Almanac Rugby League – Introducing The Rugby League Almanac

G’day Sportsfans,

It brings us great delight to announce the inaugural Rugby League Almanac, edited by John Harms and Nick Tedeschi.




  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Good stuff. Kicking it off in a year where the Storm won might not be the best scenario, but I’m sure it will do well.

    I first noticed the Footy Alamanac in a bookshop (there’s a blast from the past) leading up to Christmas ’08, when I bought it for a Hawthorn supporting in-law.

    The horrible chap he is, he enjoyed reading excerpts from the grand final essays after Christmas lunch. The “Hawthorn seem to have their place in the universe” line was a particular favourite.

  2. Rugby league is by no means my strong suit but this will be worth buying just for the magnificent cover. Who’s the artist?

  3. Gigs, it’s Martin Tighe, artist and rugby (union) player. Martin did the 2007 Chappie cover for The Footy Almanac.

    Worth a look.

  4. Thanks, JTH. Thought it looked familiar. I see a “Martin Tighe” every morning when I walk into the Slattery Media offices.

  5. greg sherwood says

    when does Rugby League Almanac go on sale?Keen to purchase a copy for myself and a friend in the UK…….Cheers

  6. John Harms says

    G’day Greg

    It will be available from late November. Keep an eye on the website. Thank JTH

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