John Kingsmill’s 2012 Footy Diary: Week Two

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Round One

Week Two


Ben Cousins is arrested – here’s a footballer’s story
that refuses to go away. It doesn’t really matter
what we think. Life after footy is no easier for him
than before. We’re watching him and we care

but we’ll skip any further note. On Thursday night,
Carlton tickled the Tigers under their chins at the MCG.
Kreuzer was back in ruck; Bruce Gibbs racked up stats;
Eddie Betts snagged a couple; Chris Judd, quiet early,

came home with a rush. Chris Yarran made the first claim
for the Goal of the Year. The Blues have started well.
On Friday, the MCG was packed again – footy’s back
with a rush. First it was the Buddy and Cyril show; then

Pendlebury turned everything into gold. Hawthorn won this
first version of the 2012 GF; the Pies will better them later on.
Melbourne’s emotion on Saturday was only good for a while;
Brisbane squashed them with ten goals to four in the half

that mattered. Simon Black and Jeff Adcock had 35 kicks
between them. Adelaide danced on; they are more direct
this year and they have an uninjured squad. Fremantle fell
over the line against the premiers in Perth with a purple patch

by Pavlich deep in the game. Matthew Scarlett swung a lovely
hook at serial pest, Hayden Ballantyne. This was out of
character but it was still a lovely blow. At Etihad, North’s
Hamish McIntosh missed a goal and a win against Essendon

after the siren. Poor man. The Eagles’ Josh Kennedy won
the game off his own boot against the Dogs on Sunday
with a cool seven and Port hung on grimly for a gutsy win
against the Saints. That was a surprise. Both of these teams

are head jobs; one is on the slide and the other,
with confidence, can glide. One is on the fall;
one is on a rise – today they met in the middle.
Oh, yes! It’s early days and everyone is fresh.

Round Two will hurt suspect players; Round Three
will kill some of them off. There are six interstate teams
in the eight and three of them won on the road.
Batten the hatches, hardliners! Reject the goad.

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