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As possession footy becomes an increasing talking point in AFL circles, soccer has generally looked at the issue differently.

Inter Milan’s recent Champions League victory over Barcelona has brought this question into focus once again.

Almanacker Rick Kane brought this Guardian piece to our attention.  It is a fascinating dissection of the topic .


  1. I recall a lecturer from Melbourne Uni, Brian Nettleton who in the 1970s taught in the Phys Ed course there. Brian was a forerunner to sports psychology in Australia, although his field of study was actually sociology.
    He was from England and was a keen soccer player, and he always challenged us Aussie Rules players as to why we continually kicked the ball away to the opposition. Of course, football was pretty much kick and mark in those days at all levels, including the VFL.
    His suggestion was that we should kick sideways and even backwards (heresy!!) to maintain possession until someone was in a better position to score. We laughed at his idea then, but there you go – he was obviously years ahead in his thinking as it turned out.

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