JTH’s Writing Seminar

Hey peeps!

So I thought id give u a look at what took place in my folder during the writing seminar at JTH’s house.

After venturing through the forest (also known as the garden) in heels (not recommended) and meeting John’s very pretty wife and adorable children, the chatting and learning began.

I’m pretty sure I can speak for the boys when I say we picked up some really beneficial advice from the wise man.

Although he may not know it, we do get excited when he comments our pieces.

A comment from JTH on your piece is worth 50 comments, so hearing his thoughts on our personal styles at the seminar was really uplifting.

While the main highlight was the cute interruptions from his son (seriously he’s such a cutie!) we did have a few laughs and pick up some fully sick skills while keeping JTH up with our text talk, ATM :)

Along side my pic of Pendles having a cuddle with our number 15 and a pic of my other half Jack Attack (which was placed there for inspiration) I came up with some pretty random ideas based on the advice and topics JTH introduced.

My childhood character piece- For this piece I chose my brother Joe.

He was the brother I always wanted, until he was unwanted.

Being an only child, especially being a girl is pretty much unacceptable, well for lebos anyway. I was spoilt rotten and was always in the spot light.

Anyway, I guess I got lonely at one point; Lego isn’t that fun to play alone.

Soon, after encouragement from my grandmother I found myself praying to god to send me a little brother, and he did.

The first few weeks were tolerable.

I was attentive to bottle feeds like any big sister would be, thinking that we would be returning him to the hospital soon and I would be the focus of the family again. I guess I thought there was such thing as ‘Rent a baby’ or something.

Another week passed and suddenly baby blue teddies, balloons and clothes were multiplying in our house, everything was about the baby.

“I hate the baby, he gets EVERYTHING” – sound familiar? I give you the cry of an attention deprived new older sister, Lol.


– So there you have it, my earliest memories of my brother were of hatred and jealousy. Yeah we still fight but I do love the kid.

Cricket analysis was our next task and that proved harder for me than anyone else.

I had a glance at Mike’s work and I became more confused but atleast Josh also seemed a bit lost at that point. Meanwhile Damo seemed fine, scarily fine, Lol.

Here is what I got down.

Eng1/29 in the seventh over….whatever that means.

Guy with shiny sunnies looks focused.

That Blondie, Lee Guy dropped the ball…and now im slightly confused.

The middle bare pitch thingo looks like a torn up catwalk…and where are the hot people?

-hope you enjoyed that, Lol.

Then JTH elected to switch to tennis and lucky me, Federer was playing!

Notes on tennis:

He’s so pretty *love heart*

I heart fed

Next came the much loved topic of footy.

My predictions Year ahead-

~Jack Anthony to dominate at Freo

~Collingwood to win the flag again

~North Melb to be the biggest improvers

~Carlton won’t make the top 8

Lastly came my short piece on my chosen topic of- Why Collingwood will go back to back-

Sometimes to get the perfect outcome you need different mixes along with trial and error. This is what I would describe the Collingwood premiers of 2010 to have been.

If you look closely and really pick apart what makes up this team of champions, it’s pretty obvious that they should be up as premiers this year in 2011.

First you have the artistic types. I’m talking Dane Swan and Dayne Beams, the shoulder tattooed duo. While Swanny gives those in the box a headache, making them dizzy counting up all his stats, the other Dayne can be just as damaging when in our 50m arch. Beamsy is a young firecracker and can kick a few when needed. Together the Dangerous Dane/Dayne(s) are unstoppable!

Next in line would be what some supporters consider to be our ‘secret weapon.’

Where can you find a player who confuses himself, his team mates and his opposition?

Only at Collingwood, obviously and yes I am talking about Alan Toovey.

I guess having a player who is random enough to confuse the opposition can be an asset and therefore another key to premiership glory!


Hope you all enjoyed my ‘dramatic’ exit! For those who missed it went a bit like this-

Danni- “Bye guys…BYE ROGER!!!” <3 *WAVES AT TV*

For those who didnt know, he went on to win the match  :P

So, there you have it, an insight into my thoughts and recordings during the seminar.

Thanks to JTH for being such a great teacher, giving us constructive criticism and putting up with my Federer love affair.

I defiantly got thinking about how I’m going to try and write my match reports differently.

Thanks to the lovely Mrs. Harms for being such a nice hostess and to Theo for providing entertainment, Lol.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Nice write-up Danni, covered the afternoon well.

    Yes, that cricket exercise was challenging for both of us, at least you made some funny remarks about it!

    Quite possibly the most unique exit you made as well haha.

    Was good to see you.

  2. You are very kind Danni, Josh, Michael and Damo. Thanks for the emails etc

    Really good to see your voices emerging. (Voices are always emerging, even when you have been at the caper for much of your life). And how quickly you can see possibility.

    Ideas. ideas. Ideas. You have them. Not everyone does. There is a lot of couldn’t-be-stuffed out there.

    Keep the (very) fresh writing coming.

    If I were your editor Danni I really would send you to places you have no idea about becasue the lens through which you view the world is mightily you. I reckon I can immitate most voices, but I am absolutely no chance with yours.

  3. Peter Flynn says


    You’re not the only one struggling to analyse the cricket at the minute.

    Congrats on your uni placement. Enjoy it.

  4. Thanks Josh :) it was good to see you again too.
    Gald you liked the exit, i aim to dramatically please :P

    JTH- YAY 50 COMMENTS! :)
    Thanks again for everything.
    As you probably know i rate your opinion very highly, as you seem to have some influence in making me want to better my writing further.
    I don’t know why, but you do.
    ps- next time it’s ‘dress ups’ make sure you tell me so i come prepared better! :)

    Peter, trust me you are MUCH more clued in than i am! Thanks, and i will enjoy it…once i figure out how to get around.

  5. Steve Healy says

    Great read Danni, sounds like you all had fun, I wish i couldve been there

  6. Lovely article, Danni :p I agree with JTH, you definitely have an awesomely unique style.

    Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, but I must disagree with one point – I can’t allow Collingwood to win back-to-back. Geelong must win, or I have to wear Richmond gear at a gathering of the Young Almanackers at the end of the year :(


  7. Thnx steve.

    MARIA!!!! :)
    LOL seriously i think ud look very nice in yellow! Nah cnt let my fellow Maria suffer!

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