‘Mathematici vieri potest’ : The Footy Almanac on SEN1116’s ‘Evenings with Finey’

As has (somewhat) become tradition, Paul Daffey and Mark Fine – as part of SEN1116’s ‘Evening’s With Finey’ show have welcomed in the stars of the ‘Knackery to launch our season review.

This year, Mark and Paul welcomed Rick Kane and Peter Flynn into the SEN studios to launch the 2014 Footy Almanac

Courtesy of SEN1116, Mark Fine, Paul Daffey and Matt Lee, sit back, enjoy and have a laugh or two as ‘Trucker Slim’ and PJ Flynn drop some Latin and ‘Dimmy’ Bartels on the ‘Evenings With Finey’ audience.




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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi all, this was a great listen, very sweet the words about moi, and for the record, I’ve always said I’m a “fake” Nanna to little Luke (third wheel Nanna or Nanna for hire), I have had many work experiences, Tax Office Inspector, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and now retired, writer and painter and lover of life. Will travel given any excuse.

    Have fallen in love with the Almanac Community in 2010 and it sounds like a mutual love affair has developed.
    Have a reputation and experience of finding footy mad people everywhere, am known to talk to anyone in my vicinity and after a 30 year break, came back to my Saints with a bang, in a great era of 2000 +.

    Am now on a mission to get Yoshi, the Saints supporting Sapporo man, to where he belongs in the universe – at a footy game with the mighty Saints.

    Also, first heard Almanac spoken about on Lindy Burns drive program with John Harms in 2010, went straight from work in Richmond to shop to buy the book, and have not stopped loving it since. Good work to develop the book Daff and John, you have created something marvelous and loving and all encompassing.

    Thanks Finey for the show too. Hope lots of your listeners also fall in love with the Almanac, a truly democratic and free spirited community of mad footy supporters who happen to love writing and telling stories. Go Saints

    Finally, you can write about any sports or any stories on this site. Have been some marvelous pieces about Phil Hughes in the last few weeks.


  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Agree with you Flynny about the Keith Bakery.

  3. The People's Elbow says

    Thanks for the shout out, gentlemen…

  4. Hi Almanackers,

    I listened to the segment last night and it was truly brilliant entertainment. Talking about local footy in Geelong was interesting as well as reading AFL stories during the 2014 season. Thanks the administration team to detail the program on social media platforms so that I was able to listen live. And I admire great work to SEN1116, Mark Fine, Paul Daffey and Matt Lee.

    Yvette – I am glad that you were able to listen to the segment and appreciate you for the mission trying to bring me to Melbourne.

    Thanks and have a good weekend :-)


  5. Cracking session guys. Well done Flynny and Rick. Some great stories there – loved to hear about Geelong West and also some great readings from the book.

  6. Fine work gents.

  7. Gents

    A really enjoyable listen. Thanks for organising that Daff. And thanks PJF and R. Kane. Much gold there.

    We’ll have to get Finey in the Almanac pages next year.


  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great suff guys very entertaining go the Knackery

  9. Great listening boys. Enjoyed it.

  10. Terrific fun for us, the listeners, and you guys too. Great work.

  11. G’day Mickey,

    I listened your story been read and it’s interesting and you have a good sense of humour.

    Also other stories including Yvette’s one are great.



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