Katie Brennan and Kagiso Rabada suspension challenges

Yesterday saw two sportspeople challenge suspensions given to them.

Katie Brennan (AFLW, Dogs) lost her challenge. She will now miss the Grand Final. [Though a further appeal seems likely – Ed].
Kagiso Rabada (Test cricket, South Africa) won his challenge. He is now free to play in the series which is placed 1-1 with two to play.



  1. Love that Rabada got off. Smith etal got what they asked for. If you give it you have to be able to take it.
    The next Test will be a beauty. Can Smith, Warner etc live up to their bravado/intimidation or are they just flat track bullies that “cry to the teacher” when the victim strikes back?
    Rabada will have to moderate his language and actions as he is now only a point away from automatic suspension. Is aggro an essential part of geeing himself up, or can he perform without the theatre?
    (Long winded way of trying to distract myself from the pending awfulness of my Eagles this season).

  2. Stainless says

    On Katie Brennan, as I understand it, had this incident occurred in the men’s competition, it would have attracted a $5000 fine rather than a suspension. Obviously with the women being paid next to nothing, fines don’t really work. But it highlights a clear obvious inconsistency that needs to be ironed out between the two competitions. Under the circumstances I can understand her feeling very hard done by.

  3. Dave Brown says

    Brennan will appeal and will be successful. The article in the Guardian by Kate O’Halloran (https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/mar/21/katie-brennan-falls-victim-to-gender-pay-gap-with-aflw-ban), provides a much sounder argument than the “because it would be sad if she missed a GF like Bob did” defence they went with last night.

    Even if you accept the call (that it’s difficult to prove Rabada intended to make contact with Smith), Rabada ends up with one demerit point for two aggressive send offs? Sections of the ICC Code of Conduct are now more or less unenforceable as they require knowing the player’s motivations, umpires will bother even less than they currently do. It’s a farce but a farce that’s excellent for the series. For all their unpleasantness, at least the Australians for the most part cop it sweet. South Africa is developing a pattern of behavior across multiple series now that put lie to the ‘they’re just responding to the Australians argument’. How about everyone grows up a bit? They’re very well paid adults.

  4. Rabada “shoulder charge”??? If you brushed someone like that in the passageway, you would barely bother to say “excuse me”.
    Smith exaggerated the contact (you can see the delay) because he thought “if we can’t play him, we better get him rubbed out”. Pure gamesmanship. Smith has spent too long around Boof, and needs to grow up and become his own man.

  5. Yvette Wroby says

    I am not fussed about Rabada and the Cricket. I want to see the Aussie team settle down, bat sensibly and win on talent and hard work.

    I am fussed about Katie Brennan for the reasons Kate O’Halloran pointed out. If it’s a fine for the blokes, it should be a fine for the women. To be scrubbed out for such a period of time, in such a short season, is unreasonable and inequitable.

    I hope the Doggies admin read her Guardian piece before heading to the next appeal.

  6. Absolutely disgusted that Rabada got off the decision smells to say the least his appalling behaviour is far from a once off no interest in the series from here for me.Brennan received the correct decision according to the rules and gradings,Michael Christian has a huge job returning integrity to the game after the face of last season so far so good

  7. I must admit i’m not concerned re Katie Brennan’s suspension. It’s been emphasised for quite along while, the head is sacroscant. The tackle resulted in the opponent hitting their head on the ground: suspension. Look at the case of one of her male counterparts Liam Picken. Too many head knock, now unable to play.

    Rabada is a serial offender. Though in the second innings there was no further body contact ,he still has no boundaries re getting into opponents faces.

    You do wonder about the roles of tribunals and associated decision making bodies, if they are reduced to being stepping stones for court proceedings.

    The Rabada result does not auger well,let’s hope Katie Brennan’s appeal doesn’t get the same result.


  8. Earl O'Neill says

    Kagiso Rabada, a wonderful name. He deliberately bumped Smith, who didn’t shy away from the contact. Either way, it isn’t cricket.
    Katie Brennan knew the rules. She isn’t a fulltime professional, a better comparison than Cotchin would be the state and country leagues. Do they get fined or suspended for a similar act?
    It was a good solid tackle, as described by Ron Barassi in ‘The Coach.’

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