Da yoof of the Almanac


  1. Go Hawks!

  2. dave latham says

    Look a fairly likely force, perhaps only a pre-season away from being picked up

    …by Daffodil Meadows retirement village.

  3. Phil Dimitriadis says

    As Bill Lawry would say: “Fine Athletes”.

  4. CUTE! :)

    naww look at my BFFL in the third pic! ;)
    ily bffl!!!

  5. How many of the players in these photos were drafted last night ?

  6. #3 Wouldn’t Bill call it “a happy crowd”?

  7. dave latham says

    “Wonderful crowd, glorious. It’s a great day to be a Victorian, great day for a book launch Tony Greig.”

  8. Gigs, I give you ‘Smiling Josh’, well sort of.

  9. 8- lmfaoo :P

  10. Phil Dimitriadis says

    #6 Very happy crowd indeed thank you Crio. They showed a lot of ‘guts’ this season.

  11. Steve Healy says

    Oh great, I’m only fully visible in one photo and in the other i look like a sweaty statue.

    Really good picture though!

  12. Nice pictures, good to see my footy in there aswell haha. That position i was in was a killer though my knees wear hurting for a few minutes after the pictures were taken haha

  13. OMG! Gr8 2 c da YOOF reprasented in da foto! LOL!

  14. ^Although none of us actually talk like that

  15. John Butler says

    Wasn’t implying you do Adam.

    But many middle aged folk in da meejia seem that way inclined. :)

  16. Steve Healy says

    None of us have trouble making the “th” sound either

  17. I’ve had a lot of practice over the years.

    “Where did Richmond come last season again?”

  18. Wish we could delete comments on this site – a few seconds after I said that I realised the “th” sound is in every position except first and second.

  19. John Butler says

    Hey Adam,

    Worse faux pas have been committed on this site- usually by me.

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