M. Malthouse or the Carlton Board: a simple survey


Or the president, the board and the CEO?

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  1. Neither. A plague on both their houses

  2. Dave Brown says

    What’s the saying? Don’t vote, it only encourages them?

  3. The scapegoat…
    Mick Malthouse.
    Just like it was with Wayne Brittain, Brett Ratten, and Denis Pagan.
    Carlton have broader issues than the coach. Maybe a rookie wouldn’t have bucked the board like Malthouse did.
    I can’t imagine John Barker doing it.
    In 1998, Stephen Kernahan was at the Ascot Vale hotel.
    He signed an autograph for a fan then wrote a note and put it in an envelope.
    ‘Don’t open it until Christmas,’ he told the fan.
    Wonder what Kernahan wrote…
    I feel for Malthouse. But nothing for the club.

  4. Judge has called for the photo, too close to call

    Malthouse has bought this on himself. Deserved more respect but has played the game better, walked away with part of his reputation intact and his wallet bulging. But hasn’t performed compared to what he thought ands aid the list could achieve.

    Board has come out shabby, but did the only thing they could do when the relationship has broken down so badly. Did what a Board should do, eventually quite promptly, but in a poor fashion

    President is an amateur who’s rebuilding comment was naive. Trigg damaged goods from Adelaide and clearly didn’t rate Malthouse. Board clueless and useless.

    Malthouse – my way or bust, obstinate but has probably earnt that and was given licence through Sticks etc doing whatever it took to get him

    Scoreless draw


  5. The Board were fools for appointing him when he was clearly bitter, damaged goods on the wane in the manner of his last year at Collingwood. I have always admired people who leave with something left in them, with a generousity in passing the baton to the next generation.
    But the Board did the only thing possible when Mick and the players had clearly lost the plot. Same with Woosha in his last year at the Eagles. The Carlton list is not great, but its not THAT bad.
    I would say of Mick what Cromwell said of the Rump Parliament – “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”
    I hope Mick has the dignity to shut up and let himself be judged by his long term record, which is admirable. If he takes the $50k some TV station will offer for a long self-justifying interview, then he has really jumped the shark.

  6. matt watson says

    He’s going to jump the shark.
    I hope he wears a leather jacket…

  7. Sometimes teams and coaches don’t mesh. This never seemed a comfortable fit. Inept management didn’t help. But even the most loyal supporters won’t stomach such listless play for very long. And Mick’s last tirade left the board no choice. An unfortunate way to go out.

  8. Tony robb says

    Mick or the Board. mmmmm Can I phone a friend Eddie

  9. Tony,
    Which Eddie? (Betts or Maguire)

  10. Rabid Dog says

    The Board. How they could EVER justify recruiting Trigg is beyond my comprehension.
    Still, it is great sport to see a bunch of pricks like Carton tearing themselves apart. Now for Collywood!

  11. Rick Kane says

    Groundhog day, for both the way a coach exits stage right and especially for Malthouse.

  12. Sophie Smith says


  13. Earl O'Neill says

    I’m disappointed in the board, I was looking forward to making bad puns about Beveridge and Malthouse in round 14.

  14. Dan Hansen says

    Appointing a coach for lesss than five years is foolish nowadays. The Carlton board has Trigg on in so I’ll take Mick every day of the week.

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