Lou: Under-prepared Australians?

Earlier this season the topic of conversation in the shop was the emergence of Southee and Boult and I may have mentioned it in a blog at the time. This morning we all talked again and we were flabbergasted at Clarke’s comments about not being prepared for their dismal performance. They hadn’t had a game for two weeks and it seems that all they talked about was slogging, tearing apart the Kiwi bowling and how to curb Brendan McCullum.


Every swing bowler’s favourite type of batsman is the slogger with an open stance and that’s all we are. If Lehmann is so good why were we not prepared. As it turned out if we’d been a bit more circumspect and snuck up to 200 we may have won the match.


Ian Chappell has again talked about the on field role of the captain. He talks wisely about first class cricketers having the nous to be able to help each other in the middle where you have to seize the moment. None of that can be planned by a coach. Every single ball is a brand new scenario and only you as a batsman or bowler can control that particular moment. He reiterates his views on the difference between a football coach and a cricket coach where he should just be a seasoned manager and advisor for the off field moments.


Meanwhile, I see that Mickey Arthur has come out and said that just before he was replaced he was about to implement everything that Lehmann brought in during his first year…….yeah right Mickey. Stick with the school kids in Perth, we’d almost forgotten your nightmarish tenure.


  1. Agree with you Lou. Getting the ball to move in the air is the key against the Australians (and most sides I guess).
    Flat track bullies with open stances and good eyes who hit through the line. That was how Boof batted.
    Clarke is being indulged in a form of the game he is no longer suited to. Smith is understandably burned out after a long summer and huge responsibility. Needs the paddock.
    Johnson bowls by numbers.
    Bailey should be playing in place of Watson.
    We won’t get past the semis.

  2. Stuart Broad does not rate us highly, and he might be spot on. Clarke, Watson, you do wonder if can include both of them in our best 11 for the World Cup. Re the coach, maybe Warne was spot on suggesting the coach is the vehicle the players travel into the game. Good win by the Kiwis but can they win outside Aeoteroa ?


  3. Luke Reynolds says

    This current Australian team really struggles when the ball swings or spins.
    Were Clarke’s comments after the game a dig at Lehmann??

  4. Valid point there Luke. There is an impression Clarke is at loggerheads with various individuals in the heirachy of the ACB. The vexatious role of the coach in contemporary cricket is a debate which constantly simmers on and off. Let’s see how this pans out.


  5. E.regnans says

    Good one Lou.
    As an old outswing bowler I love watching batsmen made to look one-dimensional.
    Of course, there are ways to combat swing bowling.
    They all require a bit of recognition, a bit of thought and some application.

    Probably Bailey for Watson. Faulkner for Marsh.
    But behavioural change needed all round.

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