House of the Rising Suns


Matt Webber decided it was a good idea to write about the Gold Coast Suns first year in the AFL.

Here is an extract from his book, which includes a foreword by John Harms who has watched a bit of footy on the Gold Coast.


Books are available for purchase by emailing [email protected]



  1. I would have paid the price of the book for the February except of the Prologue alone. Looks like I have my book to read over Easter. Harmsy, where can I get a copy?

  2. Ben Footner says

    Neil Hein goes to my church (a good Lutheran!). His 2 sons are also ridiculously tall. This causes much amusement when they all stand in front of my 4 foot 11 missus.

  3. Ben Footner says

    Hmmm, might have to get a copy of this!

  4. Hey guys.

    Great (and not just a little flattering) to see some interest among the Almanackery. It’s available in all the usual bookstores and as an ebook.

    This link is a good place to start:

    I have a small ‘for personal use’ supply left (due to be replenished shortly). Email me at [email protected] and I can probably sort something if you prefer attacking the corridor and going direct. ;)



  5. Congrats Matt

    Fron what I read of the prologue, you’ll go far. Will be looking for a copy myslef

  6. Richard Naco says

    Congratulations on a damn fine taster, Matt (email coming after I do this bit). I’m certainly hooked.

    It does seem as though the only footy operation with greater long term prospects of survival than a lemming at a beach part after what has come to light this weeky are, indeed, the Suns.

    I am also impressed with the way the AFL has responded to the announcement of a Western Sydney A-League franchise this week. While the other code with a significant media profile in the area huffed & puffed & predicted their immediate demise, the AFL welcomed their move, commenting (again) that it was a good thing for that vast population to have more access to top level sports.

    The sub-text of which I may have mistakenly read as meaning: “we fear nobody”.

  7. Richard Naco says

    Just finished the book, and can highly recommend it.

    I am now looking to both Matt’s second foray into print and somebody doing something comparable for GWS.

  8. Matt Webber says

    Thanks for the kind words Richard. Glad you enjoyed.

  9. Pamela Sherpa says

    I really enjoyed reading this extract Matt.

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