I think we’ve got a live one!

Where: the small community hall at Breakfast Point (which looks remarkably like a church, but isn’t).

When: Thursday, 17/5/12, sometime between 6pm 10:15pm (most likely around 9ish)

Why: making the GWS banner for the game in Brisbane, featuring a tribute to Luke Power on the occasion of his return to his original club, where he played 282 games.

Who: Three players were working on the banner with cheer squad members and staff, a bunch more were baby sitting cheer squad members’ kids and generally helping them with their homework.  Then there were those who were just up for a yarn …..


Andrew “Sauce” Phillips (GWS #27, 204cms tall, 1 AFL game – at that point, so red headed that he makes Lingy look bleach blonde): “Richard, can I ask you a question?

Me (no number, nowhere near 204cms tall, no AFL games, hair silvering, adding a dignity sadly missing when it was ho-hum brown): “Sure Sauce, fire away.”

Sauce: “Do we get banners made for us players in our milestone games?”

Me: “Absolutely.  All you need to do is play enough to reach a milestone game.”

Sauce: “I thought so.  Then why are we putting Lukey on the banner when it’s my milestone game?”

Me (saying I was incredulous should be redundant): “Your milestone?”

Sauce: “Yeah.  It’s my second game.”

Me: “Two games is no milestone, Sauce.”

Sauce (visibly crestfallen): “It is for me.”

(Rejoice and be glad: our game has got a genuine character back in its midst at long last!  The ghost of Peter “Crackers” Keenan rides again.)


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  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    Sounds like Sauce will be one to keep an eye on Richard.

  2. Love the name ‘Sauce’. Presumably linked to the carrot top, but also has that link to the singing syrup. I see one of the great roles of the Almanac as preserving laconic and self-deprecating Australian humour. Its one thing that differentiates us from the rampaging American colonisation of our culture.
    Great to see that young ‘Sauce’ has an inherent grasp of one of our greatest traditions. Thanks for passing it on Richard.

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