Marvin Vaas is ‘Indisposed’

Tragedy in Galle?

Was it the tuk-tuk?

Was it the humidity?

Or simple ‘over excitement’ at Australia’s victory.

The Almanac’s intrepid correspondent Marvin Vaas was mysteriously indisposed and unable to file a fourth day report from Galle.

The last sighting of Marvin is below.

Three legends of the game inspect the worn Galle pitch at conclusion of play - (L-R) Pal Lourey, Marvin Vaas, Allan Wey


  1. To all the family and friends of Marvin Vaas, please do not be concerned. Marvin is OK. He was happy to hand over the reins to an Australian-based correspondent for Day 4.

  2. John Butler says

    Good news PF

    Looking forward to Marvin’s further despatches.

  3. Good news about MVaas. I haven’t seen a pitch that colour since the coach left the matting at home and we had to play on bare cement (or cement powder in this case).

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    Why is your hat in your hand and not on your head. Not stylish enough for this international photo? For goodness sake. If it is good enough to wear to the members at Flemington on Derby day, then it is good enough for the centre wicket at Galle. And put you shoes on.

  5. nice shoes!

  6. So, Flynny……
    Does it look like it will turn a bit ?

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