Importance of open communication

Having read Paul Roos’ Here It Is and currently reading Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson’s Bomber The Whole Story, having open communication is notable to succeed in footy clubs. Also I believe it’s essential for all types of organisations for success.

But only in positive and productive ways.

Valuing individuals was the primary and basic method for the Sydney Swans premiership coach. It’s important to address what individuals contribute to the team / organisation and bring them positive outcome. Complimenting individuals make them being valued.

The tw0-time Geelong premiership coach implemented the communication method after his club fell down in 2006 after playing finals in the previous season. His players raised issues surrounding the club to move forward to strive their longing goal winning the flag.

In Geelong’s case, issues were negative ones including off field ones, but Stevie Johnson took his teammates’ message and suspension seriously and came back to the senior side in Round six and contributed well for their 2007 premiership.

As a person who has been criticised negatively at work in the past and thinks communication is not enough at the current work, I sense importance of open communication from words two premiership coaches state in books. Such communications improve work performances at any organisation.

I strongly disapprove the way many Japanese organisations including sporting teams criticise employees / players on negative performances and let themselves alone finding the ways to improve their performances. It’s not productive and only brings fears of failures and makes them feeling under the pressure. Paul Roos sensed having lack of confidence among players when he was appointed as a head coach at Sydney Swans and Melbourne Demons.

It could be individuals’ responsibility to find their strengths and we should, but complimenting others reflects nature of human beings. As Roos says we should be treated as a human. Only pointing out mistakes and weakness worsen performances. And bad communication could cause diversity in organisations.

The Footy Almanac is a good community where everyone respects and values fellow Almanackers and makes positive feedback towards others. As always, I am happy to be here.

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  1. Neil Anderson says

    Well-written again Yoshi. I hope you accept the compliments that come your way because they are genuine.
    Paul Roos catch-cry and book-title of ‘ Here it is!’ has stuck in my mind since the Swan’s victory in 2005. I was desperate to see a Bulldog’s coach say the same sort of thing as soon as possible after that time. Bevo nearly topped the Roos excitement by handing his coach’s medal to Bob Murphy. I look forward to seeing the Saints celebrations in the near future.
    I think Bevo has the art of communication with the players, club officials and importantly the fans compared to his predecessor Brendan McCartney.
    I have done my best to encourage my own children whenever they’ve tried hard and achieved something rather than criticize their failures as happened to me as a child.
    Enjoying your blog about Melbourne as well Yoshi.

  2. G’day Neil,

    Thanks for your positive comment and compliment. You are the king making me valued.

    I am so happy your Bulldogs achieved the big goal winning the second flag and ending the long 62-year premiership draught. Swans had longed the flag for 72 years… I hope Saints followed the Swans and Bulldogs as well as Tigers.

    McCartney was an assistant coach at Geelong under Bomber, so why didn’t he implement the open communication with Bulldog boys while coaching the kennel? But Thompson just urged Geelong players to adopt his new game plans in 2010 against pressing methods created by Saints under Ross Lyon. Then former your coach followed Bomber’s attitudes of 2010?

    Thompson points Hawthorn handled well with Buddy Franklin when he was linked with a Sydney club. Bomber could not handle well with Gary Ablett Jr who was lured by AFL and Suns with a big money and fell out with his then coach (Bomber). Maybe Bevo learned so well from his mentor at Hawthorn, Alastair Clarkson. Bevo is a wonderful coach even if he couldn’t encourage Stringer to stay at kennel.



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