Learning about the past, and giving a better future:

Alfred Tuet

Alfred Tuet

Alfred Tuet, my cousin’s husband, is a mad Melbourne Football Club member and supporter. Now in his sixties, this supporting has proven to be a rough journey. But Alfred is not without a strong constitution, which includes hope and dreams for his mighty Dees. And for other journeys not ball related.


On this Wednesday March 30th, Alfred and 4 friends (all Chinese/Australian) are going to walk from Robe in South Australia to Bendigo, Victoria, a 16 day, 520 km journey, titled “A Walk to Learn”. My sister Denise, is their support person and driver.


Alfred and his mates aim to learn the history and importance of country towns during the 1850’s gold rush era. Their route follows in the footsteps of Chinese gold seekers of that time and commemorates the determination and resilience of many who walked rather than capitulate to the tax imposed on Chinese immigrants in Victoria. Hence they landed in Robe South Australia and walked, rather than pay the 10-pound tax levied only on this group, between 1856-1863.


Alfred’s wish is to walk and talk, wearing his Melbourne Football Club cap through every town, sharing his pride in his emerging and developing footy team, pride in its dedicated management and board, experienced coaching staff and talented players. He wants to advertise the predicted rise of Melbourne up the ladder in the next few years. He wants to share their fortitude and spirit. He thinks this fortitude and spirit is just like his predecessors 160 years ago. Melbourne will show the same ingenuity and strong character.


Each walker is raising money for a charity of their choice. Alfred’s choice is ‘Free to Shine’, a Cambodian program helping young girls from very poor families stay in school, the most effective way to protect girls from sex trafficking. Alfred visited this program in Siem Reap last year, and wants to help bring this community a brighter future.


The following are the links to ‘Free to Shine’ and the way we can all support Alfred’s walk:


Alfred and his friends are resolute. After months of walking long distances to prepare themselves, they will set off soon to challenge themselves, and show the kind of strength and fortitude he hopes his footy teams and the “Free to Shine” program provide.


“I walk to learn about the past, while others learn to have a better future. I am all for that”, Alfred says.


Go Dees. Go Alfred and his friends. Updates will be forthcoming….

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Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. crankypete says

    this is superb. best to all!

  2. Top stuff Yvette, Alfred and friends. I reckon your spirit got the Demons over the line this afternoon.
    Never knew the story of the Victorian migrant tax in the gold rush. Was it just a tax on Chinese or other races also?
    As a native born Croweater its good to see we didn’t stoop to this racist nonsense. I guess that’s why the call us the “free” settlers.

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Thanks Cranky Pete and Peter,

    no, they only taxed the Chinese. Melbourne’s win today will give Alfred wings. Walking 30 kms a day, he’ll need it.

  4. Chris Daley says

    Great story. .best of luck to Alfred and crew!

  5. Alfred Tuet says

    ‘For the Chinese the 10 pounds fee was equal to their passage from their homeland to Australia, adding an even greater weight to their already heavy financial outlays.’ – The Walk To Robe, printed by Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo Victoria, Australia 2001. ISBN 0957801327.

  6. Roberto Colorado says

    Great job Alfred ….. good luck and keep strong! …..

  7. Fantastic story. Yes the treatment of the Chinese diggers is oft forgotten in ‘our’ history. The long walk from Robe is something we need to learn about.
    The anti-Chinese riots on the Lambing Flat gold fields and other similar examples should be better known about. Despite the racism these diggers encountered they have created a great legacy. The old gold field towns like Ballarat, Beechworth and Bendigo, for example bear testimony to their tremendous contributions in making the Australia we know.
    All the best Alfred, look forward to hearing more about this marvellous trek you and your mates are undertaking.


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