Interested to get your thoughts on the Mark Knight Heart cartoon

Mark Knight and the Herald Sun.



  1. Pretty poor form looking for a cheap laugh. There should have been so many more angles that could have been played on.

  2. Typical reactionary lowest-common-denominator shite from the Feral Sun.

    As News Ltd – the Feral’s owner/publisher also shells out astronomical expenditures for exclusive EPL rights (and screened exclusively on Foxtel – another of Uncle Rupert’s toys), one can only deduce that Knight’s xenophobic work was selected at editorial level purely to sell a few extra copies of the rag and ensure that with the resultant ‘outrage’, someone meets their click-through KPI’s for the day.

  3. Pretty stupid take on the matter, don’t really get it. I don’t want to draw a long bow too much but this sort of crap doesn’t help when we are trying to get rid of stereotypes. Like the comment above, that’s the angle he took?

  4. Compare this to a great photo in The Age Sunday 19th Jan which showed students from Cranbourne Secondary School getting water safety and surf lessons at Pt Leo beach in Victoria. It showed three Muslim girls wearing ‘water hijabs’, an all in one wet suit that also covers the head, enabling these girls to enjoy the ocean without feeling they are comprimising their beliefs and values and going towards reducing the sad state of drownings every summer of people unaware of the surf.

    A positive story about sport, Australia, muslims and their clothing. Come on Addy, take a leaf.

  5. What else would you expect from that rag? Cringe-worthy.

  6. I liked the reminder about the corporatist nature of international professional sport. How much “Manchester” is there in Manchester City? Their past more than their future.
    Manchester City’s ownership was more dubious under the previous regime of corrupt former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. But we like Thai food, beer and women – so they are too hard to caricature.
    I despise fundamentalism in any religion, and oppression in any form. What makes this cartoon despicable is the ‘one size fits all’ stereotype of all Arabs/muslims as burqua wearing/hooded eyed ‘crazies’. My understanding is that Man City is owned in Abhu Dhabi interests that represent modern liberal islam. They have oil money, we have coal and iron ore money. How they spend it is their business.
    Scummy, cheap shot, MISLEADING cartoon.

  7. Skip of Skipton says

    It reminds me of what a vile misogynist Tony Abbott is.

  8. While Abu Dhabi might be a representation of liberal Islam, do not mistake it for being progressive. It is essentially a feudal state relying on the exploitation of cheap Asian labour to prop up a regime based on family connections within an elite echelon. The investment in MC is an opportunity to put forward their ‘face’ to the world in a positive way based on the idea that cash equals ability to run with the big dogs.

    Scratch beneath the veneer of respectability and there is a world of shame.

    Unlike Adam Goodes, who hides much of his good work.

  9. Andrew Starkie says

    Insulting and embarrassing

  10. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Been spending too much time with Andrew Bolt.

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