The Good Oil

Friday – In the Office


George: (rings dad) “Are you coming to the game on Saturday?”

Phantom: “Yes, I always do.”

George: “Any mail at home for me?”

Phantom: “Yes.”

George: “Can you bring it to the game?”

Phantom: “Yes.”

George: “Thanks.” (End of conversation – tries to hang up)

Phantom: “Big game this week, how are your holding up?”

George: “Umm, too busy to worry, got a cold, started my master’s this week and work’s flat out.”

Phantom: “Must win!”

George: “You always say that.”

Phantom: “Where are you playing?”

George: “At Smithton.”

Phantom: “You idiot, I mean where are you playing?”

George: “Could be back, could be forward, might be in the ruck or on the wing, running, tagging; don’t know.”

Phantom: “Got a job?”

George: “You idiot, I’m a town planner.”

Phantom: (Frustrated) “You know what I mean.”

George: “Can’t say. Club rules.”

Phantom: “Right. Nice relaxed morning then, you don’t have to travel.”

George: “Not sure. If the wind’s stays easterly I might slip over to Marrawah for a surf in the morning. Could be a good break.”

Phantom: “Right. See you there. I can’t wait.”

George: “What ever!”


Saturday – At the game.


12 O’Clock George saunters in and sees me. He makes positive eye contact, smiles and walks straight to me with the look of positive engagement on his face.

George: “Did you bring the mail?”

Phantom: (Hands over the letters) “How’s it going? Up for it today?”

George: “Yeah! Thanks for the letters. Got to rush, I’m late for the team meeting.”

Phantom: “Right….good luck.”

George: (Walks away, then turns and comes back to me) “Could you bring me out a ‘Power Aid’ at quarter time? Red.”

(Doesn’t offer any money, turns and walks away)



  1. John Butler says


    Is George available to give Maxy some counselling?

  2. Not if there is an off shore easterly at Marrawah JB.

  3. Phantom – its really not that hard is it?

  4. Not that hard with Phantom for a Dad.
    But Ray and Uncle Tony??? Sounds like a Sopranos episode.
    The fruit (what an apt metaphor) never falls (another apt metaphor) far from the tree (sorry mixed metaphor – thinking Clokes there).

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