Link: The best long-range soccer screamers

The Guardian has listed its best long-range soccer goals. Don’t worry: Matt Le Tissier’s 1994 screamer for Southampton is in there.

What are your favourites?


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Great little list.

    The British Sunday papers often produce great lists that spark the memory.

    Brazil’s Josimar at the ’86 World Cup was a peach. A pure strike into the top corner of the net. From memory, it culminated from a slow build up of passes (Socrates must have been involved somewhere) and then out-of-nowhere, Josimar does a ‘Stevie Winwood’.

    The Roberto Carlos free kick against France in the ’97 Le Tournoi. It spawned a number of interesting layman articles on the physics of projectiles such as soccer balls. If you get a chance, watch the ball’s trajectory from behind Carlos. You’ll get an appreciation on the amount of curve.

    Honourable AFL long-range mentions:

    Jeff Fehring at Moorabbin.

    Malcolm Blight at Carlton.

    Gary Ablett Snr at various venues.


    24 passes. Simply sublime.

  3. Peter Flynn says


    Carlos Alberto’s 1970 World Cup Final goal.

    Also sublime buid-up and finished clinically with Alberto’s slam.

  4. Agreed, another sublime build-up, particularly out of defence. Clodoaldo just has it on a string.

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