Makybe joins the Rockferry crew

By Mark Makybe Freeman

Clambering to the summit of the racing season, punters, ready to drive our flagpole into the peak… er… to enjoy the best racing has to offer. Our oxygen (cash supply) is running low, but we’re alive and kicking.

Always a fascinating program, Derby Day, all group races, including four group 1s. The Mackinnon is always a trap, never discount anything in it, and the Derby is also generally an unreliable race, given that most of them aren’t ready for the 2500-metres at this time of year.

Having said that, we’ve been struck with the Rockferry vibe-ometer as well – and saw his good closing third in the Geelong Classic (aka Derby Trial), and he reminded us a little of Plastered, the WA galloper who won in ’04.

But we’re going to try to build a platform with him, leading into a big Stakes day on Saturday week (more on that next Thursday).

To do this we’re gonna link him with the best chances in Tuesday’s big one.

We’ve also heard a whisper from out west that Geelong speedster Secret Flyer was adversely affected by the big West Gate traffic jam on the way to his race on Caulfield Cup Day, and the stable is expecting a better effort this Saturday.

So giss’ the cash Daff.

Derby/Melb Cup doubles (all taken with C’bet Weds night):

Rockferry/Efficient $20 @ $37

Rockferry/Viewed $20 @ $37

Rockferry/Alcopop $20 @ $37

Rockferry/Roman Emperor $20 @ $66

And we’ll round it off with:

Melb R8 No. 5 Secret Flyer $20 win @ best of 3 totes

And what’s that on the wall over there Daff? (pointing with one hand, knocking off 2 bucks from Daff’s beer mat with other)

And Melb R7 No. 10 Belleza Veloz $1 each way ($201 C’bet weds night)

Good luck punters, we’ll be back to unload again on Monday night.

(Current bank: $100 in black)


  1. Kenneth Briedis says

    “The Mackinnon is always a trap, never discount anything in it, and the Derby is also generally an unreliable race…”

    There are reliable races, Makybe?


  2. Mark Freeman says

    (say ruh’luyuhbuhl)
    adjective that may be relied on; trustworthy: reliable sources of information. [REL(Y) + -I-2 + -ABLE]

    Trustworthy…. may be relied on…. let me put it this way Kenneth: Any race (bar the McKinnon, Derby, Caulfield Cup in recent years… especially since fat old Colin Cowdrey’s missus Dame Duchess Lady Herries or whatever her overblown handle was blew us all away by engaging a cheat pommy jockey that smashed half the field into the rail in order to steal the cup from us in 1998, the Cox Plate in recent years, the Duke of Norfolk, the Bagot, the Standish, any race run in NSW and any of half a million bush maidens…) in which Bart Cummings doesn’t have a runner that’s finished last at it’s previous 22 starts… SHOULD prove reasonably reliable on the form of the runners (except when a horse puts its hoof in a hole, the wind blows the rails down mid-race, seagulls disrupt the field, the jockey pulls a horse up, the horse has been given some ‘medication’ pre-race, the horse is having an off day, the horse didn’t like the float trip in, the jockey had a fight with his wife at breakfast, the trainer is keen on keeping the horses weight down in the big cups coming up in spring, the stablehand has an overactive interest in the exchange (alright, sorry sponsors, this doesn’t happen…) …. I think you get the idea Kenneth.


  3. Kenneth Briedis says

    Marvellous, thanks Makybe.

    The idea has been got.


  4. Makybe,

    Has it been a long Carnival? You’re sounding somewhat jaded already!

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