Life as I Know it: Get a copy for Mum (she’ll adore it)

cover Life as I know it


Life as I Know it is top of the charts for Australian non-fiction at the moment!

If you would like a copy – to arrive in Friday’s post – please let us know NOW as we will need to get books into the post by 5pm this afternoon.

Order your copy by paying $35 (which includes postage)


To Malarkey Publications

BSB 633000

A/C 154103428








  1. Cat from the Country says

    I have a copy, signed by Michelle and JTH.
    My next book to read
    Thank you very much.

  2. Listen you people, Tom Wills is dead. Move on. Whereas James Hird is a living, breathing demigod. Hounded indoors by the press and forced to get his suntan from a needle. He needs our help. It has been strongly rumoured that The People’s Elbow was the mystery benefactor that paid the 700k for James’ last legal snafu. He has not, as yet, denied it anyway. And I think the whole Almanac community would be happy to see the money for the Wills grave restoration scheme diverted to pay for Jim’s latest deluded misadventure. You can’t, in all conscience, let a man pay for his own serial folly.

  3. bob.speechley says

    I trust they’ve censored the book and taken out those rude words that Michelle spake following her miraculous Melbourne Cup victory.

    Otherwise my mum couldn’t read it!

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