Manning Clark Cricket Dinner


  1. And what a great night it was! Thanks to Gideon for a great lecture and to JTH, Kevan Carroll and anyone else involved in organising the event.

    May it be the first of many.

  2. Peter Flynn says:


    Thanks JTH.

    Cricket lovers loved it.

    I hang off Gideon’s every word and last night was no exception.

    Good to be back in the time-honoured tradition of getting home from dinner at 11am the next day.

    All good.

  3. Peter Flynn says:

    Cricket lovers,

    I’m trying to remember the Tim Neilson modesty comment.

    Tim Neilson was a modest cricketer. As a coach…

    Can somebody recall?



  4. John Butler says:

    Mr Haigh’s line was-

    Neilsen has a lot to be modest about (given his performance as Australian coach, and modest results as head of the Centre of Excellence).

  5. Peter Flynn says:

    Thanks JB,

    A killer line.


  6. Would love to have been there chaps. I assume Gideon will be writing another book?? I’ll be at the next launch.

  7. John Butler says:

    Didn’t feel the same without you Dips. :)

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