John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary: Round 3

Round Three,

Think again


The best thing about footy is that it only takes
three weeks for the world to change, for nothing
else to matter, for the dry summer to dissolve.

Unexplainable gaps appear in the tipping comps;
injuries punch holes in early balloons; new coaches
are, suddenly, stranger than the ones they replaced.

Carlton crushed Collingwood; Richmond, the Swans
Freo, St Kilda, Essendon and West Coast racked up
expected wins. Hawthorn pricked Adelaide’s bubble –

that’s no shock and then North stunned the Cats
and the nation, early in the game. They didn’t
just crawl home, fall over the line, escape

while no one was looking. North constructed
a beautiful position and then held it for a very
long time. That’s the oddity. Football rules.

No win or loss can be taken for granted.
There is never a dull round. There are no
Black Caviars in this comp, no excuses,

no what-ifs, no time for tears. And each
victorious bloat is only good for a week.
Next week, we have to re-arrange our

long term punts. Collingwood are no sure
thing against Port. Swans vs North is anyone’s
guess. The Suns and the Giants won’t win

until they play themselves but these are
days when the plates are shifting. Can Freo
win on the road this year? Has Carlton become

a little cocky? Has Richmond discovered its spine?
No. Some things won’t change. Aaron Sandilands
will have another fifty taps and Liam Shiels will

have another nine tackles. And Kurt Tippett
will keep on kicking expensive set-shot points
until he changes the angle of his body.


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