Jim Stynes statue: the photo, the conversation

Jim Stynes statue

The statue of Jim Stynes on an August Saturday – Sasha Lennon

Sasha Lennon took this pic outside the MCG on Saturday afternoon after explaining to his 9 year-old Harry, who Jim Stynes was.  As Sasha says: “We’d spent time earlier in the day visiting Ned Kelly’s armour at the State Library and locations of significance to that other Irish story.”

“To me, the photo encapsulates the poignancy of the conversation. It’s great watching kids learn stuff about footy.”



  1. Sasha – the story of Ned Kelly should be compulsory in every home and school. The ramifications from it impacted significantly many of Victoria’s legal institutions. And it still impacts to this day.

    Terrific photo. Big Jimma would be proud.

  2. Steve Hodder says

    Sasha – some years ago, Jim Stynes came to the school I taught at and “educated” the teachers how to better communicate and establish relationships with young adults. He was a truly special and very remarkable person.

    I can’t say Kelly made a similar contribution to his society but a prominent and interesting bloke anyway.


  3. Dips, I agree. Interestingly, Ned Kelly was part of my eldest daughter’s curriculum in Grade 6 last year and again this year in her first year of high school.

    Steve, Ned Kelly will always divide opinion. Apparently he was a handy boxer but I often wonder what sort of footballer he would have been.

    Cheers, Sasha

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