Link: The best long-range soccer screamers

The Guardian has listed its best long-range soccer goals. Don’t worry: Matt Le Tissier’s 1994 screamer for Southampton is in there.

What are your favourites?


  1. Peter Flynn says:

    Great little list.

    The British Sunday papers often produce great lists that spark the memory.

    Brazil’s Josimar at the ’86 World Cup was a peach. A pure strike into the top corner of the net. From memory, it culminated from a slow build up of passes (Socrates must have been involved somewhere) and then out-of-nowhere, Josimar does a ‘Stevie Winwood’.

    The Roberto Carlos free kick against France in the ’97 Le Tournoi. It spawned a number of interesting layman articles on the physics of projectiles such as soccer balls. If you get a chance, watch the ball’s trajectory from behind Carlos. You’ll get an appreciation on the amount of curve.

    Honourable AFL long-range mentions:

    Jeff Fehring at Moorabbin.

    Malcolm Blight at Carlton.

    Gary Ablett Snr at various venues.


    24 passes. Simply sublime.

  3. Peter Flynn says:


    Carlos Alberto’s 1970 World Cup Final goal.

    Also sublime buid-up and finished clinically with Alberto’s slam.

  4. Agreed, another sublime build-up, particularly out of defence. Clodoaldo just has it on a string.

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