Manning Clark Cricket Dinner


  1. And what a great night it was! Thanks to Gideon for a great lecture and to JTH, Kevan Carroll and anyone else involved in organising the event.

    May it be the first of many.

  2. Peter Flynn says


    Thanks JTH.

    Cricket lovers loved it.

    I hang off Gideon’s every word and last night was no exception.

    Good to be back in the time-honoured tradition of getting home from dinner at 11am the next day.

    All good.

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Cricket lovers,

    I’m trying to remember the Tim Neilson modesty comment.

    Tim Neilson was a modest cricketer. As a coach…

    Can somebody recall?



  4. John Butler says

    Mr Haigh’s line was-

    Neilsen has a lot to be modest about (given his performance as Australian coach, and modest results as head of the Centre of Excellence).

  5. Peter Flynn says

    Thanks JB,

    A killer line.


  6. Would love to have been there chaps. I assume Gideon will be writing another book?? I’ll be at the next launch.

  7. John Butler says

    Didn’t feel the same without you Dips. :)

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